My Daughter!

Chapter 1: Haruko

"Sit!" wham. Kagome nodded with satisfaction and turned on her heels to walk away from the insensitive hanyou jerk. How hard was it to just say Kagome? Ka-go-me! Three syllables! Not that hard to pronounce!

"Kagome-sama wait for us!" Miroku said, stepping over the hanyou on the floor and following after the miko, the taijiya and the fire kitsune.

Inu-yasha got himself out of the new face print on the floor and wanted to retort at the annoying wench when suddenly there was an ear-piercing scream! Everyone turned to the clearing up ahead and they swiftly ran into it.

Inu-yasha, seeing the intruder's back, quickly unsheathed his sword and stood in Kagome's defense. "Sesshoumaru!" the long silvery mane told them who it was, loud and clear. But Inu-yasha's eyes widened when he saw something at the top of Sesshoumaru's head. Dog ears!

Sesshoumaru turned and looked at them coldly, everyone's eyes bulged out of their sockets and their mouths dropped numb on the ground.

'Sesshoumaru's' eyes were sapphire blue, lips fuller and pinker, frame more petite and armor gone; showing her full bre-bre-bre—breasts!

This wasn't Sesshoumaru! She scanned the group intently with cold eyes but her eyes twinkled when she laid eyes on Kagome. A wide smile broke loose and Shippou could've sworn she had Kagome's smile!

"Mama!" she screamed, running towards Kagome, easily pushing aside Miroku and Inu-yasha and hugging her 'mama'. Kagome, completely dumbfounded, didn't know what to do but to stare wildly at the strange yet beautiful girl who was currently hugging her and called her mama.

Without warning, she started sobbing and crying onto Kagome's shirt. Not knowing exactly what to do, Kagome uncomfortably patted the girl on the back "Um—I-it's—um…okay?"

The girl quickly pulled away to wipe away her tears, turning away from Kagome as she did. "My Kami, what if father saw me now, being so emotional? I'm so sorry mama."

"Mama? Did I hear right?" Inu-yasha said, coming closer to inspect the girl and taking wax out of his ear. Suddenly, she punched him in the face, sending him flying to the stars.

"Inu-yasha!" Kagome yelled, watching as the poor hanyou twinkled with the in the sky.

"Get away from her! Kagome, I'll protect you!" Shippou said, jumping in front of Kagome in defense and glaring daggers at the girl Sesshoumaru.

When she laid eyes on Shippou, she smiled that smile again and hugged the shocked kitsune. "Oh, Shippou-sama! Even until now, you protect mama."

"Um—wh-wh-who are you?" Kagome asked, a bit freaked by the strange girl that surprisingly looked a lot like Sesshoumaru, Inu-yasha's brother.

The girl looked up at Kagome and smiled serenely, calmer than the first two smiles. "I'm Haruko, princess of the Western Lands…your daughter…"

And for the second time that night, everyone's jaws dropped. They didn't even react when Inu-yasha finally landed, screaming and in pain.


"No, you can't possibly be Kagome's..D-daughter!" Sango said, sitting beside Kagome and across the girl named Haruko.

"That's absolutely impossible! Kagome-sama is not mated to anyone. She is," Miroku started, staring up to the heavens, "pure and undefiled…" he could practically hear angels singing and shining down at him.

Bonk! Sango quickly took care of the problem with his consciousness. Putting down her oversized boomerang and sitting calmly back down, she looked at Kagome, then to Haruko.

"He's telling the truth, Haruko-san. I can't possibly be your mother. I'm not married to anyone and well, as Miroku said…" Kagome blushed shyly.

Haruko simply smiled and nodded, "I understand mama, you haven't met father yet. I guess I went too far back."

"Too far back?" Kagome asked.

"Hai, Rin-sama gave me this potion so I could travel back in time so I could see you again. And I am so glad I disobeyed father this time, I got the opportunity to see you again, after so long! Father would be so happy to see you right now."

"Father? My husband? So you're from the future? And…you came all the way to the past, now, just to see me again. Why?" Kagome asked, looking up at Inu-yasha's tree, he was still sulking.

"You…" Haruko looked down with an unreadable expression, "You die when I'm 14."

"K-Kagome dies! How!" Sango asked, a bit frightened by the thought.

"Humans have shorter lives than Youkais or hanyous." She explained coldly, as if the pain wasn't even there.

"So," Inu-yasha said, suddenly landing from his perch up the tree. He looked down at the three girls with the unconscious monk and said, "Who's the father?"

Haruko's expression turned from sweet to evil as a devilish smirk played on her lips. She stood to stand face to face with the hanyou, showing him that he was just as tall as she was. "Take a good look at me, Inu-yasha. Isn't it obvious?"

Kagome gasped and the cup Sango was drinking from fell from her now numb fingers, crashing to the ground. Inu-yasha's eyes widened and Miroku was still unconscious.

"T-That can't be!" Inu-yasha screamed, "For one thing, Sesshoumaru hates humans! And besides—Kagome is—"

"Not your wench." Haruko said, turning to the sky when she felt a very familiar power. Everyone turned to see a dark cloud coming down upon the clearing.

Inu-yasha quickly unsheathed his sword, "Sesshoumaru!" he said, recognizing the youkai on the cloud. Kagome and Sango stood, anticipating Kagome's future 'husband'. Haruko watched as her father landed in all his glory, looking down at them like the insolent bugs that they were, a smirk playing upon her lips.

When Sesshoumaru laid his eyes upon Haruko, his eyebrows slightly knitted together. How does she look so much like him? She had his scent all over her. Who was she?

When the cloud underneath him vanished, Haruko knelt down on one knee out of respect and didn't lift her gaze until Sesshoumaru spoke, "Your name." He demanded.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, I am Haruko…your daughter…"

Either she's very brave, Kagome thought, or very stupid. She concluded, both.