The Most Random Story Ever Told

Chapter 18

The Randomness Ends

Yami and the others raced to the front of Domino Museum. He stopped and put Sven down on the steps.

"Now what?" he asked Adam. Then, a van pulled in front of the museum, and two men in suits got out.

"We're looking for Yami Atemu." They said in unison. Adam grinned and slammed Sven in the head with his baseball bat.

"Right here." He said. The two nodded and threw Sven in the truck and drove of. "So, who else has a problem we need to work out?" Joey's pointed at his head.

"Yeah, ya need to fix my hair." He said. Adam rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry, it'll grow back in time for 'Battle City Revisited-Waking the Dragons'." He told Joey. Joey shrugged and sat down.

"I'm still having thoughts about Kaiba!" Tea wailed, draping herself over the duelist in question. "I mean, look at him!" she said, pinching his cheeks and shaking his head. "What woman wouldn't want him?"

"Get this thing off of me." Kaiba growled. Adam grinned.

"I know how to fix this Tea." He said. "Look at Dax for a moment." Tea stood and looked at him. Adam snapped his fingers, and Dax's clothes vanished.

"AH!" Tea screamed, looking away. Dax gulped and covered himself. Adam snapped again, and his clothes reappeared.

"If you can get aroused after that, consider yourself lucky." Adam said. "Anyone else have a problem?" Everyone shook his or her head. "Then I hereby declare this story officially…"

"JUST A MINUTE!" A voice screamed. Everyone groaned and looked down the street as Drake stomped up to them. He had a big black tire mark running over his clothes and face.

"I want that Blue Eyes!" he shouted, coming to a stop. Yami rolled his eyes.

"Drake, we're tired, and we want to go home. Just let it go, we've all suffered enough."

"Oh no oh no oh no!" Drake snapped, shaking his head. "I've suffered way more then any of you! I've been trampled by fangirls, had a fight with Kaiba, been run over by the author, was forced to perform surgery, got cheated out of a duel, and got turned into Tea. And FYI, Gardner!" he said, pointing at her. "Yami, Yugi, Adam and I all saw Kaiba nude too, and he is NOT that big!" Tea blushed.

"I'll remember that." She muttered.

"Then I get her stupid fantasies, which are very misleading, I get dragged all over town, then, to wrap it all up, I get run over AGAIN! And now you're going to end the story? I don't think so, not until I get that card! So GIMME!" he dove at Kaiba, and the two promptly started rolling on the ground.

"This is getting old." Yugi said. Then, the Blue Eyes flew into the air and got stuck in Yami's hair.

"Oh shit." The pharaoh muttered, as Kaiba and Drake pushed him to the ground. They grabbed at the card and ran across the street to get it. Yami held a few clumped of his hair and looked up at his friends. "Any suggestions?" Joey nodded.

"Yeah, don't talk to Jack Meyers." Yami nodded and everyone looked up as a tanker truck slammed into Kaiba and Drake.

The End