Title: Anything
Pairings/Characters: Kinda Snape/Draco. But not really. :-/
Rating: PG
Author: MyXamatosis
Disclaimer:: Sadly, Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. Oh the things I would do to them if only they were mine.
Summary: Draco would do anything to past that exam.
Length: Only about two hundred and sixty words.

Draco knocked cautiously on the cold mahogany doors of Snape's office three times.

"You may enter." Said the familiar disgruntled voice of the Hogwarts Potions Master.

He pushed the door open and slid into the room silently. It was a cold, gray and drab-looking place, with not so much as a portrait on one of it's walls o brighten it up. Rows and rows of carefully labeled jars loomed sinisterly at him from their positions on the various shelves. He stared hard at one particularly putrid looking jar before recognizing it to be a pickled Hippogriff fetus. Draco shuddered and started towards the professor.

Snape, as it turned out, was still seated, slouched over his desk; quill scribbling furiously, pausing only ocassionally to scrawl a large red 'X' onto a piece of work, had taken no further notice of him.

Draco, who was clearly not used to being ignored, cleared his throat testily.

The man turned around.

"Draco," He said without a trace of enthusiasm, "to what might I owe this honor?"

"Professor, you know I'd do anything to pass this exam." He pouted, moving around the desk to face Snape.

He raised an elegant eyebrow.


Draco nodded and fingered the clasps of his robes suggestively.


Snape reached out across the desk to run his fingers through the boy's silky blond locks. He purred like a kitten and leaned in to the touch.

"Anything indeed," the man paused.

He could hear a hitch in the blond's breathing. Moving a finger below the boy's chin, he tilted it upwards to look into those pale gray eyes.

"Would you..."

"Yes?" Draco prompted eagerly.

"Would you... study?"