Llyraen in Action

Llyraen Seaeyes strode confidently into the office of Keighvin Silverhair, head cheese of Fairgrove Auto Industries. He glanced up from some mysterious paper work commanding his personal attentions and at this new intruder. Llyraen mentally relished his expression quite clearly said 'Shit!' She had built up quite a reputation, starting with an eventful birth 302 years ago during the largest storm remembered in Underhill history, and, as her mother had out it, she had been born 'with the seasons in her hair, the sea in her eyes, and the wind in her feet'. Thus the name 'Seaeyes'. Her eyes were not the usual pale green, rather they changed from that green to a steely blue-gray and all the colors in between. She also had odd hair that changed with the season, firey red in Autumn, snowy white in winter, pale green in spring, and the usual pale gold in summer, and was a wanderer. Standard form for a royal child born during a storm of crackling magical energy, unfortunatly that 'standard' was based soley on reaseach on the effects of such energy, for the excelent reason that no one could thing of any instance in which that had happened before. Always a wanderer opportunist, and an avid fighter and mage, she had quickly become something of a horror to all the pompous windbags residing at court. Of course, not everyone at court had been that way, there had been others, like Keigvin, who had backed her up whenever arbitrary behaviour became an issue.

Keighvin in particular, though, had been a solid friend, especially when she made that fateful decision to shed her rank and earn her way back up. That had been a day.

The sunlight streamed through the arched windows and onto the stone floor, filling the room with a golden serenity at great odds with the agitated Llyraen within. Dressed in her usual outfit, leather riding breeches and a blue linen shirt rather than the elaborate gowns favored by the elven ladies of the court, she paced back and forth across the room. The thin band of gold circling her currently golden head was hardly noticeable unless it was looked for, and her eyes were a swirling maelstrom of blues and greens and greys, the beautiful calm of the sea before a massive storm. Step, step, step, step, turn, step, step, step, on it went until it seemed she must certainly wear a hole in either her soft boots or the floor. Suddenly the door opened to admit a strikingly handsome, almost beautiful, elven man who greatly resemebled Llyraen. He moved with the proud grace of a cat as he crossed the room and took a seat in one of the elaboratly carved chairs. Declining to follow his example, Llyraen turned abruptly towards him as he waited patiently for the seemingly imminent explosion, after all, it's not every day the king's own sister asks for a private audience with him.

"Oberon!" She finally snapped, losing her patience and seemingly calm exterior at his damn confidence. "I mean, 'My King' " She executed an ironic half bow and frowned, her eyes now an icy blue. " I must ask a favor of you." Glancing up at him to gauge his reaction she continued. "I need to leave court immediatly." He frowned. She wouldn't ask for a private audience unless it was more important than her periodic dissaperances from court, unless it was a matter of a lover... ", you know how it is, everyone say's I'm a spoiled brat and that I don't deserve my rank. I just wish to enjoy life, why can't they see that?!" She resumed her pacing and plunged recklessly ahead. "So I was thinking that if I earned my rank, you know, cast it away and go out into the world to earn my way." She raised a hand to stifle his protests, "Hear me out. It would be best, I think, for then there would be no one who could say that I didn't deserve what I had, and if I don't make it very high again, well, that would just prove that they were right. I feel suffocated here- everyone expects me to act like Count Borune's daughter, and when I don't they near to die of hear failure because I want to live my own life!" As the tirade halted she knelt before him on the floor. 'Please brother, King, you know I can't possibly miss the way they point and whisper when my back is turned! I can't stand it! No matter what I do it's either not proper or not good enough. So maybe if I do this they'll respect me for who I am and stop trying to make me something I'm not."

Oberon sighed. It made sense, but he still didn't like it. Llyraen was right on all accounts, if she stayed at court and retained her title she would never be respected. She was a wanderer and a trickster at heart and the best thing he could do for her was to let her go now rather than hold her at court against her will until something happened and she did something she would regret. "Alright, your can go."

"Thank you Your Majesty." her muffled voice came from behind the curtain of hair cascading around her bent head.

"Please don't call me 'Your Majesty' unless you must, remember that they wanted you to rule instead of me when they found out just how powerful you were. They are afraid of you, both for that power, and because you were able to refuse. There will always be those who point and whisper, no matter what you do for their respect." The old childhood gleam was back in his eye as he envisioned the court's reactions. "Damn but you know how to stir up trouble! It's going to be dull without you." She just grinned and stood up as he removed the circlet from her head.

"Farewell my brother, until we meet again!"

So, a hell'uva lot of adventures, roads, and lessons in cheating at cards and dice, she was back at Keigvin's doorstep, just like the day she had shown up at his domain in Ireland, cold, wet, bedraggled, and not at all regretting her decision. It was Keigvin who had taught her most of what she had known about dueling knights at the crossroads, some magic, and cars in Americ after the folk migrated there. Despite her attraction to the buisness, she had still yearned to roam the world, and now, having satisfied that need for the moment, she was ready to race again.

"What is it lass?" Keighvin's voice brought her out of her reflections and she grinned benevolently at him.

"I would like a job. Prefferably as a drive and/or mechanic." Keigvin raised an eloquent eyebrow. "C'mon Keigvin! I can drive pretty well, and I know just as much about cars as you do! And I've been working on my resistance to Cold Iron so I can mess with it with a minimum amount of damage, and I've been learning how to bend my magic so it works around it."

'Oh I know you can do the job lass, no doubt about that, I was just calculating the risk of having you and you're damn sense of humor around for an extended period of time." Grimacing, she acknowledged that he had a point. "Also, we seem to attrack Unseleigh attention and there are bound to be confrontations, during which I know you would be useful, but I still don't want to have the job of explaining to the King why his sister lost an arm while under my care." She made a protesting noise. "Oh I know you tossed you're rank down a privy years ago, but you really have made progress on the rank charts and I don't thing you're brother would be very happy to lose the best mage he has around either. However, despite the various complications you would present, I believe I could get you a job on one condition."

"What?" She asked suspiciously, Keighvin was notoriously clever at getting what he wanted.

"You have to race Tannim..."

'There's more isn't there."

"Yes. And you have to win." He grinned, savoring the moment, it wasn't every day you could outwit Llyraen Seaeyes.

"RACE TANNIM AND WIN?!?!!?!? Fine then, I will! And I won't cheat either. You bloodthirst, backstabbing blackguard! You yellow bellied mongrel the likes of which I have seen not since I fought Sir Mordred! You-"

"Better watch you're mouth there lass, tis not a good idea to insult the boss!" As she fumed, he sugested that he show here the track and facilities. By the end of the round she had tested her tolerance to Cold Iron, been quizzed on several common problems, and memorized the location of every hidden weapon, every magnet, and every tool in the entire place and Keighvin felt like he might be able to deal with her 'jokes' after all if she could perform as well as he remembered.

"And here we are. Pit 8." They had arrived at a pit where a young human had just pulled in and the crew was swarming all over the vehicle like ants.

"Llyraen!" Tannim shouted as he sauntered over from the car. "Didn't know you were in this part of the country! Are you Wanted on the West Coast or what?" He glanced sideways as he refered to her habit of cheating at cards, dice, or anything other game she could learn.

"Yeah, I suppose there's a downside to doing somethings the human way, but cheating with magic is just so much less entertaining. No?"

"I wouldn't know, but I'll go on you're word in that area." He grinned.

"Hmm." Keighvin leveled an icy gaze at Llyraen. "Well anyway. Tannim, I was hoping you would race this insolent upstart, and hopefully beat her so I don't have to hire her." Keighvin gave the sigh of the long suffering. "She wants a job here and that was the only test I could think of that would have a chance to keep her and her evil genius out of Fairgrove.

Tannim's grin broadened. "Sure, sure. When do we race?"

"Well, I suspect she'll need to get used to a car before she wants to race you in it, and even though she's got an amazing tolerance to Cold Iron she'll problably want to drive the Victor."

"Alright. I'll get in touch with Conal about the car and hopefully you can be in it by tomorrow."

"Thanks Tannim, I really truly appreciate every effort on you're part to rub in the fact that you're one of the best drivers alive. I believe that in order to repay you I will refrain from cheating."

"Oh the pain, the agony!" Tannim staggered backwards, clutching his hands to his chest.

"How about next Tuesday at 10:00 AM. That'll give you a week to get used to the Victor and become acquainted with the area. I know a couple of people to hook you up with who know the best parts of the place." Keighvin grinned. "I,ve got to get back to my office and buisness so you can wander around. Just get acquainted with the people and what they're doing, and," He paused for significance, "Don't sucker anyone into a game of cards or whatever you're latest favorite is."

"I'll be on my best behavior for today." Saluting smartly, Llyraen turned on her heel and wandered off to pester the mechanics.

"Blessed Danaa, what have I gotten myself into?" Keighvin asked no one in particular, then strode back to his office to finish writing his letter to King Oberon. "At least we know where she is now."