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Harvesting the Heart

Chapter One


From: Téa

To: Joey

Subject: a certain obnoxious CEO

Argh I hate him so much! He is such a stupid jerk. I'm amazed he can even walk straight with that huge pole up his ass. I mean seriously, who does that arrogant bastard think he is?

Seto Kaiba is the bane of my existence.

How is it that someone as sweet and kind as Mokuba is related to a guy who would sell his own soul if it got him more money?

It boggles the mind!

Do you think I'd get sent to jail if I killed him but said it was self defence?


From: Joey

To: Téa

Subject Re: a certain obnoxious CEO

Ok, first off; when you wanna make sense, tell me.

Secondly, the pole in Kaiba's ass: Why do you think Kaiba is so tall and straight?

Think about it…

But most importantly above all else; what did money bags do to piss you off so much? Aint ya the one who's always saying, 'Come on guys be nice to Kaiba' or something like 'give him a chance'

My how things have changed.


From: Téa

To: Joey

Subject: Where do I begin?

It's so stupid; I can't believe I let him get to me. But it's not like it's entirely my fault, Seto Kaiba just doesn't know when to keep his god damn, stupid mouth closed. And me being the person that I am…well…

Lets just say that somehow I don't think Kaiba's gonna forgive me any time soon.


From: Joey

To: Téa

Subject Re: Where do I begin?

WHAT? What did you do? You can't leave me hanging like this Téa!


From: Téa

To: You don't want to know.

Subject: What happened…

Trust me Joey, you don't want to know.


From: You can't do this to me

To: I'll hate you forever

Subject: What did you do?

TÉA! Come on you have to tell me. Was he hospitalised? Did you break something?

You can't do this to me!


From: You couldn't hate me

To: You like me to much

Subject: What I did

Well um, I kinda…punched Kaiba in the face

He he…


From: Completely and utterly stunned

To: My hero

Subject: Your right hook.

OH MY GOD! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha x 1000

I can't believe little Téa punched Seto Kaiba in the face. To bad you couldn't get a picture, now that would have been priceless

Did you make his nose bleed?


From: Téa

To: Joey

Subject: My right hook

What type of question is that Joey, have some common sense…

I ran away to fast to check.


From: Almost passed out from laughing

To: My new idol

Subject: Kaiba's face

Wait till Tristan and Yugi find out that little, miss innocent Téa was out punching CEO's in the face.

Our little girl is finally growing up.





Shut up.

Téa's POV

Despite what you may think, I do feel bad for punching Kaiba. I never meant to punch him; in fact I hadn't even planned on talking to him. The only reason I went in the first place was because Mokuba asked me too. I had planned to just go, avoid any arguments, and then leave.

Somehow though, despite my good intentions I don't think I handled the situation very well...go figure

But seriously, the blame can't go sorely on my shoulders—it takes two to tango. If Kaiba could just learn when to keep his big, fat mouth shut then none of this would have ever happened. I wouldn't have punched him, I wouldn't have wasted my Saturday, but above all else…

I wouldn't find myself on the front steps of the Kaiba mansion.

Do you know how hard it is to swallow your pride and apologise for something you're not even sorry for? Because let me tell you, it is probably one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do. To be honest, I think I must have stood there with my fingering hovering over the door bell for at least ten minutes before I pushed it, and then as soon as I did all of my thoughts were screaming at me to run away like any smart person would.

But yet, instead of running I planted my feet firmly on the ground and awaited my fate.

The door slowly opens, and I'm relieved that it's Mokuba who answers. "Téa? What are you doing here?"

Determined not to back down, I smile brightly and gesture towards the mansion. "I was wondering if, well…" Where are words when you need them? "If I could, um…Is Kaiba home?"

I've had to deal with mind controlling freaks, soul stealing maniacs and power hungry fanatics and yet I'm afraid to face Kaiba…how sad.

Mokuba shook his head apologetically. "Sorry Téa, Seto's left for work already"

Oh damn…what a pity. I guess I'll have to get my head ripped off another day. "Oh, ok then. I guess I'll-"

"But I have to say" Mokuba spoke up, "You sure can punch hard"

Now there's something I didn't expect to hear, especially from Mokuba. "I'm sorry about that you know…I didn't mean to uh, punch your brother in the face and ruin the movie"

A small smile crept across Mokuba's face. "Don't worry about it" he replies. "But I think you should probably apologise to Seto, not me. I'm not the one you gave a black eye to."

I gave Kaiba a black eye? Shit…I must have punched him harder then I thought. "Do you know when Kaiba gets back?" I ask

Mokuba shook his head. "Whatever time Seto says he'll be home, it's always way later. So I just don't ask anymore"

Poor kid. Must be hard being cooped up in this mansion all day and having no one else to hang out with.

"I know" I exclaim as I click my fingers. "Seeing as I ruined yesterday, how about I spend the day with you today to make up for it?"

"REALLY!" he exclaims excitedly. "Awesome"

Well…At least this Kaiba has forgiven me


It was a complete twist of fate that Téa was at that certain intersection, at the certain time. It she hadn't been there, then she would have never seen Mokuba step off the street and into the path of a speeding truck. If she hadn't been there, then Mokuba wouldn't have been pulled back onto the sidewalk just as the truck went past.

Standing there frozen on the spot, Mokuba stared at Téa stunned. He had never seen the truck coming, what with being so engrossed in his comic book.

If it wasn't for her…he'd be dead.

"Téa" he exclaimed "You saved my life!"

Téa simply shook her head, just thankful she was there when she was. "It was just good timing" she replied.

Mokuba continued to stare at Téa. "Well what ever it was, I still have to repay you somehow"

"No Mok-"

"Hey, I know" he interrupted excitedly "How about you come with Seto and I to the movies?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea, kid" Téa replied. "Your brother and I don't get on very well"

"Oh please?" Mokuba begged. "I want to pay you back somehow"

"Um, I -" Téa stared down at Mokuba's eager face and knew she was beat. How could she say no to someone as sweet as Mokuba? "Ok, Mokuba. I'll… come to the movies with you and your" sigh "brother"

Mokuba's face brightened with happiness. "Great! This is going to be SO much fun" he exclaimed. And with that he grabbed Téa's hand and led her towards the movies.

"Uh, yeah" Téa answered half heartedly. "That's exactly what I was thinking…"

Two Hours later…

"Kaiba, what is your problem!" Téa exclaimed. "All you've done this whole afternoon is insult me. Can't you just for ONCE, try and act your age?"

Kaiba stared down at Téa, a small smirk forming on his lips. "This coming from you is highly hypocritical" he retorted. "Besides, why should I be nice to some klutzy, idiotic, friendship preacher?"

"Uh…guys?" Mokuba tried to interrupt.

"Klutzy, idiotic, friendship preacher? That's rich coming from an arrogant, stuck up asshole"

"Guys?" Mokuba tried again.

"See, your problem is you can't even think up of NEW insults" Kaiba replied smugly. "You just keep using the same insults over and over. But see with me…" Kaiba cast Téa a look up and down. "I have an endless supply at my disposal"

Téa was fuming. "Why don't you get over yourself you jerk. I swear, I don't HOW Mokuba can put up with such an asshole like you"

"Hey, if you can prove me wrong then do it. But don't bring Mokuba into this just because YOU can't think of anything to retaliate back with."

Téa stood there for a moment, trying her hardest to control the deep fiery rage inside her. She didn't want to ruin Mokuba's day by stooping to Kaiba's level, but his words cut her deep. She didn't know how much more of the egotistical bastard Mokuba called his brother she could take.

"Your silence only proves what I said about you all along." Kaiba muttered icily. "You're almost as pathetic as that mutt, Wheeler."



Kaiba's head snapped back as Téa's fist collided with his face.


We've been down here for a while now; just sitting atop a hill overlooking the water, watching the waves gently sway along with the breeze. It's so calm and relaxing…so peaceful


"Hmm?" I murmur, coming out of my trance.

"Can I ask you something?"

I smile down at Mokuba and give a slight nod. "Sure kid. What's up?"

"Why don't you like my brother?"

What a question! You mean despite the fact he's a selfish, arrogant, jerk who loves causing people (mainly me and my friends) misery? "It's kinda complicated." I answer. "I guess you could say we're just too different to get along"

Mokuba stares up at me for a moment, almost as if he is trying to read my thoughts. "So you're saying people who are different hate each other?" he asks, and I can tell it's an honest question.

Giving a small sigh, I place my hands behind my head and lay back on the grass. "Well…no. People who are different can get along, it's just harder for them to do so" I reply.

"So does that mean you and Seto could be friends if you tried?"

Still staring up at the sky, I can feel Mokuba's gaze upon me. "To be honest…I don't know" I answer. "Your brother and I are two very stubborn people"

"But it's a possibility?"

"Yeah…I guess"

A silence falls between us as we fall deep into our thoughts, and Mokuba's questions stir something inside me. Why is it that Kaiba and I just can't seem to get along? Is it because we both have to always be right? Is it because we both feel we always have to have the last word (or punch)?

Lifting myself up, I gaze out in front of me as if the lake can give me my answers. Sitting there for a moment, I find myself watching the sun bleed into the horizon, finishing its trek across the sky.

Wait—if the sun is setting…that's means it's already past five. Crap! Kaiba's going to be home any minute and his brother won't be there.

Jumping up from where I was sitting, I grab Mokuba's hand and pull him up with me. "Téa?" Mokuba asks surprised, "What's wrong?"

"We need to get you home" I reply

"But Té-AH!" I don't wait for Mokuba's response. I grab his hand and start sprinting down the pathway.

I pull Mokuba along with me as we make our way out of the park. We run steadily for fifteen minutes, my heart pounding not just from exertion but from fear for my life. As I glance behind me, I'm surprised to see that Mokuba has somehow managed to still be holding onto my hand, but I could see he was starting to struggle with keeping up.

I know I should slow down, but I can't afford to, not when it is as late as it already is. Pulling Mokuba in front of me, I hoist him on my back and continue the rest of the journey to the Kaiba mansion giving Mokuba a piggy back ride.

"Are you sure you can hold my weight Téa?" he questioned from behind. "I don't want you to hurt yourself."

But surprisingly enough, Mokuba was actually far lighter then I expected. "Don't worry about it Mokuba. You're light as a feather"

Racing down the street as if my life depended on it (though ironically…it kinda does), I ignore all the weird looks I'm getting from everyone I pass. Looking up at the sky, I noticed that it had now turned from orange-red to a deep purple. Unless I picked up the pace, I wasn't going to get Mokuba home before Kaiba.

-And I really don't think I need to give Kaiba another reason to want to kill me at the moment.

I run up the driveway towards the Kaiba mansion, praying to god that Kaiba's limo isn't there. Unfortunately for me however, not only is Kaiba's limo there…but so is Kaiba.

And he looks pretty pissed.

"Where the hell have you been with my brother?"


From: Joey

To: Téa

Subject: School today

For the first time today I actually enjoyed going to school, Téa. And it was all thanks to you and your short temper.

But ya know, it might just be me or sumthin but when it comes to apologies…

-somehow I don't think punching Kaiba in the OTHER eye was the way to go.


From: Téa

To: Joey

Subject Re: School today

Joey…Shut up

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