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Chapter 7

"Shh! Don't talk so loud, you'll wake her." someone hissed.

"I'm not talking loudly, I'm just excited."

"Well, go be excited somewhere else then."

Slowly Selphie opened her eyes. She wanted to sleep a little while longer, but she knew it would be pointless to try. It took her bickering friends a few moments before noticing she was awake so she had the chance to examine everything around her.

She was in the infirmary. The sterile whiteness around her was somehow frightening. She saw Quistis and Zell, waiting in chairs. They were bickering in hushed voices.

Irvine had fallen asleep in a different chair and was slumped over a table. Trying not to move too much, she looked around. But she couldn't see Squall anywhere.

She shot up. "Squall? Squall!"

The others stared at her, Irvine half awake on the table.

"You're awake!" he said sleepily.

Quistis hugged her tightly. "Oh, Selphie. We were so scared. You- you look so much better."

She shrugged Quistis off. "Where's Squall?"

No one answered.

"Where is he?" she asked, her voice layered thickly with panic.

What had happened? Had she chosen the wrong one? Or had he been killed by the spell blast? Where was he?

"Tell me where he is."

"…You look so much better. Just look at that pink blossom on your cheeks. I'll bet you're almost healthy enough to leave." Quistis said.

Selphie looked around. Why wasn't he there? She stood up and removed all the wires from her arms.

"Selphie, I'm not sure-"

"I don't care." she snapped back at Zell. "Tell me where he is or I will find him myself."

She sighed heavily when no one answered again. She pushed past Zell and avoided Irvine's arms.

"Leave me alone!" she said.

All she cared about right now was making sure Squall was alright. What if he…what if he had died? It would all be her fault. It would-

She stopped. One of the rooms hadn't been closed properly. The door was open just wide enough for her to see who was on the bed.

It was a tall man, dressed in black. His hair was greasy, as if he had been ill for a longer period of time. He was pale.


She bit her lip and tried not to cry.


She could hardly move. But her feet moved her closer until she had reached the bed.

"Squall…wake up…"

"He hasn't moved since we put him in that coma." said the doctor from behind her.

"…But…he'll wake up…right?"

Kadowaki placed a hand on her shoulder. "…There was always a risk that-"

"No! No, I won't believe you! It's not true! He'll wake up! He saved me. I trusted him!"

Tears flowed down her face. How could Squall do this to her? He had promised to save her. But how could he do that and die at the same time?

She felt that the doctor slowly steer her in the direction of her own bed. She allowed herself to be put back under the sheets.

Why wouldn't Squall just wake up? She felt angry that he didn't open his eyes.

She knew Irvine took her hands in his to calm her. But she turned her head away and stared at the wall.

"Selphie, why don't you rest for a bit." he said.

But she folded her arms across her chest angrily. "That's what Squall told me. 'You just rest, Selphie.' Well I've rested enough! I've been a sleep for a long time and now I want to be awake. I want Squall to be awake."

"What happened to Squall isn't your fault."

"Who are you kidding, Irvine. He was put in that coma for me. He let them do that to save me. He's in a coma because of me! So don't you dare tell me it's not my fault."

Irvine looked at the doctor uncomfortably. Kadowaki shook her head and silenced him with a glance. He stood up and walked away, closely followed by Kadowaki.

Selphie huffed and angrily stared out in front of her. Quistis and Zell took the hint and quietly left the room.

Selphie noticed from the corner of her eyes that Quistis left a magazine on her bedside table. Obviously to give her something to do.

She turned away from it, not wanting to give in to the friendliness that made her feel so sick. It made her feel sick that no one blamed her for Squall's motionlessness. She'd understand if they were angry with her. But this nauseating pity they showered her with…

Why couldn't they just scream, yell, blame her, be angry with her. And even though all this kept going through her mind, the answer echoed back.

'They're not angry because they thought you were going to die. They're just happy one of you lived.'

She looked around for a clock but there wasn't one. She sighed. There was nothing for her to do and sleeping wasn't an option either. She didn't feel tired and she was too scared she'd go back again.

Back to that place where she'd had to face that horrible woman…and where she'd had to make that awful decision.

Suddenly her eyes shot open.

'Dear Hyne…what if...the Squall I killed….was really…the real one?'

Why hadn't he woken up? Maybe because his spirit was dead. She bit her lip.

'But if his spirit was dead…then shouldn't…shouldn't his body be dead too?'

She looked at the door. It wasn't locked. Quickly she jumped up and scrambled through the room. She vaguely noticed knocking Quistis' magazine from the bedside table. Her eyes glided over the front page.

'Flan Fiction.'

She threw it on her bed, not interested in the story magazine. She rushed out the door and found her way into Squall's room without being noticed by Kadowaki or her interns.

She carefully walked over to his bed and sat down on it. Squall was motionless. She remembered Squall telling her that the world was a dream, that she was laying in a bed the same way he was now.

She understood how powerless he must've felt. She felt another crying mood coming up so she bit her tongue forcefully. But still one tear escaped her eyes and met Squall's cheek below.

"Squall…please wake up. You know what this is like…I can't see you like this. You're our leader. You're supposed to be strong and unbreakable. But now you just look like an empty shell."

She hiccupped.

"Don't leave us. You can't do that to us…you can't do that to me. I- Remember that I thought you had attacked me? I know…I knew it then too, I guess…that it was Koë. And the only reason I let her attack me was because she looked like you. She changed to look like you because…you're close to me, Squall. I care for you a lot. And…if you die, you might as well take me with you."

She bent down and kissed him on his slightly cold lips.

She pulled back, hoping to see him respond. Somehow even expecting him to respond. But he didn't.

"Damn you, Squall." She shrieked, tears in her eyes. "How can you do this to me. I didn't live through that entire thing just to let you die! You can't do this to me, you can't die! I won't let you!"

She sobbed and let herself fall down on his chest.

"I love you too much to let you die…"

Down the hall she could hear the doctor's familiar tread. She cast one last look at Squall's pale and still frame before sneaking out the door.

Quickly she ran back to her own room and dived between the sheets. She grabbed the Flan Fiction copy just in time. She pretended to read one of the many soppy love stories in the magazine as Quistis and Kadowaki came into her room.

"Ah, Selphie. You've rested a bit?"

She shook her head.

"But you're reading…that's a good, relaxing thing to do." Quistis stated with a content expression.

"…Quisty…why isn't anyone mad at me?" Selphie asked in a small voice.

"Mad? Why would we be mad?"

"Because I am the reason why Squall…It's my fault he's not waking up. I made the wrong choice, didn't I?"

She was glad to see Kadowaki smile.

"My dear girl, Squall is still alive, you didn't kill him. It's my fault he's in this state." Kadowaki's face darkened. "I gave him a risky dose…but it was the only possible way. If he does not wake up, then it'll be my fault, not yours."

Selphie wanted to say something, how happy she was that he was alive, how terrified she was about the risky dose, or how angry she was with the doctor. But there was no time for her to do so.

Somewhere down the hall a loud alarm set off. A few interns in white coats started running and Kadowaki's face turned white. So did Selphie's.


But she never got to finish her sentence. The door to her room burst open and a tall, strong figure blocked the way. His arms covered with needle marks.

"Squall!" Selphie flew towards him and hugged him as tight as she could. "You…you're awake."

He smiled at her. "…Selphie…you look healthy. Thank Hyne you're okay…"

He hugged her back as a content smile washed over his face.

"But you were in a coma…." she stuttered.

He looked at her. "I heard you call me…I heard you being angry and…I heard you say all those things. I had to wake up to tell you I- I wasn't planning on dying just yet."

Kadowaki and Quistis left the room quietly, leaving the two teens to talk.

"You heard me?" she blushed.

"Yes. I did. And…I heard what you said about Koë. Why she changed to look like…like me."

Selphie blushed even deeper and looked away. But Squall lifted her chin.

"Selphie, Koë also changed to look like you once. And she did that because she could feel my…my affection for you."


"Yes, I-" but he cut himself off and softly planted his lips on hers.

When he pulled back, he saw Selphie had closed her eyes.



"…What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm just….savouring that…" she said with a blush on her face.

She grinned embarrassed. Squall pulled her closer to his chest again.

"…Why were you so scared." he asked.

"Because I was afraid you'd die. I was scared that…in the end…I had killed you, not Koë…"

He waited for a moment, aware that his heart was pounding. "How did you know who to choose?"

She smiled. "You would never call yourself a knight."

Squall laughed. She hid her face in the fur collar of his jacket.

"…So…where exactly do we stand, you and me?" she asked carefully.

"I…don't know…what would you want?"

"I- I guess I wouldn't mind, you know, us."

He smiled as she uncomfortably picked at her fingernails.

"I guess that makes two of us." he said, lifting her chin with his hand.

"Are you…serious?"

He nodded. "Yeah. I am."

She broke into a wide smile. He smiled back and looked around. He had forgotten where they were.

"Come on."

"Where are we going?" she looked at him curiously. "Squall?"

He looked back and smiled at Selphie.

"We are going to Balamb. I'm going to buy you a dream catcher. The last thing we want is another one of those dreams." he said with a smile.

"Hey, you meanie." she said, playfully hitting him on his arm. "That really wasn't my fault."

He grinned. "I know that. But I'm trying to ask you out and I'm not very good at it."

She blushed. "Alright then…let's go."

She reached out for his hand and felt a feeling of relief wash over her as her hand fitted in his. As they walked out of garden together, she leaned her head on his shoulder and smiled contently.

She knew she was getting strange stares from the other students. But as Squall gently placed his arm around her shoulder she knew that they would be alright.

The End

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