Rooftop Confessions by Sereko

And here's the finale! Just a quick little bookend to this story.

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The Last Confession

They were back on the roof. It seemed like years since she'd been there. In fact, it had only been weeks. She was mostly healed now and had just been released from the hospital. As she stood on the edge looking out, Ranma came up to her and interlaced their hands.

"There's one more person we have to tell, Ranma," Akane said cautiously. The thought had come to her on one of the more boring nights spent in her hospital bed. She'd had far too much time to think – and not nearly enough visits from her fiancé when he popped in after class or before bed.

When he looked up at her in confusion, she could see him go through a mental list of all the people in their lives. She let him think for a bit and when realization didn't come, she continued, "Your mother."

He looked aghast. "Are you kidding?!"

Akane frowned at his childish response. "No, Ranma. She should know her son is engaged… to only one woman. This is something mothers want to know about their children."

"But, 'Kane. She'll flay me alive! I'm still not 'all man' remember?" he said sharply while patting his currently flat chest for emphasis.

"You are!" she yelled back. "You are the manliest man I know and you shouldn't be ashamed anymore." When he looked like he was going to argue, she cut him off, "Damn it! I know about the curse! Don't you think I know?" she huffed.

"And don't you think that makes me a little less than a man?" he asked matter-of-factly. It was so clear-cut in his mind. Having any part female in him did not make him a man among men. It made him a transsexual and he didn't think there was a possibility of his mother accepting that.

"No!" Ranma's eyes leapt at her vehement denial. She moved closer to him so that their body heat meshed. "I think it makes you you." She held a hand firmly to his cheek, taking in every line and curve of his face. "And there's nothing wrong with you," she concluded. Softly, she leaned forward and pressed her lips lightly to his own.

She leaned back and he was surprised to find a devious smirk on her face. "Plus, you can kick everyone's ass into next year."

Ranma smiled back. "Well, there is that." He curled his arms around her and brought her into a warm hug. "I 'preciate what you said, Akane," he whispered into her ear. He brought one hand up to play with her hair. "But why don't we wait for that confession 'til next year."

He pulled back to look at her. "Or after you get out of college," he amended and leaned forward to kiss her forehead. "Or after we're already married," he drawled while moving to kiss her eyelids. "Or maybe after we have kids," he continued mumbling, kissing a trail down her cheek. "I don't think she can say that I'm not a man if I've made a few kids," he finished playfully.

Akane laughed softly. "Sure, Ranma." She wasn't ready to give up this argument, but she would hold off for a while before mentioning it again. He had a point, she thought, as he finally stopped teasing her and captured her mouth. They did deserve a break after systematically telling everyone in Nerima that they were together. And having a few angry fiancées/suitors come after them.

She sighed as Ranma brushed his lips across hers again. She immediately opened to his advances and brought their kiss from innocent to melting in two seconds flat.

They deserved a bit of peace.

The End.

It's been a pleasure writing this fic – a departure from my usual Usa/Mamo jargon. When I started it was just meant to appease my own desire for a Ranma ½ fic where our favorite couple could actually act like mature human beings and not let their hang-ups, like Akane's mallet and Ranma's anxiety, get in the way of what few tender moments they ever had. Hope it was a good read! Thank you for all your reviews and amazing support!