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The air is cold... the air is -always- cold now. I can see how the jackets are getting thicker. The great freeze is coming again... once again I must watch a different person's viewpoint of the Great Freeze.

Ever since that evil woman began... began to freeze the planet. I don't know how she did it... but I know she did. The last time I saw her she said it was for her dream of Crystal Tokyo...

Now I am forced to watch, helpless, as the world freezes. I am incased, to be imprisoned, for who knows how long. The evil woman has not visited me for almost three thousand years I think. I wouldn't know... I can't even mark days. I don't think that there are days where I am. That is the only knowledge I have any longer. The mirror. She left it near me... probably as torture... so I could watch and see. See the destruction of the world I once called home through the eyes of all of them... every person... one... after another...

Watch the melding of my world, into their own.

Tokyo's buildings had been encased in ice... The great American cities like New York and San Francisco were burned and destroyed. No lives were taken... but it was horrible. The woman... the green haired tramp who imprisoned me. She is no lover of peace and justice as her princess says. She is a menace... a... monarch. All of them are.

It is dark... Nothing but dark. I also assume that I could walk forever in this void... this, gap between space and time. But... Should I stray to far from the mirror, I feel the hunger... thirst... as if the three thousand years without drink and food are catching up to me... and the further I walk... the more the mirror beckons to me. And the more hungry and thirsty I become...

I have tried to destroy the mirror, hundreds, thousands of times... but... it has not even suffered a scratch. All my efforts were for naught...

So I watch each life... each one with a happy ending... each one living in the age of Crystal Tokyo... Happily. Under the rule of Queen Serena.

Their life... the mirrors visions of them, always changes to another person at about ten years into the reign of Serena as Queen of the Galaxy.

It makes my blood boil. Happily living under monarchy? No. This is not right.

I have nothing to do. So, I am forced to wait. I train and I train. I have no idea how strong I have become. My ki tears light into the void that is my prison. Blasts go on for hundred's of miles before my keen eyesight finally loses any sight of them.

I even whiten the entire void with my aura and still... it is nothing but a small light within thousands upon millions of miles of darkness.

I know that I am slipping into insanity. Forced to watch the life of every single person, from the point after I was imprisoned. I could somehow watch a person's entire life in a fast forward of sorts... hoping... ever hoping that someday, I will see the life of the woman I sacrificed my masculinity and freedom for.

Someday... somehow... I'll see her again. My... My tomboy... My Akane. I know that I can reach her... I know it...

And I will keep trying. If it takes until the end of time...

So be it.

Chapter 1: Freedom for Life

The wind swept his pigtail to the left wildly, along with moving his bangs out of his eyes. The angering voice of the wind trying to force him to submit to it's fury. Of course, it did the same to everyone else taking the road to Furinkan... namely Akane, which Ranma couldn't help but notice.

Nabiki walked beside the two, watching Ranma and Akane as they avoided speaking with each other. It had been this way ever since this morning when Nabiki had let out an incredible yelp.

Ranma, being the idiot he was, had snuck into Akane's room the previous night. For once however, Nabiki decided she would turn the camera's on. Usually she avoided doing so, as it was now simply a waste of battery to watch Ranma try to steal P-chan from Akane. But this time she had information that would flip Nerima upside down.

"I can't believe you two!" Nabiki cried suddenly, her ears turning red from the strain she'd been under. She'd never suspected. Not even once that they had actually been...

They both looked down, ashamed.

"I can't believe you two!" She repeated, expressing her surprise and almost disappointment.

Their heads, if possible, shrunk further.

"You're not even married yet!" She cried.

Akane's face had turned into the shade akin to that of an apple, as she was drenched in the shame and embarrassment of Nabiki's words. Ranma faired little better.

After a moment, realizing that she had probably gotten her point across to the two young lovers, she moved in for the kill. This information, if exhibited correctly, could more then likely set them all up for a life of retirement and joy. And she was just the business woman to do it.

"I'm not usually this nice... but I'll keep it under wraps, on a payment plan of 100,000 yen. Plus Eleven-point-five percent interest over the next four years." The middle Tendo said with a sigh, glad that her younger sister, and likely soon-to-be brother-in-law were so predictable.

Akane glanced at Ranma. "Ugh... Ranma, maybe we should just get this over with." She stated. The girl cocked her head to the side and looked at Nabiki with almost a smirk at the shocked look on her older sister's face.

'Get it over with. That's not in the standard responses for Akane. Where'd the blush go?' Nabiki thought alarmed. Nabiki pictured Akane giving her a mental malleting. She had not expected this.

"Eh... hai. Probably better then owin' Nabiki another hundred thousand yen..." Ranma replied confidently. He swept his hair up and out of his eyes, as the wind had begun to fail its task.

'What happened?' Thought the ever-over-calculating brain of Nabiki. 'They were both completely ashamed and embarrassed ten seconds ago!'

Ranma grin was contagious apparently as Akane was now wearing one of similar quality. They had not been ashamed of what they had done. No. Their shame lay with the fact that, for the first time since their first attempt, Ranma had forgotten to use his ki and temporarily short circuit the cameras, and recording devices that Nabiki decorated the entire home with.

"Bout' time anyway right Aka-chan?" He stated, staring Akane in the eyes with an expression Nabiki had never seen before.

"Damn straight, Ranma-sama" She replied, somehow perfectly imitating Ranma's usual tone.

Nabiki was utterly confused. What the hell was going on? Ranma and Akane were getting along... Aka-Chan? Ranma-Sama? This was going from bad to worse, but that's not to say she wasn't capable of flexibility. She was Nabiki, and regardless of how this went down, she would rake it in.

She was still quite stunned though.

"Wha... Am... am I missing something?" Nabiki asked.

"Heh heh... Oneesan... You aren't all that easy to fool... but we held out for three months..." Akane replied with a smirk holding up her middle three fingers on her right hand.

Three months. It had been three months since the Failed Wedding Fiasco. They had... that night the... they had... ooh...

"I feel woozy..." Nabiki commented, as she recalled the awkward sounds coming from Akane's room that night that she had mistaken for a whining, Jusenkyo cursed Lost-Boy. How mistaken had she been. She'd never even contemplated.

Akane suddenly turned and leaned over, bringing her face near Ranma's. And with hardly any hesitation whatsoever, they kissed.

Nerima had not flipped over yet.

However Nabiki had the strangest feeling that she was hanging upside down. She supposed, in the seconds before she blacked out, that the scene she had walked in on this morning had been so utterly unbelievable and surreal that it had simply washed over her. Because this one was real. And equally impossible. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and, for the first time in her entire life that she could remember... she feinted.

Akane giggled and Ranma outright laughed. Suddenly another sly grin appeared on Ranma's face.

"Aka-chan, I guess since it's out in the open now, we might as well get a little revenge, eh? Where's Nabiki's camera?" He asked. "This will be priceless! She probably pay us to get it back!"

Akane's face took on a maniacal appearance as she nodded in agreement. Silently, she was impressed with the idea. It wasn't really too rare for Ranma to have a particularly sly idea, she'd found in the last three months. Since Saffron, she and he had grown closer then ever before. They loved each other, and admitted it the night of the failed wedding, but had decided it would be best kept secret for as long as possible.

Three months had been quite a bit longer then either were suspecting, knowing that neither of them were particularly good at lying and Nabiki was notorious for sniffing out secrets. In short, they'd been lucky. Apparently, even though the cat was out of the bag, they still seemed to have a little bit of luck left. These photo's would kill Nabiki's image and, in turn, she'd kill to get them back! Hah hah!

"Gomen Oneesan... " She sighed before taking her camera off of her unconscious person and snapping a few shots

They both stood and started off on their way back to the school when they suddenly noticed about seven or eight other unconscious bodies lying around. One was the unmistakable form of Ukyo. Neither of them had actually realized there had been a slew of other people watching them. It seemed Ukyo had fallen off a roof.

"Heh... maybe we... took it a little far." Ranma quipped, in slight irritation. Ukyo had been spying on him. Again. She'd been his best friend once, but ever since the wedding his anger had been on a steadily increasing boil. It had reached the point now that he completely ignored his ex-best-friend's unconscious form. They began to walk down the sidewalk towards the school, talking as they went.

"Maybe... But I don't care. Since this is in the open you'd better break the other engagements Ranma." Akane stated, with a controlled however, threatening tone.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know. I promised." Ranma replied while holding up his hands defensively. "I will break it off with all of them today." He finished.

A moment or two of silence passed as Akane leaned into his arm, hanging around her shoulder in a way that would have anyone who knew the pair staring in disbelief. Then Ranma thought of something. "Hey what was up with that? You never called me Ranma-Sama before."

Akane thought a moment, trying to come up with a reason for the strange form of address. Even in private she'd never called Ranma that before. "I figured that I'd better use something a little more familiar then San or Kun... Sama seems to fit." She replied as she casually set her feet in time with his. "Plus... I couldn't use Ukyo's Ran-chan... it's just not right."

'Oh... I've just waited so long for us to get this out in the open! No more acting!' Akane thought happily. She gave Ranma the smile that she now knew, made his heart stop beating. Well... he'd never actually said that. That would be a bit too corny, even for her. But by his reaction, she hoped it did.

Ranma stared at Akane, her smile blooming like a mid-spring morning. She was... beautiful.

Therefore he had to make fun of her. "Why are smiling like that? You look like an idiot!" He vaguely remembered saying the same thing, a long time ago while hanging outside her window. That made him smile.

She, on the other hand, boiled.

Her mallet appeared, and she slammed it downward as hard as she could, preparing to pummel the pervert's head in. And stopped centimeters from his head. The gazed into each other's eyes a moment... and burst into laughter.

After a short time they began to realize that people were staring at them. Many were completely frozen in shock at the sight of the two laughing together. But some were simply wide-eyed. So they calmed themselves again until one of them began a civil conversation.

Ranma took his opportunity. It was what he had been afraid of for a very long time. However, now it seemed unimportant but he decided perhaps he should consult Akane.

"So Aka-chan..." Ranma asked. "You know... now that people are gonna know bout' this... our pop's are gonna' wanna' get us hitched... So um... well. I figured that maybe it would be a little better if I asked if you have any problem with that?" Ranma asked, carefully choosing his words.

While insults from Ranma didn't hurt Akane's feelings any longer, knowing now that they had been merely forms of pushing her away... Ranma was still Ranma and there-by famous for making the worst possible comment at the worst possible time. This time however, he was fortunate.

"Ranma-sama... I've been thinking about that too... well. I... at first I wanted to wait... but. I... I can't say that I'd mind if we were married. It would really help to deal with all your fiancee problems. Ranma... If we are forced into it... I have no problems' marrying you. But... if they let us wait till high school is over... lets go with that ok?" Akane said.

Ranma simply answered, "Definitely."

A moment of silence passed before Akane broke it, curiously. "Why did you ask? Now I mean?"

Ranma stepped a few steps ahead of her and smirked, looking back over his shoulder. "I love you, Aka-chan, and I wanted to ask even though it's already sorta set and everything... Will you marry me?"

Akane just grinned. They'd been engaged for so long that this whole thing was pointless. Fortunately, Akane had never been one for the, on one knee thing, and their two and a half year long Omiai was more then enough for her to make up her mind on this. It almost seemed silly after the unbelievable night they'd had after the failed wedding.

"Of course, you baka." She replied, stepping casually under his arm once more, while throwing hers lovingly around his back.

Everyone was different. So Sayuri and Yuka could have their annoyingly romantic boys proposing at immaculate dinners, full moons, and arrays of candlelights. It took her years to realize it, but she didn't want that. She never had.

Ranma wasn't romantic. Neither was she as it turned out. And that's exactly how she wanted it.

The rest of the walk to school had been uneventful for the most part. There was Kuno's abrupt appearance and departure, but that was in some ways more uneventful than usual. Even though it was still Nerima, crazy as ever, Ranma couldn't help but feel he was being watched. He'd felt these sort of things before, but usually only after eating Akane's cooking.

It didn't matter of course... he loved her. But her cooking was still only comparable to that of week old bird droppings.

Suddenly Akane turned toward him, forcing him away from his thoughts.

"So Ranma?" She asked. "Should we... just act like normal at school or should we just tell everyone ourselves?"

"No!" Came a sudden shout from behind them. "No, no, no! You can't just tell every one, you baka! Act like a couple! And then everyone will come to me to find out what's going on. Your story gets out. I make loads. Win win, right?" Nabiki exhaled exhaustedly as she appeared. It seemed she had been running to catch up. Rare that.

Akane looked at her sister like she had grown a third leg. Nabiki did not show emotion. Ever. Though she almost seemed to be acting like... well... like Ranma! All desperate like this. Why the hell was this so vital to her?

"Oneechan... why... is it so important to sell this? Why do you have to constantly make money off of the two of us?" Akane asked.

"This isn't money Akane!" Nabiki said sternly. She rose to her feet. "This.. this is bullions. This information, if sold right, could get twenty thousand yen from every customer! And that's without the tape copies! Akane-chan! I...! We could be set for life!" Nabiki exclaimed, giddily. It was quite obvious the girl was idly fantasizing, though admittedly, it wasn't very far fetched to say that. People were generally quite interested in Ranma and Akane's relationship.

"Really Nabiki-chan?" Akane asked somewhat excited. Then thought a moment. "No tape copies!"

"Well... since it's going to get out anyway Akane, why don't we just let her do it? I have no problem making money off my love life." Ranma said.

Akane twitched. Sometimes he just really had to be hit. It just... ugh. She gave a more irritated then angry roar as her mallet was summoned and raised.

"Oops..." Was Ranma's last coherent thought before he was forced like a nail into the concrete below him.

"Baka..." Akane mumbled as she turned around.

"I'll, heh heh, take that as... ha... a yes ok Akane-chan?" Nabiki tried to say through her laughs. It had been pathetically funny, even though Ranma really hadn't meant anything by it. Saotome sure was an idiot when it came to speaking before you think.

Akane turned and glared at her. "This is your fault you know. We get ten percent profit. Go." She stated quickly. She turned back to Ranma, grabbed his shoulder blades and tried to pry her lover out of his nail-like position in the concrete.

Nabiki walked away and shouted "See you later!" through her laughs.

"Baka.." Akane mumbled though this time it was directed to Nabiki.

Suddenly, Ranma came to, his incredible healing kicking in to easily wake him in almost perfect condition. Save for the fact that he was currently drilled into the concrete.

"Eh... Akane... wha'did you hit me for, you tomboy! I didn't do nothin!" He cried.

She smiled and his anger melted away.

"I'm really sorry, Ranma-sama... but you're still an idiot." She said.

"Yeah... 'm sorry too. Gomen." Ranma replied. He couldn't help but wonder what exactly it was he was sorry for, though.

Suddenly he noticed where he was.

"Hey? How am I gonna get outta here?" He asked worriedly, realizing that his arms were buried and he could hardly move. He struggled, but the strong concrete didn't budge.

"Uh... Well. I'm gonna be late! See you after class Ranma!" Akane teased with a twinkle in her eyes as she stood and dashed off.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" He cried after her running form. Despite his situation and the impending doom of the morning bell, he couldn't help but let his eyes linger on her. She was beautiful.

Akane felt his eyes on her and, teasing him a bit more, quickly turned around and flashed him a smile. Then she continued running. His eyes couldn't help but shift to her backside as his low position left him a good view of her panties with each stride. It was days like this, he loved the Furinkan High School Girl's Uniform. But only on Akane, especially now that it was fine for him to look.

She rounded the corner into the building and, moments after that she appeared in the home room window, holding a chair.

"Hey Ranma!" She shouted. "This ought to help!"

She lobbed the chair out the window and it crashed directly into the concrete right near him, busting into pieces but managed to break the concrete enough for him to free himself. He jumped up, grabbed his book bag, and immediately scaled the wall to the second floor window and into the class.

Just after the bell rang.

"Ranma Saotome! You're late! Go stand in the hall!" The teacher shouted.

"Damn it!" Ranma cursed.

Akane giggled and Ranma couldn't help but smirk a little.

They kissed and he left the room.

The loud clang he heard indicated that most of the room had also fainted.

Akane felt unpopular. Everyone else was fainting. Why couldn't she?

The green haired woman, dressed in deep black and white surrounded in the mist that had been her guard post for the past twenty thousand years, muttered a few incoherent words as she worked. And then, she began whistling.

'I've finally found it! I've finally found you. You're the cause of it's length. Your the one keeping Crystal Tokyo from forming. Well.. I'll change that!' The woman exclaimed giddily.

Setsuna Meioh, currently known as Pluto, stood at the time gate, watching as she always did. She, was all in all, very pleased. She had finally found the root of all her problems. The single person that had forced the coming of Crystal Tokyo to be so far away. He also apparently had been doing this for some time. For every time his soul was reborn... it screwed with her timelines.

With him, this Ranma Saotome, gone, her dream, her queen's dreem, Crystal Tokyo, could finally be realized in a small number of years! All it would take was removing one man, and then the dream of millions could finally be realized.

Pluto's conscience suddenly began to tell her how wrong it would be to kill someone for her dreams.

"But they aren't my dreams! They are reality! This person is the only thing that stands between the dream and the reality!" She fought herself.

She grit her teeth. No.. she could not abuse her position and do something like kill a person.

But.. she could...

"That's it!" She thought.

Her plan began to materialize in her mind. It wouldn't be killing him! Just .. imprisoning him.. temporarily.

And by keeping him informed of the happenings of the world, and letting him see how good it would be to have Usagi, Sailor Moon, become the queen of this planet, she could convince him to see it her way. Then she could let him back into the world and he wouldn't alter the time lines. Perfect!

She began to prepare, first, by examining the life of Ranma Saotome. She wasn't worried. She had waited for a very long time. She could wait a while longer.

Crystal Tokyo would exist within the decade!

"Delinquents! No Public Display's of Affection in School!" Hinako shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Happo five-yen Satsu!" She cried and began the motions. But when she realized that she had grown, the only person she had absorbed was the two students that had somehow appeared in front of Ranma and Akane.

"Ranma Akane. I understand that you two are becoming more... friendly. But please try to refrain from... broadcasting it too much, ok?" She asked with the regained knowledge, and calm attitude of her adult form.

They both bowed their heads.

"Of course Hinako-Sensei." Akane replied.

"Gomen." Ranma stated.

Then the two students they had pulled in front of them slumped to the floor.

"Daisuke." Ranma commented.

"Hiroshi?" Akane questioned.

"Oh.. ehehh.. don't mind us.. it's worth it to see.. Hinako... sensei.." The said in unison. They collapsed back into their desks and slept.

"Perverts..." Akane muttered. At first she'd felt bad that she and Ranma had used them as shields. But, well, time heals all. They'd get over it. Plus, they deserved it anyway.

Hinako turned around and went back to lecturing and endlessly writing on the board, without giving them any more punishment or words, and Ranma couldn't help but feel uncannily lucky.

'I wonder how her chalkboard never seems to run out of room... hmm...' He thought.

Ranma knew this thought, as he had thought it hundreds of times before. It was the first thought that led to boredom... which further led to droopy eyes and finally sleep. He was almost to the last stage of this cycle when suddenly his classmates began to talk among each other.

"Akane! Are you and Ranma really hitting it off? I heard that you kissed him this morning!" Ranma heard from across the room.

"I can't tell. Oneechan is selling the info. Ask her if you wanna know." Akane replied.

The conversation peaked Ranma's interest a bit and he began to listen, though only half heartedly. He idly wondered whether his fiancee would tell her friends or leave them out to dry like he planned on doing with Hiroshi and Daisuke.

"Aw Akane! How can you hold out on your best friends like that! Come on!" One replied. A few more "come on's" followed.

"Well... I can't hold out on you guys." She said as she glanced toward Ranma. He smirked and she blushed.

"Restroom! After class!" She stated. "I'll tell you how it happened."

"Yatta!" the group shouted in unison.

'Guess she will.' Ranma thought. As they danced around suddenly Hinako became aware of their laziness.

"Hey! I gave you students an assignment! And if you can't handle working in groups I'll make you work alone! First and only warning!" She shouted as she stood from her desk. At some point during the lecture she had faded back into her child-like form. A form that was annoyingly easy to irritate.

Most of the class quickly began whispering and overall it did become quiet. For a total of about ten minutes. Then the noise picked up steadily until it had reached the same level it had been at before Ms. Hinako's outburst, and in short order the shouting teacher was completely forgotten.

Fortunately, Hinako had left the room, anyway. She'd thought she heard an ice cream truck, making Ranma roll his eyes even more at the sheer stupidity his teacher could have at times.

"So Ranma. I heard you an Akane are actually actin' like fiancee's now!" Daisuke said as he popped up from behind the pigtailed martial artist, waking him from the comfortable slumber he'd managed to fall back into.

"Gah! Where'd you come from... hey wait. Didn't Hinako drain you earlier?" Ranma asked, confused.

"Eh. I recover quick." Daisuke replied. "Specially when I find out that my buddy is actually showing interest in girls! We were beginning to wonder if you actually swung the right way or not, what with you being half girl and all."

"What's that supposed to mean!?" Ranma cried, instantly angered.

Suddenly he turned, the entire room was staring at him as if his head had exploded. They quickly returned to their conversations. Just figuring it was another thing that happened to Ranma. Which, fortunately, it was.

"So man! How far have you gotten with her? You kissed her obviously! I saw it! In first hour!" Daisuke cried.

Ranma waved him away and yelled. "Ah! It's none o' your business!"

"Aw come on man!" Daisuke pleaded. "Akane's telling her friends!"

"Ask Nabiki!" Ranma stated angrily, still quite annoyed at the comment they'd so casually thrown minutes before.

"Ranma-san... don't be like this! Come on! Nabiki would charge me till I'm broke!" Daisuke exclaimed.

"Well then just stop worrying about it! Sides' it ain't your business anyways!" Ranma retorted. He just wanted to go back to sleep. Couldn't they see that?

In an effort to get them to leave him alone he laid his head back on the desk and turned away from the both of them. He would have managed to close his eyes too, if not for the fact that another three boys, Naka, Kosugi, and Namura, were all standing their with the same pleading faces that Daisuke and Hiroshi had.

Ranma jerked back in surprise at the three sets of eyes staring at him. "Wh-what the hell is this, anyways?"

"Come on Ranma! We all wanna know! Just tell us!" Namura demanded.

Ranma's eyes turned, and met Akane's through the circle of boys surrounding him. He was surprised to find that none of the girl's were pestering her and most of them were happily doing their homework. How the hell did she do that?

Sensing Ranma's distress easily Akane sighed and stood up. Before they knew what was happening, Akane waded through the five boys, pushing them out of the way as if they were little more than flies. Reaching him, Akane bent down and kissed him, passionately but sweetly so as to not imply too much. He responded accordingly, by kissing back, with a joyous moan. This wasn't what he'd expected her to do, but it seemed to work! After she was finished, she broke apart from Ranma, her eyes fluttering back open, even though she'd barely realized she'd ever closed them. Coming back to herself, she stood and glared at the culprits.

"You going to stop bugging him, now?" She asked in a mock-cheerful voice.

They nodded.

"Good!" She replied and promptly returned to her seat.

"Ranma... What in the hell did you do to er'?" Daisuke asked, having now returned to his seat, in one final plea for information. In his entire seven years or more, spent growing up in the same grade with Akane Tendo, he'd never once seen her act like that with anyone.

Ranma smirked.

"That's for me to know, and you to keep your nose out of, Dai." He replied.

The bell rang signaling the end of this class.

They left the room, with Ranma instinctively falling in beside Akane through the door.

"Well... that was interesting." Akane said.

"Uh... yeah... Heh. Yeah it was. Um. You know that was... really um. uh... not like you. Your really serious about getting this out in the open, aren't you?" Ranma asked.

He leaned his head to the left and examined her facial expression, with the curiosity of a house cat that is leaving the house for the first time.

"Hey... The more the better. I've wanted this in the open for a couple of weeks now. I told you that." She scowled. "Is... is there a problem?"

Ranma gave her his most confident grin. "Nah. They're just really annoying, and they'll probably be at us like that all day. How you get the girl's to stop pesterin' you anyways?"

Without warning, and before Akane could answer, a student rushed by them and tripped, spilling water all over Ranma. Whoever she was, she seemed to be in an incredible hurry. She scooped up the beakers, that hadn't broken, completely ignoring the broken ones, stood and continued running.

As per the norm, Miss Hinako decided to appear at the front of the hallway just after the true instigator of the accident had left, leaving Ranma looking quite guilty of accidentally breaking whatever the glass object had been.

"Mister Saotome! I hope you don't plan on leaving your mess outside my doorway, do you?" The, once again aged teacher asked, while staring down at the broken glass on the floor.

"... no Ms. Hinako..."

"Good!" She replied and slammed the door to her room.

Akane burst into laughter.

Ranma went to find some hot water, a broom, and a sweep holder.

'Almot Last class! Almost Last class! Only two classes left!' Ranma sang in his head. His happy thoughts were unfortunately interrupted.

"Ranchan! What's this about you kissing Akane? P-please tell me I was dreaming! I'm you cute fiancee! And I demand to know what the hell is going on!" Ukyo shouted from her position, seven feet behind him.

"Ukyo." Ranma said.

Ukyo was shocked. Ranma hadn't called her by her real name since.. well. Since he had met her. Shocked and very, very worried.

"I'm sorry, Ukyo. I really hoped it wouldn't be you I had to tell first. But I have a promise to keep. And I'm sorry again, but I value my promises more than my pop's. Ukyo... I... i know how much this all mean's to ya, but I just don't love you. I'm breaking the engagement. I like you a lot Ukyo, and you're really cute! But..."

Ranma spoke as rationally as he could, but his well rehearse speeches were flying out the window. He simply couldn't remember what it was he'd wanted to say, and writing it down before hand was the only way he could really get the point across, otherwise he'd thought he'd just flounder it up. He turned away... he knew what would happen if he didn't. If he saw her cry, he wouldn't be able to keep from apologizing. And he had promised. Damn it but he hadn't wanted to hurt her!

Ukyo was sniffling. Trying to hold back the tears of regret. Tears that she should have known she would have to shed a long time ago.

"So... so that's it then? That's... all you have to say? After... after everything I've done for you? All the time and money I spent! Your just... dropping it?! Dropping me again! Da... damn you, Ranma!" She cried and then quickly fled.

"I'm sorry, Ukyo. I love Akane." He whispered as his eyes began to water with sorrow at the loss of his friend. He watched her jump from roof to roof, further and further from the school. He began to feel depressed, but he wouldn't let this get him down. He had something... someone to keep him from feeling the depression. He knew she was worth it. Akane actually cared about him, beyond those stupid honor promises.

And... actually, she was waiting in class. In a class he was already late for.

'Crap.' He thought. He dashed toward the classroom.

He ran as fast as he could and gracefully leaped into the window before the bell rang, only to feel the uncomfortable yet rather common twinge of his curse.

"Not that I mind or anything man but why did you have to pick THAT window Ranma? You have the worst luck." Kyosuke commented as he got up. He apparently had just tripped, spilling his soft drink right as Ranma entered the room.

Ranma then felt the feeling he usually got when he was wet with the window open in the early spring.


"I... It's... cool. I'll live." Ranma said, though the comment had a double meaning. A shiver flew up her spine as she moved to shut the window.

"Mr. Saotome, may I ask why my floor is all wet and you are currently not male?" The teacher asked suddenly, as he appeared out of no where.

In her mind, Ranma sighed. Why did she always get screwed over with this stuff? "Uh.. Well I..."

"Oh it doesn't matter." The teacher interrupted. "Sit in your seat. You'll just have to go through class as a girl. And leave that window open, would you? It's a bit stuffy in here." The teacher asked mildly.

"... Yes sensei." She replied, not voicing just how much she wanted to leave it closed.

She opened the window, sat down at her window-side seat, and shivered through the entire class, cursing the joking looks of her friends as they watched the wind make her twitch, enjoying her torture. She longed for her warm male body but she wouldn't complain. Girls did that. Even so, she couldn't help but notice Kyosuke laughing every time she jumped when the wind picked up. She also noticed their eyes constantly lingering on her breasts.

God she hated being a girl.

'Two classes in the same day?' Ranma thought. 'How do I get stuck as a girl for two classes in the same day? That almost never happens!' She thought.

While she was annoyed she would just have to live this time. At least there was no window and no wind with which to freeze her "delicate" self, in this, her final class of the day.

Suddenly a conversation drifted to her ears.

"I love Sailor Mars! I think she is the best of them all!" One shouted.

"No way, Jupiter is way cooler!" Another girl put in.

"What do you think Akane?" The first asked. Akane had been placed inside their work group and so, was forced to listen to them prattle on about meaningless fictional characters, supposedly from the Juuban district. Ranma would have instantly disregarded the conversation if it weren't for the fact that these girls were so loud he couldn't have ignored them through a sound proof wall.

"What's... what's my favorite... planet?" Akane asked.

"No! Which senshi!" The second cried.

"I uh... I don't know what you're talking about." Akane stated. A sweat drop formed on the back of her head.

The two girl's stared at her for a moment as if she'd grown a third or fourth head. Akane didn't even know what the Senshi were? It almost disgusted them just how out of touch she seemed to be with the rest of the world. The thought entered their heads at the same moment that, maybe Akane really was the Tomboy Ranma always called her.

"You're kidding, right? Akane you're telling me you've never heard of the Sailor Senshi?" One asked. Ranma knew who this girl was. It was, by her voice, undoubtedly Yuka.

"Uh... no. I've had. Well, stuff has been going on lately and a lot has been on my mind." She replied.

Ranma smirked. He knew what that "a lot" was!

"A lot? Oh! You mean like you and Ranma!" She giggled. "I heard all about that! You little pervert! Akane, I knew there was a guy loving side in you!" Yuka joked.

"What are you all talking about! Of course I like guys!" She exclaimed.

"Hmm... you had half the student body fooled." She said slyly.

"Half the student body was attacking me for a date!" She retorted.

"... Touche."

Akane smirked in superiority at her victory, and then, not wanting for them to dwell on her love life any longer, quickly changed the subject.

"So what are these Senshi anyways?" Akane asked, making sure to edge her voice with just enough sugar to make them completely forget about her and Ranma.

"They are the sailor-suited lovers of Peace and Justice!" The first girl Ranma didn't know exclaimed.

"Protectors of the Weak and Innocent Everywhere!" The other girl Ranma didn't know cried.

"And they look really good while doing' it!" Exclaimed Yuka.

Her two companions stared at her.

"What? They do!" She replied.

"Here Akane. Here's some pictures. These rumors have been around for the better part of two years now. Funny. Started right around when Ranma showed up. Weird, eh? Well, they've only just recently gotten real photo's and proof of their existence. But most people have known about them for a long time. It's actually been almost two months since we've talked about them though. They are a little bit... overly frilly if you ask me."

Akane looked at the pictures for a few moments, staring incredulously at their uniforms. Honestly, they probably had more flexibility then she had in her gi with those frilly things, but that's the only thing they had going for them. "Every guy in the nearest mile next to them must be thinking perverted thoughts!" Akane seethed. "This is almost... pornography!"

Ranma chuckled at that. He'd been trying to tune the conversation out, but it hadn't worked very well. He decided that if you couldn't beat them, join them, and Akane had just left a perfect opening.

"Jeez Akane! Are perverts all you ever think about!" Ranma asked choosing now to make his entrance.

"No... Not all the time. Just whenever there is one in the nearest mile." She said in a menacing tone. "You know anything 'bout these Senshi, Ranma?"

"Ey' Hey! I don't know nothin'. I swear!" Ranma replied quickly. 'Me and my big mouth.'

Instantly Akane's face brightened. "Good!"

"So what are you guys talkin' about over here?" She asked. She glanced over Akane's shoulder and looked at the pictures and then quickly looked away, quite surprised at the content of the magazine in her hands. Just on the single page alone he saw no less then four blown up skirts, on nine extremely scantily dressed girls, all of which were beautiful in the extreme.

"Jeez Akane! And you call me a pervert!" Ranma said.

Her friends burst out laughing, while Akane boiled.

"Ranma NO BAKA!" She cried summoning her mallet and this time actually using it to create a Ranma sized hole in the ceiling.

"Oh my." Yuka commented.

"Don't do that. you sound like Kasumi." Akane replied.

Yuka stood up and bent over to stare at Akane's face.

"Hey... I thought you were getting along with Ranma?" She asked.

"I am! He asked me to keep malleting him when he said stupid things!" She said.

A moment of silence once more, before Yuka casually commented, "That wasn't stupid. It was just funny."

Slowly the earsplitting scream of someone falling to earth came back into hearing range as a red haired girl flew directly through the hole she had just created, slamming into the wooden floors, splintering them, but fortunately not breaking anything.

"Welcome back Ranma-chan!" Akane said happily.

"Heh... sorry tomboy. Note to self. Don't call you a pervert." The redhead said with a wink as she painstakingly lifted herself from the ground, Akane helping gladly. She wasn't really all that angry, and she knew Ranma could barely even feel her mallet these days. It was more like a pastime really. When Ranma was full standing she leaned up to Akane, placing her hand around the taller girl's neck, and kissed her. Then she turned, sat at her desk, and instantly fell asleep.

Yuka and her friends stared in shock.

It didn't take Akane long to realize google eyes were being directed at her and she turned towards her two friends in confusion. "What!? I thought we discussed this!"

"But he was a she!" They exclaimed, simultaneously.

"... ... Eheheheh... eh..."

Ranma was getting annoyed. It was five minutes past the usual time the bell was supposed to ring, but it wasn't ringing. He, though still a she at the time, was a perfect human clock when it came to counting down time, at least in class. She always awoke at exactly three o'clock when the bell rang. While today the bell hadn't rung, she awoke on reflex.

Six minutes...


Eight minutes after three o'clock he, though still a she, had become truly annoyed. She lifted her head from its sleeping position, buried between her arms, and looked at the clock.

It rested at two thirty one.

"Wha...?" She thought.

A closer inspection of the clock made her realize something. The second hand was not moving.

Looking around he noticed something even more peculiar. The people. The people were not moving. As if they had been frozen.

"What the heck is going on?" She voiced, but the only thing that greeted her was still, frozen bodies.

Ranma began to panic a bit as he stood, instantly looking to Akane. She wasn't moving. She wasn't breathing. Nothing. For a moment he waved his hands in front of her eyes, but they didn't blink. As if she were a statue. As if all of them were statues.

"What the hell!?" She shouted, after she'd examined a few more of the statues that were normally people. Looking out the window, she found the few students walking along the sidewalks to be frozen solid as well. Everything, frozen and silent.

"Hmm. So... you're the one that's causing all these problems." Ranma heard a definitely female voice say as it echoed throughout the room.

"Hey! Who's there?" She cried. Her voiced echoed, just like the woman's had, through the silence. It reverberated a few times before finally fading away, making her shiver in trepidation. Somehow, it was as if time had been halted. For everyone, but her.

"What is going on?" She asked receiving the same effects. She thoroughly inspected the rest of the room. The teacher had his pointer towards the chalkboard, and had apparently been in the middle of explaining something when he was frozen.

'The teacher usually lets us do our homework at half passed two. How long have... how long have they been frozen like this?' She thought.

She glanced over the final few in the room that she hadn't already looked over, and then rechecked those she had, noticing Kyosuke and Daisuke's eyes were both lingering on where her breast had been, slightly squished onto her desk.

"Damn perverts," She thought.

"Well. I'm sorry Ranma Saotome... but you will soon see that this is for the best." The voice said. It did not echo this time and it came from directly behind her.

Ranma turned to see a woman with long green hair, staring at her with old and piercing eyes. She wore a rather revealing fuku and held a staff almost as tall as herself. Ranma couldn't help but recognize the similarity between this woman and the girls in the photo's Akane had been holding earlier in class.

"Who are you? You aren't another fiancée are you?" Ranma demanded as she casually fell into an unassuming, yet heavily defensive stance.

She chuckled. "That would be your first reaction wouldn't it? No. No, I need you to come with me. Because you are a variable that must be, at least temporarily, exterminated."

"Hey," Ranma replied. "If it's a fight you want then a fight you've got."

"I'm sorry, young one. I don't intend to fight you. I need to convince you to... leave for a while." She said.

"Leave?" Ranma asked, relaxing her stance slightly.

"Yes. You must come with me and leave Tokyo for about... oh fifteen years." She stated. "Why would I wanna do, that!" Ranma cried. "I'm sorry. I have a fiancee. And ain't no demi-god or time stopping girl gonna keep me from marrying her!"

Ranma suddenly realized how awkward it was that he, as a girl, was proclaiming love for another girl, but didn't get the chance to act stupid about it.

"But Ranma, I have something for you in return of course." She replied.

"Hmm?" He asked, his interest, while not raised too much, was slightly peaked. What could this woman possibly offer her that would convince her to leave for fifteen years?

"I can cure your curse." She stated.

Ranma gasped. "You... you can?" She asked surprised. She began to think. Her curse was a liability. A nuisance, an annoyance, a bringer of constant embarrassment and shame, however, was getting rid of it worth missing fifteen years of her life?

"So your saying that if I simply leave, for fifteen years, you'll remove my curse?" She asked.

"Yes that is basically the extent of my offer. Though you will have to leave to a point and time of my choosing." She stated. "Will you agree peacefully or will I have to resort to force?"

"Hey, I've been forced into enough! You can't force me to do anything!" Ranma stated.

"Then make your choice and we might see whether I could or could not 'force you to do anything'." She replied, her words mocking him, while her body was already settling into a normal stance for an angry elder woman. Hands crossed around her torso, eyes blank.

Ranma was a little surprised. Most the time she was subjected to torturous monologues about her worthlessness and how, if her torturer wanted, she could force Ranma into anything. She was pleasantly surprised at this conversation or the lack thereof.


Ranma wracked her brain. Free of the curse. That was well and good but... fifteen years? No one would wait for her for fifteen years. And then Akane would be alone with that pig! And no one would be able to help Kasumi in the kitchen. No one to eat Akane's cooking in order to save the earth from it's torture. No one to protect the Tendo's food from her father. No one...

No... She would find her own cure. She didn't need to wait fifteen years. And if this lady thought she could say otherwise, well too bad for her.

"Sorry but I'm gonna have to decline. I need to stick around. Without me to eat it, my fiancee's cooking would poison the entire planet. Plus... she might forget me. So no, I'm afraid I can't take you up on your offer. I can live with my curse." Ranma said.

"Hmm. Then please forgive me in advance. I tried to do this peacefully. But if force is the only way..." She trailed off leaving him to decipher the rest of her meaning.

She stood fully and spun her staff.

"Dead Scream!" She cried.

A massive sonic wave erupted from the large staff Ranma finally realized had the appearance of a large key.

Ranma quickly moved all the people presently in its path out of the way and jumped through the window, shattering the glass.

"Hmph." Pluto thought. "He's better then I thought."

She, of course, had made certain that the effects of her attacks would not harm the people in the room, but she was surprised to find that Ranma had moved them anyway. Of course, he didn't know the blast wouldn't effect them.

"Fine, we'll take this outside." She said as she jumped out the window and onto the ground below.

To Ranma, the scene was surreal. Wind wasn't blowing. People weren't moving. Things that should be falling to the ground were hanging in midair as if all time was stopped. She was almost terrified, but she'd been in tighter situations.

"Dead Scream!" The woman cried again.

"Ah shit!" Ranma thought frantically. This sonic wave seemed to move exponentially faster then it's predecessor had.

It hit her full on and she was flung haphazardly into the gym wall, where she hung imbedded.

"I didn't want to do this Ranma." The green-haired woman said, monotonously.

"Then why are you!? Why all the trouble anyway? If you can freeze everyone else so easily then why don't you just freeze me?" Ranma asked, with a heavy growl.

"Hmm. You're smart, young one. My ability to stop time is not able to affect one as strong as you are. So I must commend you. However. You will not see this place for the next fifteen years at least. Get used to the idea." She stated, still in a very bored tone.

Ranma pulled herself from the wall.

"We'll see about that! I usually don't hurt girls but for you, I think I'll make an exception! You're not the only one who can throw power around! Moko Takabisha!" She cried. Her blue energy surged through her veins forming the ball between her palms. It exploded from its constraints forcefully and slammed directly into the green haired woman.

"What?" She cried just before the blast collided with her and sent her flying till she landed and skidded across the ground till she came to a screeching halt at the edge of a tree.

Instantaneously, time seemed to begin moving again. Ranma, sighed at first in joy at the good fortune, but cursed as soon as she realized how cold the cruel wind, beating at her and chilling her bones, was.

Pluto stood slowly, bits of rubble falling off her now less-than-pristine Senshi uniform. 'Damn. He shouldn't be this powerful!' She thought.

Ranma smirked, at the impressed look in the Senshi's eyes. "Hurt eh?"

"Ranma!" Came a cry. "Look out!"

Ranma looked up and saw Akane staring at him through the busted window.

"Don't worry about it Aka-chan! I got this all under control!" She said, just as another Dead Scream impacted against her, once again throwing her into the gym wall.

"Damn that hurts!" She exclaimed as she pulled herself out of the wall. Still it was nothing compared to a punch from Ryoga. She shrugged it off with barely a thought and was on her feat in seconds, to see yet another of the menacingly blasts barreling down at her. This time she was ready. This one was dodged.

When she landed she dashed to the left and dodged around random sonic blasts that appeared to be flying directly toward where she always wanted to move.

After almost two minutes of constant dodging on the part of her opponent, Pluto was beginning to tire.

"Agh! How long can this brat keep this up!" She thought as she fired more and more blasts, which destroyed nothing but more and more land.

Suddenly, her target disappeared.

"Heh. Gotcha!" She heard.

Suddenly a solid fist struck her square in the back.

She plunged nose first into the pavement, her back on fire and her nose in more pain that she would enjoy standing for.

Ranma grinned triumphantly. She'd won, and this stupid match was over. The green haired woman hadn't really even been that much of a challenge. Too slow. She hadn't even seen Ranma dash behind her! "Now look. I'm sure there is a way we can work this out. I'm not gonna leave and that's-"

Suddenly, Pluto jumped up. Seeing as this boy was more than a match for her, she decided on her only other option.

Grabbed faster then she could see, Akane found her back against a tree with the woman resembling one of those sailor scouts staring at her, eyes flaming a heated fury. Akane didn't even know how she'd got there, and instantly she looked about for Ranma.

Ranma lunged but Pluto quickly slammed her eyes onto Ranma. "Move, and she dies."

Her staff was aimed directly at Akane. Ranma was appalled at the dishonor involved with this particular fighter. Using tactics like this to get what one wanted was down right evil. And there wasn't a damn thing Ranma could do about it. He would never be able to get Akane out of the way.

"No! No leave her alone!" Ranma exclaimed, leaving her fighting stance before she could even think. Those Dead Screams, while not strong enough to hurt her, were more then powerful enough to rip Akane to scrap paper and then some, similar to Ryoga's punches.

"Come with me!" The Senshi demanded.

"Okay! I'll... I'll go with you! Just leave Akane outta this!" Ranma exclaimed, in almost utter shock at how much the stakes had changed. She simply couldn't comprehend this. No one in their right mind had ever threatened the life of an innocent to get what they wanted from her! No one. This was unacceptable. But... what could she do?

'Damn! I should have been more careful! How could I have been so stupid, to treat this as an easy fight?' She berated herself, in her mind.

"Ranma...?" Akane questioned, having absolutely no idea what was going on.

Twenty seconds before she had been happily paying her attention to the teacher's lecture, and suddenly the window... wasn't there. Ranma had simply disappeared. Then almost instantly, the sounds of battle had drifted through the window that it appeared had been blasted out, debris falling to the ground below, and she had seen Ranma, battling.

Now she sat, in what appeared to be a life threatening matter, but she still had know idea what the hell was going on.

"Come here, Ranma." Pluto commanded.

"You... bitch!" Ranma muttered.

She smiled. "You'll thank me in time."

"I doubt it." Ranma retorted.

She grabbed his hand and a portal instantly opened behind her, though her staff still pointed at Akane.

The rest of the students watched closely as Ranma walked closer to the portal.

Without warning, Ranma lunged. She grabbed the end of the still unnamed enemy's staff, and her arm exploded in pain.

Electricity and energy surged through her overwhelming all coherent thought, leaving only torture. There had been a large explosion upon his contact with the staff but he had hardly noticed it. Akane however, had flown back and was now imbedded in the same wall Ranma had twice been forced into. "What is... what is this?" Ranma cried.

She dimly noted that the woman appeared to be in pain herself, though she was somehow able to deal with it, while Ranma couldn't even think to let go. As she writhed, the green haired woman stood and slowly dragged Ranma towards the portal. Ranma looked back, unable to move, unable to even see so terrible was the pain coursing through her arm and body. Akane had gotten up but had not been able to extract herself from the wall yet.

"A... Akane! Don't worry! I'll be back! I'll be back!" Ranma cried, though she didn't hear her own words as she felt herself dragged into the black portal.

"Ranma! What are you doing with Ranma!" Akane cried, oblivious to spectators. Oblivious to anything but this witch who was stealing her husband-to-be. She tore herself from the wall and charge forward.

Pluto gasped and began to move as fast as she possibly could, fearing the bullish aura radiating from the youngest Tendo.

"Ranma!" Akane cried. Though, Ranma had now been entirely engulfed in the portal and it slowly closed.

"Foolish girl! Every timeline that you end up loving him is an unhappy one for you anyway! I am helping you in the end. And soon, you too will understand." The woman stated calmly, though breathing heavily, recovering from the immense pain she'd felt as the portal finally closed her face disappearing behind the blackness, just as Akane arrived.

"Ranma... Damnit! Ranma!" Akane cried as she sunk to her knees.

"He's... he's gone." She thought. "Two minutes ago we were in class listening to the sensei... but now he's gone. Just like that!" She thought. She looked up to the sky.

She was ashamed at her inability to comprehend what had taken her... innazuke from her. But she did know that she should have reacted sooner. When her life was threatened she hadn't even moved! She didn't even realize the seriousness of the situation! How could this have happened? How... how could she have been so... careless?

She should have known, after Saffron, that things would only get harder. And it had been a long time since her and her fiancee had received any real trouble. And now she was paying for being off guard.

"Ranma... I swear I'll find you! Whatever that witch has done with you, I swear I'll undo it and bring you back!" She swore in her mind. She fell to the ground and held back tears. She was, once again, separated. Just as it was finally coming out into the open! Just as they were finally able to express their feelings in public! It... wasn't fair!

"... A... Akane?" Someone whispered.

Akane's head jerked up.

"Yuka..." She replied.

"... Akane-chan. That... that was... Sailor Pluto."

"Wha! That couldn't have been! That was no lover of peace or justice! That was a threatening murderer! A psychopathic moron with too much power, that was definitely not gained by training! If these are the people who defend love? I'm siding with the devil! I LOVE RANMA!" She cried.

She fell flat on her stomach and began to cry, loudly as Yuka and soon Sayuri tried to comfort her.

Ranma awoke drearily, her mind clouded in fog and the obvious effects of pain and something similar to electrical burns. Her face was hot and sweaty and her lungs felt tight. Her whole body felt like it had been run over. After what seemed an eternity of struggling with the soreness of her body, she opened her eyes, and found nothing. Darkness greeted her in every direction and for a moment she thought she was blind. Sighing in relief when she found a small, dim light in the distance, she began to hobble towards it, her legs begging her to just lie down and rest. When she came closer she realized that it was a beautiful, blue glowing pedestal.

"Where? Where am I? Where is Akane!" Ranma cried.

The green haired woman appeared far in the distance, and Ranma shivered involuntarily. Then, she charged as fast as she could.

"You... you who's soul would have been a thorn in the creation of Crystal Tokyo's side for the next millennium, are now confined in a pocket dimension." The woman told, as Ranma ran, desperate to catch the woman. Desperate to make her bring her back. "You will stay here until you are able to understand why I have done this. You would have fought the creation of our empire with every bone in your body. Until you comply with this nation you will remain here. You will watch the creation of crystal Tokyo and you will one day be a citizen of it, or you will remain here for all eternity. I tried to reason with you Ranma. But you resisted and therefore left me no choice." She said lowly with venom dripping from her voice.

Ranma was almost there! Almost there! The idiot woman was just standing there!

Three meters! Two! One...

Meeting Ranma's eyes with one, final smirk, the woman disappeared, sending Ranma careening through her to crash her sore bones slamming into the stone floor.

As Ranma lay there, one final sentence echoed through out the darkness.

"For my queen's dream of Crystal Tokyo! I am sorry Ranma." And with that, even her presence was gone.

"Yes! Perfect! I can't belive the removal of one single person had such a drastic effect on the timestreams!" Pluto sighed in bliss. She relaxed and for the first time in many years, smiled. She had waited so long. And now, her queen would finally be able to rule in her rightful stead. Only a few more years. Though it probably would not be a good idea to tell the scouts. They didn't need to know that the kindom would be built in less then a decade. Not quite yet.

She looked at the timelines again. They had fallen into an almost perfect form. Crystal tokyo was a definite in ninety nine percent of the timelines. And the exact timeline she wanted had a ninety four percent.

But she would be wary. Even a decimal of a percent could mean the difference between millennia of long life and a short and painful death.

She would always be on gaurd.

End Chapter

This chapter has been reformatted and now complies (somewhat) with my current level of writing. Well. As compliant as I was able to make it. It physically pained me to go through this entire chapter, editing all the idiocy's of my fourteen year old writing style out of it. God... the gay jokes... how the hell did I make people like this story in the first place? Sheeesh.