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"This is unacceptable!" The Ventrue slammed a palm into the table. An up-and coming CEO before his Embrace, the Ventrue had a superiority complex a mile wide.

"Acceptable or not, it's what happened," growled the cowled figure of the Nosferatu.

"Because you and your 'team' are incompetent. You claimed you could handle this, Recker!" sneered the kid in the suit. "Decided it's too big for you?"

Recker's answering snarl cut off as the huddled figure next to him looked up, seemingly focusing on the conversation for the first time. "The penguins are coming."

A moment of incredulous silence met this statement, as everyone around the table stared. Recker's ruin of a face twisted into what was best described as a long-suffering expression. He patted his companion on the shoulder awkwardly. "It's alright 'Zian. Play with your string while I finish this up." Nodding, 'Zian turned his attention back to the string wrapped around his fingers.

Everyone was still staring. "Now, gentlemen, I propose we…" Staring at the string, 'Zian let the voices flow over him. Yap, yap… all they do is talk. And yell. It never gets anything done. Recker's just going to do the exact same thing he woulda done anyway. So much talking… but they don't listen. They never listen. Oh, don't mind him, he's insane. I may be insane, but I'm not blind. They'll see soon… but they'll never see.

Heads jerked up at the sound of the door crashing open. "Sir, sir! The outer perimeter's been breached! It's the Sabbat!" Excited babbling filled the room as vampires jumped to their feet.

Unnoticed, 'Zian sat still, the only movement the fingers twisting the string. "I told you they were coming," he whispered. No one heard him.

The Sabbat pack ripped through the defenses; machine, vampire, and mortal alike, heading straight and deadly for the supposedly 'secret' conference.

As the sounds of fighting neared, Recker tugged at 'Zian. "Come on!" Pulling the Malkavian up, Recker shoved him towards the wall. Most of the big-shot Ventrue had fled, but Recker didn't have time to drag his companion to safety, not and fight their way free as well. "Stay out of the way, 'Zian!" He turned back just as the door burst in, a pair of burly wannabe-badasses charging in.

'Zian watched the fighting curiously. I wonder who told them we were here? Well, not them, but their leader… where is he? Even the Sabbat don't send caitiff pseudo-bikers to crash secret sneaky-sneaky meetings. Humming softly to himself, 'Zian watched the door, sidestepping to keep from being hit by airborne remains of the smaller biker. Here, little penguin, heeeere penguin… There you are.

The Tzimisce glided silently through the door way, intent on Recker's back. Recker, slamming the struggling Caitiff's head into the ground repeatedly, was oblivious to the danger behind him. A loud crunch made him drop the bloody Sabbat and spin around, snarling.

"Bad penguin," said 'Zian calmly, a hefty chunk of bloody chair leg in his hands. Recker stared. A Tzimisce lay stretched out on the floor in front of him, bleeding from the back of the head. 'Zian kicked the downed pack leader a few times for good measure while Recker stared in shock. "Can we go now?"

Shaking his head, the Nosferatu straightened. "Right. Let's get out of here." He paused. "Is that what you meant by 'penguins' earlier?"

'Zian's expression implied that his friend was being a complete idiot on purpose. "I told you they were coming. Maybe you'll listen to me now?"

Recker decided to keep his mouth shut and concentrate on getting them both out intact. After all, his Sire always told him, "Never argue with a Malkavian. Ever. You'll end up confused or insane, and either way they win."


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