Nurse Becky came in at a run in response to the flat-line on the monitor. She saw Mr. Stoppable hunched over his wife's hand and immediately assumed that he was crying over it. She stopped for a moment in respect, then tipped toed around him as other staff members began to fill the room behind her. She reached over, silenced the alarm, and started to shut down all the systems. The orders had been specific. No attempts at resuscitation.

But it took a moment for something to register on her own internal monitors. Her head came around with a sudden look of alarm on her face. She had expected once she had made it quiet in the room to hear the sounds of Mr. Stoppable's grief. But she heard nothing!

"Sally!" she called for the Ward Chief who was just pushing through the crowd even as she was reaching out with hands suddenly trembling.

It took only a moment for the two to tell—

The Ward Chief came fully to her feet, her face straining, twenty-five years of this kind of work screaming at her to maintain her composure and professionalism. "Get a gurney Don. Mr. Stoppable needs to be placed in an appropriate state." She then turned to the crowd. "The rest of you get back to your stations. The family would not appreciate a spectacle."

In a few moments, Sally Wald was alone with the two legendary heroes. She only knew Ms Possible as well as most of the public did. She knew Mr. Stoppable a little better through the daily contact she'd had over the last many months. She, like all of the staff, had been impressed by the many celebrities and dignitaries that had come through to pay their respects since Ms Possible had entered the terminal phase.

But this—

"They went together," she whispered to herself, only half believing it.

She squared her shoulders. The orderly would be back with the gurney in a minute. Normally, it wasn't her job to deal with DB's but in this case, she was going to make an exception.

She moved to pull Mr. Stoppable back into a sitting position in his chair when she realized that he and his wife had their hands tightly clasped together.

Again came a massive assault on her time and battle tested emotions. This is too much like a soap opera, trying to be as cynical as she could to counteract the emotions roaring through her.

She reached in and carefully started to pry their hands apart, desperately wanting to get this over with before the orderly got there and saw her in this condition.

She got his top hand open, started to pull it off of his wife's hand which came open and—

Oh Dear God!

In Ms Possible's palm, lay a tangle of sliver and gold. With a quick, furtive look toward the door, she reached in and with nervous fingers, she gently picked it up.

What she found, was a minutely fine gold chain, supple and brilliant. On it, was a Silver Cross and Star of David. Then, also hanging from it but banded together by an equally fine gold chain, were two wedding rings. She looked down at Mr. Stoppable and saw the fresh marks on his left ring finger where his was missing.

Holding this monument to eternal love in front of her, having to bring her other hand to her throat to keep from choking on her sudden, overwhelming feelings, Sally Wald looked at it, then looked at the two forms, no longer in pain, now at peace and with a voice, cracking with emotion, "Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable. Inseparable!"


My first attempts to publish anything, anywhere. I found this site just this Christmas 2004 and immediately got lost in it. Have hemmed and hawed about taking the plunge until I came across the works of captainkodak1. Upon looking at his bio and finding that he was an old guy like me, it gave me the courage to finely do this. And it is to him that I dedicate these stories and tell him to keep up the good work for all us 'old guys'.