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Sakura's Pride


"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Eleanor Roosevelt


In Tomoeda High I was pretty, popular, talented, and smart. Everywhere I turned, there were people who worshipped, envied, and loved me. I was in the 10th grade, Class C. At fifteen years old I lived a perfect life, a bubble of innocence. I also lived with an unbelievable family with two wonderful parents and one very annoying brother. How perfect life was and how perfect I was. Is it possible this life could crumble over one silly exam? Is it possible two musicians could perform a solo? Is it possible for innocence to rupture with one silly game of basketball? I thought I knew none of it could be possible, but then a certain boy showed up and proved me wrong. He was popular … okay to look at…, well-rounded, and pretty smart for someone in his grade. He was worshipped, and loved by my peers and admirers. Those who worshipped me turned away to follow this new avatar. I became chop liver, a flawed underdog, and subordinate to the new guy.


"Oh ho ho ho! Look everyone, I got the district exam scores right here!" Tomoyo shouted with enthusiasm in the middle of the room, waving the scores in the air like a champion would with a pennant.

The whole 10th grade, Class C, swarmed over to the excited girl. "Chiharu, you're placed 127 on the list for highest score! Now, aren't you glad you applied?" Tomoyo cried. "You actually made it on the list. How exciting!"

"Aw… Darn it," one student sighed, "I didn't even get on the list… Did I not score high enough?"

"Duh!" the class erupted in unison.

That student flinched. "Hey, at least I had the nerve to apply this year unlike some people," he said. He eyed his peers with a triumphant stare.

Tomoyo ignored him and continued flipping over the last few pages, not bothering to look at the first page with the top fifty names. All the others looked over her shoulder in curiosity.

"Sakura, don't you want to see how you did?"

The girl who sat at her desk with no enthusiasm on her features sighed and replied, "I don't really care."

"But Sakura," Naoko gasped.

"It's always the same every year. Who else will be first on the list?"

"Li Syaoran," Tomoyo stated.

"I beg your pardon?"

Li Syaoran, Sakura. He is placed first, his score one point higher on the exam than yours."

"Give me that," Sakura demanded, snatching the scores from Tomoyo's clutches.

Indeed, Sakura was placed number two on the list this year. Not number one.


Tomoyo and I were on clean up duty the day I met him. We were discussing the scores of the district exam, even though I thought there was no reason to rub the truth in; someone out there was smarter than me. It had never happened to me before and it aggravated me all day, having everyone remind me about my placement. I knew eventually I would put a face to Syaoran Li, the boy who outscored me. As frustrating as it was, I could not deny that I wanted to meet him, the guy who pushed me down a rank academically.


Tomoyo and Sakura each held a broom in their hands as they marched the halls of the school, looking for dust bunnies.

It seemed that, Tomoyo was not only looking for dust bunnies. "That's him!" Tomoyo whispered in elation, staring straight ahead with stars in her eyes.

Sakura averted her attention to the two twelfth grade boys up ahead, talking in low voices. One of them, who had black hair, spoke excitedly, vivaciously talking about some great show on T.V. His friend, a cute boy with a mop of messy brown hair atop his head, smiled at every word shared. His chestnut locks swayed over his dazed amber eyes. The boy with the messy hair was leaning against the wall, looking bored, yet at the same time he was adorning an intent look of a loyal friend.

"Syaoran Li," Sakura heard her friend sigh beside her. Sakura rolled her eyes, suddenly finding the ceiling much more interesting to look at than the boy who everyone thought was better than her.

"A new student from China in the 12th grade, Class I. He's everything; handsome, intelligent, amazing, and PERFECT."

Sakura gave Tomoyo a look of annoyance. "You're kidding, right?"

Tomoyo only giggled giddily, as she and Sakura brushed passed the boys.

The whole time, Syaoran had been watching the two of them coming down the hallway out of the corner of his eye. When the girl with the auburn hair brushed passed him, sending a cold breeze to his side, he fixed his gaze to her back. In disappointment, he only got a glimpse of her dazzling, emerald eyes as she passed.

His friend immediately discovered Syaoran's attention drawn away, so he stopped in mid-sentence. He moved to see what Syaoran was staring at. Turning back to Syaoran, he laughed at the thoughtful look on his face.

"That is…" Syaoran's voice died to a murmur before he could ask the question.

"Sakura." The friend sighed to ease his laughter.

Syaoran's eyes readjusted, hearing the name. "Kinomoto?"

"Yes… Smart, quiet, and inaccessible. That's an unobtainable girl you're looking at." He draped his arm over Syaoran's shoulders and led him out of the building. "Many other lovely flowers for you to have in this school. Don't go for the witty and sharp one. She's no fun."

Syaoran smiled at his friend's counsel, while replying, "You can't get flowers from empty seeds."