A/N- this is my first attempt at a poem related to Titanic. I had to write this for 'Poem in a Pocket' Day at my school, and I had to present it in English Class...I hop you guys like it...it's short, but it's something...
This ship was build to last
But on her maiden voyage, she went too fast
Many people boarded this magnificent ship
They believed that it was going to be a wonderful trip
Thomas Andrews was proud and curious of his creation
That many people had felt his temptation
Bruce Ismay was the one who named her
But the reality to him, was just a blur
And when she struck the iceberg on the fourth day
Nothing had really gone his way
Some people did not believe that it was true
That she had hit the iceberg that was cold and blue
But when she started sinking, the reality began to sink in
And they realized that God did win
When someone said that 'God Himself cannot sink this ship'
They realized that this was not just a trip
It was an adventure and a tragic moment
Where many people were in lament
Over fifteen hundred people had perished
And the year of 1912, many people had cherished
For there was no way of the unthinkable
When people had crowned the Titanic 'unsinkable'

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