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Over The Edge

Cook. That's what he did. He cooked. It was what he happened to be doing at that very moment. Sanji worked on the lunch he was preparing for the crew. Just like he did every other day. Serve Nami, who never really cared. Serve Luffy, who never said thank you. Serve Usopp, who never took the time to listen. Serve Chopper, who never could relate. Serve Zoro, who never appreciated a damned thing Sanji did, just because it was Sanji who did it.

'Why? Why am I here? Noone really cares about me, I'm only here to cook. I'm only here to serve. I'm just...Here.'

He began to furiously chop the celery. 'I'm pointless. Noone cares. Noone notices. I'm nothing.'


He glanced down. Shit. He searched for a bandaid in the cupboards, trying to stop the blood from flowing. He had missed, cutting his finger badly. 'I never miss. Just goes to show how skilled I am...'


'It...Is it better? What is this...The pain, it's dull...But wonderfull.'

He watched the blood continue to drip, vaguely wondering if it would ever stop. But he realised that he didn't care. He just didn't care. In fact, this feeling was almost the release he'd been looking for. His anger and sadness...His uselessness...

He put the bandaid on.

He went back to cutting the vegetables, though the thoughts still lingered.

'This... I think I feel better.'


He smirked as an idea formed in his mind.

'I'll settle for that.'


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