It had been around a year since all that had happened. Travis was now a young boy with two fake uncles.

Amber eventually lost all sanity and she ended up killing herself. Everytime somebody walked by the spot, an illusion of Amber strung up on the branch came flashing into their minds. Not a pretty sight, not a nice memory.

Ray and Enrique had taken up full responsibility for Travis, both working toghter to give him the best life as possible.

After Amber had died, Ray was the one that found her. From that day, he became mute.

Enrique basically did all the talking himself, though it was hard when the one reaction was a tiny cry of delight.

Working toghter, the men had built a nice little cottage in the depth of the forest. For work, Ray was more inside then anything. Keeping the house clean and when he did go outside, it was only to pick weeds from the little garden they had.

Since Enrique was more skilled in hunting then Ray, he was the one who brought home the nessasary meat.

But little did either of them know that this was only the beginning of this new life.


Ray wiped some sweat from his forhead and looked around. His hands were soaked from washing clothes and the bin in front of him was filled with murky water.

Travis let out a tiny squeal as he crawled over to the man. Ray let out a sigh, wiped off his hands on his battered clothes and picked up the young boy. Travis streghed out a hand and grabbed Ray's nose.

" Oncle Kitty!" The young boy cried. He couldn't pronouce Ray or Uncle, so this was the best he got.

Ray smiled and wrinkled his nose. Travis had a strong grip, really strong. One wrong twist from the tiny hand would have probably broke his nose.

A harty laugh came from behind them as Enrique poped out of the bushes and pried the young boy off Ray.

" Quit bugging him, Travis. Besides, you still haven't finished your work yet. Come on." He chuckled and threw the youth in the air and then caught him.

" PLAY!" Travis cried out happily.

" Your almost done." Enrique spoke again.

" PLAY!" Whined Travis.

" Finish first and then play."

" OK!" Travis grinned widely and squirmed out of his Uncle's grasp.

When the boy disappeared inside the house, Enrique turned to Ray. Ray was giving him one of his looks. Ray had quite a few of them, that's how he spoke. Currently, Enrique was getting the 'what-are-you-talking-about' look.

" He's making this little doll thing. It looks like a voo-doo doll, but it's really neat. You should come see it!" He explained.

Ray nodded, handed Enrique the cloth in his hands and took off towards the house. The blond stood there for a second, then scowled.



" Oncle Kitty, ookie!" Travis cried.

Ray peered over the table that Travis was working at. Enrique was right. The doll was made out of stick and leaves were somehow stuck inbetween to make clothes. For hair, Travis must have gotten into some of the spare cloth because he had a little strip of pink cloth for it. With four thin leaves, Travis had made a set of fairy like wings on it's back.

" Good?" Travis questioned as he slipped a leaf shoe onto the stick foot.

Ray was really impressed. A little boy not so much as two years old was making this little doll and already had a pretty good vocabulary. Ray's eyes softened. His parents would have been so proud.

When Ray nodded, Travis grinned brightly. " Mathilda!"

Ray gave a clueless glance towards the doll, then realized that Travis had named it. Mathilda.

That's when Ray noticed something really strange. Travis' pointer finger on his right hand was glowing bright white. A tiny ball of light was forming at the tip and was glowing very brightly.

Travis strenghed out a hand and touched the young doll. The doll light up instantly and then rose a couple inches from the table. Ray stared in disbelief as Travis clapped excitedly.

The light then exploded and in it's place, dropped a tiny body. Not made of twigs anymore. A real body. A fairy!

" Mathilda!" Travis cried again.

The little fairy sat up and looekd around. She had short pink hair and her tiny eyes, no bigger then a thumbtack, were sporting the same pink color. The leaves for clothes had turned into a white blouse and long green skirt. Her wings were like bug wings, thin, see through and very fragile. Her feet were covered with green slippers. To finish everything off, she had round googles on top of her head.

Ray could only point, wide eyed. Travis had just- no, that couldn't have happened.

The fairy stood up, brushing off her skirt and then looking up, fluttering her wings. She blinked up at Ray, then turned to Travis.

" Mathilda!" He cried again.

The fairy blinked, then smiled. She gave a gentil bow then looked back up at the toodler.

" You gave me life! Thank you very much!" She chirpped, her voice was high pitched.

Ray was still standing in shock and pointing. Bouncing up and down, Travis grinned widely.

" Play?" He questioned up at Ray.

Ray only nodded, still staring at the fairy. Travis did not just make that!

" YEAH! Mathilda play wit Twavis?" Travis questioned.

Mathilda nodded brightly. " I'd love to, little one."

When he turned to leave, he saw Enrique standing in the doorway, jaw dropped and staring at the fairy that sat on his shoulder.

" You-" He started, pointing his finger.

Travis blinked, then looked back at Ray. Both grown-ups were staring at him like he was a monster with seven heads!

" Oncle?" His head shock back and forth, from adult to adult.

The little guy is like a year old, you think he understands why people are staring at him?


Well after a few more years, when Travis turned seven, Mathilda had become a big part of his life. She was like his living, breathing conscience. She followed him where ever he went and she was Travis' best and only friend. You didn't even have to ask the boy if he enjoyed her company, it was written all over his face whenever he talked with her.

Enrique had brought Travis to a few nearby temples, but none of the priests or monks could tell him how Travis had created the fairy. The blond could tell that, simply by the fact that everytime he told the tale, they all told him he was crazy and laughed. So, eventually the two Uncles just gave up.

Matching the unexplained event and the angel-like birthmark, they two believed that Travis was a lot more speacial then anybody had ever believed he would have been. Like a child, choosen from one of the Gods.

These events kept repeating themselves, except it wasn't things of creation. Like once, Enrique had brought home a bird from his hunt and Travis put his hand on it. Within seconds, the bird was flapping it's wings and flying around the house like maniac. Travis had given the bird life.

When events like these started happening more, Ray found a way to stop it. He gave Travis a single brown leather glove that fit nicely over his right hand. The glove matched his everyday wear of an orange, baggy shirt and dirty brown, baggy pants. The boy never wore shoes or slippers, but nobody took mind.


Seven years and not a single realization. That's exactly how an older man felt as he walked silently along a hidden path. A path hidden by shadows, tree's and blood soaked.

Seven years and not a single memory, of anything. His icey blue eyes flickered from side to side, making sure he had his own saftey completly toghter. A tiny gust of wind swept by and blew at his red locks, his two free bangs slapping almost painfully against his face.

A pain shot through his neck and instantly his fingers meet it. A thick, nearly blood red mark of a rope around his neck. No matter how hard he thought about it, this man could not figure out how he survived his punishment.

All he was sure of, was the instant he felt the tug of the rope when he fell, everything went blank. Everything of his past was forgotten, but for some reason, that day was the only thing he could remember. The people he delt with, the faces, but most of all the pain.

But the one thing that bugged him the most, was that he could only remember three names!

First and most painful was Alex. Every time he repeated that name in his mind, his chest was ready to burst and his mind went in every direction. But- who was she (or he) and why did the name mean so much to him?

Next was Travis. That was the only name Tala could put a face to. A little baby boy. A faded image of him staring down at that little boy in his arms was painful, but happy. But after everytime that image came, a second one shattered the moment when he saw that little boy leaving ... down a path and he never ran after him! Tala didn't understand why though ...

Last name was Kai. He didn't have a clue how that name stayed in his memory. The only part that came to mind when he thought of that name was a pair of gray eyes that were completly emotionless. The man let out a shiver. They were creepy and yet ... protective.

But one thing was for certain, if he was to remember anything of his past or of the three names, Tala would have to dedicate the rest of his life to finding them.


Thanks for the proper burial, boys!

The line flashed through her mind as she scowled the ground.

" Everybody thought I was dead! PFFT! What do I look like! I'M NOT WEAK, YOU KNOW!"

But the only thing that heard her crys of anger were the rocks that echoed them back to her carelessly. As she walked, or more practically stomped along her path, the step through the canyon on which she travelled. Seven years had passed since she's been stuck in a tomb, seven years and was still holding a grudge. She hated it when people just assumed things. Like death for example.

But then again, she did have a reason for stocking through the pointy rock. She never got to finish what she wanted to say before passing out. And for that, she was really starting to hate it! She'd finally found the right moment, the perfect timing and had garthered up all the courage she needed to tell him ... and she passed out!

Alex was furious! But still, if she was to ever finish what she started, she had to find Tala.

And as for Travis, she just couldn't wait to see how he'd grown.


Author's Note: TADA! See! I didn't kill Alex off! Or Tala! THEY LIVE! Well only for one reason!

I got a flamer from one mad reviewer and well, it gave me an awesome idea! After that review and a bunch of other people going " YOU KILLED 'EM! HOW COULD YOU!" I decided on the idea you just read! Alex is alive and wants to find Tala and as for Tala, well he can't remember squat! XD

Don't ask why he remembers Kai's name and his eyes! When I first wrote that, I though it sounded a bit ... gay. Literally, but that's not the case because if you've read 'Where is the love?" you'll know that the two were ... pretty good friends in the end!

Well I hope you guys liked this first chapter to this sequel!

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