It was early morning and the alarm had already gone off in Kate's apartment. With a sigh she rolled over and smacked the snooze, she wanted so much to cuddle up and sleep once more but she couldn't. No she had to work today, so with a grunt and a growl she rolled out of bed. Her feet hitting the cold floor of the ever empty apartment. Sighing lightly she went to start getting ready, it already felt as if it was going to be a bad day at the office.


Walking up the stairs allowed Kate to think about the few good things that could happen, a slow day or even...well no she wasn't going out on a date today so that thought was out of the question. Her thoughts left her as she came to her desk, the pant suit she wore brought out the color of her eyes. Something that was unusual for her to wear on the job was a suit made purposefully for making her attractive. Shaking her head again shen turned on her computer, only to jump as her spunky partner walked in.

"Well if it isn't the Kate, sitting at her desk in a primp and perfect out fit!" Anthony Dinozzo spoke loudly as he planted himself at his desk. His fingers busily hitting the keys of his computer as he started to get to work.

"Who you trying to impress Tony? Getting to work early and actually doing your work? That is amazing in itself." She smirked before she began to work as well in the all too empty office.

"No one Kate, just had some work to do." That banter left, it was odd. And it made Kate gaze at him in utter confusion. Then his mouth opened again, "Don't worry Kate, I am not taking your ass kissing job away." He smirked fakely as he began to work once more. Though she had seen the fake smirk she ignored it as she began to enter case files.

Soon after the banter exchange Gibbs would enter the office, his hands full of coffee as he ambled to his desk. Placing the cups down he would then remove his jacket and seat himself in the chair. "Well, well, well, seems there are two early birds today."

"Boss, here are those case files you asked for." Dinozzo spoke up, this made both Gibbs and Kate turn and glare at him.

"Dinozzo, do not play with me, get your work done and stop fooling around." He grunted before attempting to turn on his own computer.

"Um Boss, I am actually done. Would you like to see them?"

"Bring them over then Dinozzo, but if you are trying to be funny so help me god this gun is going down your throat."

"Yes Boss." Dinozzo carried the files to him and placed them on his desk. As Gibbs glanced at the files his eyes skimmed up to Kate.

"Did you help him with this?" He asked his gruffness breaking a bit.

"No sir, I had no idea he was working on case files." This was certainly and oddity, Dinozzo was doing work for a change.

"He wasn't assigned, I simply mentioned it."

"And I had the mind to do it sir, I have to be leaving in a few moments. I must go to the doctor to get my prescription refilled, is that alright boss?"

"No, its not Tony. I am not letting you out to go and have a party with some street trash blonde girl."

"Boss...I actually need to go to the doctor."

"Do it when you aren't on duty." Dinozzo nodded and went back to his work with a defeated look upon his face.