It was almost three months after Agent Caitlyn Todd had been emitted to the hospital with her head injuries and the turning point was now. The question had come out that the plug should be pulled on the apparent braindead agent. Sometime after the last time she had awoken her condition had faultered and now she had been diagnosed as braindead. Everyone knew it was coming and as they stood within the room life dared to converge.

Tony and Gibbs were in a corner alone, Gibbs' hands on Tony's shoulders as the young man remained in that near crying stage in his wheelchair. Ducky was somewhere nearby and around them the world was turning.

A nurse was heading towards the room with a file in her hand, the last chance and facts surrounding Tony and the ability for him to walk again. Another was heading there with information upon his heart, could he make it? And was their a donor possibility?

As the doctor leaned in to turn off the machines connected to their friend each agent had a different thought but each remotely similar. The room became hused as the buzz and whirl of the machines faded into nothingness.

In that moment of truth the world around them converged the facts spilling out with an eerie sense of being.


I know this is short but I'm leaving it up to you all, you have to choose what happens to our characters and yes you have permission to write a fic upon it if you wish. Enjoy and let your minds wander with the endless possibilities!