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Harvesting the Heart

Chapter Thirteen

Kaiba's POV

"Big Brother…are you okay?"

I tear my gaze away from my computer screen and glance down at Mokuba. "Everything is fine. Can I help you with anything?"

Mokuba shakes his head and continues to stare up at me as if he is expecting more of an answer. A minute or two passes before he decides to speak up again. "You don't seem fine." I remain silent and another minute goes by before he speaks up again. "Is this about Téa?"

Without meaning to I find myself flinching at the sound of her name. Composing myself, I turn back around towards my computer screen and return to my work.

"This has nothing to do with Gardner." Though whether I am trying to tell myself or Mokuba is debatable.

"Uh huh. So tell me then Seto, how come Téa hasn't come to visit us in over a week and you have stopped going to school?"

"Well for one, I am excessively busy at work and don't have time at the moment for something as trivial as school. Secondly, Gardner is under strict orders from her doctor to have complete bed rest for another at least another week so of course she isn't going to come over to visit."

Mokuba walks over to my desk and switches my computer screen off. "Do you really think I am stupid big brother? Even if all that stuff is true it still doesn't explain why you haven't visited Téa once since last week."

Letting out a deep sigh I stare down at my little brother. When it comes to Gardner, Mokuba never seems to let anything go. Why can't he just accept that I don't want anything to do with Gardner at the moment?

"Mokuba, I don't want to discuss this with you anymore. What I do with my life is my own business and doesn't concern you."

I hate that I have to hurt my brother's feelings and it pains me to do so. Unfortunately at the moment all I want to focus on is my work and I don't need Mokuba hounding me about Gardner all the time. I just want to get my life on track and focus on what is important—my company. I don't have tome to worry about insignificant matters such as my useless emotions.

To my surprise however Mokuba doesn't even appear fazed in the slightest. He doesn't even try to argue. Instead, he looks up at me with what almost looks like pity or sympathy in his eyes.

"No matter what happens Seto, I will always be by your side. We're brothers, it what we do. But one day you're gonna realise that having just me in your life isn't enough." He gives me a small smile. "You're going to want people your own age to be with. But if you continue to act the way you're doing, all that's gonna happen is that people won't want anything to do with you…and to me, that's a really sad thought."

To be honest I don't know what to say. Not once, not even when the two of us were living at the orphanage has Mokuba ever lectured me or not been on my side. I mean, I am used to the geek squad constantly giving me speeches on friendship and love and all that other shit, but Mokuba? Where is all this coming from?

I watch as Mokuba turns my computer back on. "I'll leave you to your work, Seto. Just promise me that you'll think about what I've said. Please?" Not waiting for an answer he walks out of the room and lightly closes the door after himself.

Staring at the now closed door, I lean back in my chair and massage my temples….This is all just becoming too complicated. Lost in my thoughts, I am suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of my mobile ringing. Pulling it out of my pocket, I shoot a quick glance at the caller ID. I frown. "What the hell do you want?"

Téa's POV

"All right, Miss Gardner. Time for your last check up."

I turn to face my doctor as he enters the room. Today I am able to check out of the hospital and everyone has been giving me test after test to make sure everything is alright. I can tell you one thing, as nice as everyone has been to me here I can't wait to be able to leave and just recover at my own house without having people poke needles in me every hour.

The doctor leaves a few minutes later and I am again left alone to my own thoughts. It won't last long though. Tristan is coming to pick me up in an hour but after everything that has happened he will probably come early so as to not worry me.

Letting out a small sigh I stare out the window and watch the storm outside begin to brew. Seems rather symbolic that now of all times it starts to rain. I guess it's true that the weather seems to relate to ones feelings. My thoughts and feelings are so jumbled it's like a washing machine is going on throughout my head.

Why, you may ask?

It's been a week since everything went haywire. One week since Kaiba confessed and then kissed me. I haven't seen him since, nor have I even heard a word from him. Joey and Tristan have been bringing Mokuba to see me and every day the young Kaiba simply shakes his head and tells me that his brother isn't coming. Apparently its because he has missed out on so much work and needs to catch up, but I know the real reason…Kaiba doesn't want anything more to do with me. He made it quite clear the last time we spoke that he can't, and doesn't, want to deal with the emotions I apparently make him feel.

Talk about a difficult situation. My emotions and thoughts are so mixed up at the moment I feel as if my mind is a blender. I have no idea how I feel about anything. How I feel about Kaiba, about his confession, his kiss; are all just scrambling around in my head and not making any sense.

For some reason that really bothers me. Why can't I figure out how I feel? This is Kaiba we're talking about here…Kaiba. I mean, I have now admitted that yes, unfortunately I find him quite attractive (he may be a conceited asshole with a god-complex but I am not blind) but I never really considered if I felt anything more for him then a then friendship, if even that.

The funny thing is, is that my friends and family around me have told me that I obviously care for Kaiba considering the way I act around him, but are they right or not? Even now, I still feel as if Kaiba is an over-bearing, arrogant and egotistical bastard who always seems to be tormenting me every step of my life. He never seems to appreciate anything I try and do for him. He teases me, antagonizes me and is slowly turning me more insane then I already am.

However if that's so then why does my heart feel like it wants to just burst open right now and end this misery? Why, when I think of Kaiba kissing me, does my entire body ache? When I think about the fact that he is avoiding me why does that make me want to cry? We are always arguing and provoking each other so then how is it that I have become a permanent visitor at his house?

This is all just too confusing. I just don't know what to think or feel anymore.

"Excuse me, Téa?" a nurse suddenly pokes her head around my door, "You're ride will be here soon."

Pulling myself out of my depressing thoughts I nod and give the nurse a small smile. "Thanks. Could you please bring my wheelchair over please?"

Even though I have been given crutches for getting around on once I get home the doctor insisted I leave the hospital in a wheelchair. Apparently it's not only for comfort and ease but for liability reasons too. Besides once I get home anyway I'm supposed to have another week of bed rest before even considering moving around. To be honest I prefer the wheelchair anyway as my ribs are still painful as ever as well as my leg.

I let out a deep breath and lower myself into the chair. The nurse grins and begins pushing me towards the elevator. "You must be looking forward to going home, Téa."

"Yeah. As much as I like you guys the food isn't the best quality." I joke.

The nurse laughs, "We get that a lot. So tell me, who is it that is picking you up?"

"One of my friends. My mum was going to but she got called into an emergency meeting at work and Tristan, my friend, volunteered."

The rest of the trip down to the main foyer of the hospital is basically just idle chatter. Pushing me towards the waiting bay however three ambulances suddenly race into the car park and numerous medics jump out. The sirens still blazing, men and women begin rushing several stretches inside with what looks like car crash victims.

"This definitely doesn't look good." The nurse exclaims. She shots me an anxious glance, "Will you be alright on your own until your ride gets here, Téa? It looks like they could use all the help they can get."

"Of course, you go on ahead. Tristan will be here any minute anyway, I'll be fine."

I turn around and watch what is happening. I hope everyone is alright. Placing my bags beside the wheelchair the nurse dashes back inside the hospital after the other medics.

A car horn beeps behind me. My back towards the car park, I roll my eyes and slowly turn around in the wheelchair. "Glad to see you coul-" I freeze, stopping mid-sentence. Sitting in a limo right there in front of me is none other then Mokuba and Seto Kaiba.

"Get in," Kaiba instructs, no emotion in his voice, acting as if it was a natural thing for him to pick me up.

Raising an inquiring eyebrow, I glance between the Kaiba brothers. "What are you guys doing here" though what I really meant to say was "What was Kaiba doing here?"

Kaiba gives me an 'isn't it obvious look' before he gets out of the limo and walks towards me, "We're taking you home, what does it look like?" Mokuba answers from his seat.

I have to admit I am speechless. After everything that has happened I didn't expect Kaiba of all people to come here and take me home. Speaking of which, where is Tristan?

Before I can voice my question however Kaiba suddenly picks me up and as if I am a loaf of bread effortlessly carries me towards the car. Whoa. Talk about awkward. My heart begins pounding heavily, as if it wants to simply jump out of my chest. Kaiba, on the other hand, looks as if he could care less and merely places me beside Mokuba, not even giving me a simple glance.

Part of me wants to knock Kaiba to the floor and punch his face in. The other part of me is slightly more rational and decides to simply just ask what I wanted to before.

"I thought Tristan was picking me up?"

Putting away my wheelchair in the boot, Kaiba sits down on the other side of the limo and ignores me. Mokuba watches this with confusion, but instead of commenting merely answers my question. "He was, but then he couldn't make it so Yugi called us and asked if we would."

And Kaiba said yes? Picking me up doesn't really seem as if it would be on top of his priorities.

I sneak a quick glance at Kaiba but he is still ignoring me and staring out the limo window. Ergh…things seem even worse now then they did a week ago. My feelings may be all mixed around but at least I'm willing to try and sort things out. Kaiba seems totally content in ignoring me for the rest of our lives.

…Stupid jerk.

As usual Mokuba can sense the hostility in the air between Kaiba and I. The trip only lasts two minutes before he can't take anymore. "Look, I know something happened between the two of you, I'm not stupid. Can't you two just work this out so everything can go back to normal?"

"There's nothing to discuss, Mokuba." Kaiba answers, not even turning back around from the window.

Is that really what you think? I desperately want to ask him however it is obvious that right now he doesn't want to deal with me.

…to be honest it is really starting to piss me off.

"Would you just cut the crap Kaiba, and talk to me? At least if nothing else have the guts to look at me you spineless arsehole!!"

I watch as he spins around and glares at me, "I'll do what the hell I feel like, Gardner. I don't care if you have a problem with it!"

Mokuba grabs my hand and tries to placate us both. "Guys, calm down. There's no reason to yell."

"That's easier said then done." I reply, pointing a finger towards the now fuming CEO. "This man is completely oblivious to the concept that the world doesn't always revolve around him."

Kaiba rolls his eyes and turns back to the window, "I've had enough of this stupidity. Don't talk to me unless you have something intelligent to say."

Seeing Kaiba yet again blow me off is the last straw. Before I even know what's happening I find myself bursting into tears of blind rage, "Do you have ANY idea what this last week has done to me? Do you even care? I regain consciousness after being out cold for days to find out not only have I got a broken leg but that I have broken ribs as well. To make things worse, I find out that I almost died—died Kaiba. And who was the one who saved me? You! Out of all the people in the world who could have saved me it was you!"

I wipe my face but the tears keep on coming. "If that wasn't bad enough, before I can even come to grips with the fact that you saved my life you then accuse me of ruining yours and making you miserable. Then, out of the blue you kiss me. That's right Kaiba you kissed me, not the other way round!!" I narrow my eyes, "And then you have to nerve to avoid me all week like I am the plague and leave me to deal with this all by myself. You have the nerve to turn your back on me and push me aside as if I am just garbage? As if I am nothing?"

Kaiba just sits there and shrugs his shoulders, "Are you quite done, Gardner? Or would you like to throw in some pathetic friendship advice as well?"

I am so angry that I feel as if I am about to explode. How dare he treat me like this?

"You know what, Kaiba? How about this for some advice? Go fuck yourself."

Resting in bed several hours later I find myself still fuming over what happened this morning. Why does this all have to be so complicated? Even though I want to punch the bloody dickhead in the face it still doesn't solve the problem that I have no idea how I truly feel for Kaiba—and it's not like he is making any easier for me.

It is obvious now that I have been only deluding myself if I thought that Kaiba might want to talk things out. It really annoys me that I have basically no control over this situation.

I guess Kaiba can't stand it either because he seems determined to avoid me at all costs. Though how he expects us to work through these issues and figure out what the hell is going on between us I have no idea.

Why do I feel that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better?

I realise that I have gotten lost in my own thoughts again. I turn towards the blonde besides me. "I just don't know what to do, Mai? How do you figure out if you feel something for someone or not?"

Mai glances down at me from beside the bed and gives me a sympathetic shrug. "That's not something anyone else can help you with, Hun. No one but yourself can tell you what you feel."

I let out a small sigh, "Great. Well that leaves me back at square one."

"Why don't you just try and talk with Kaiba?"

Out of all my friends Mai is the only one who knows about what happened between Kaiba and me. I know I should tell the guys but something keeps holding me back. I know that they realise something is going on, (despite what most people think Yugi, Joey and Tristan aren't as stupid as they appear), not to mention that all three of them visited me daily at the hospital with homework and news from school, checking up on me to make sure I am feeling alright. However seeing as I myself have barely any idea of what's going on I feel it would just cause more worry then is needed should I mention Kaiba right now.

Speaking of which, I give Mai an incredulous stare, "Do you really think Kaiba is going to let me just talk with him? He ignores me any chance he gets. It is getting to point where I jut want to scream and punch the guy. In fact, I almost did this morning."

Mai laughs, "Well if that doesn't inspire feelings of love and devotion then I don't know what Kaiba's problem is."

"I'm serious. The way he's acting, you'd think it was me who made a declaration of their feelings and initiated the kiss, not him. I mean, I can understand that he doesn't want to have to deal with his emotions right now, but couldn't he at least talk to me? Even if it was arguing or antagonizing me, I wouldn't care! But Kaiba completely ignoring my existence is really starting to get to me."

"Hun, give it time." Mai grabs my hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze, "You have to remember that despite everything else, Kaiba is still a total guy. They aren't as mature as women are at dealing with emotional and complicated situations."

I shake my head, "You think so?"

"Definitely, besides, when have I ever steered you wrong?"

That doesn't comfort me as much as it should.

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