Buffy smiled as she watched Spike help their little girl sort through the massive amounts of candy they'd spilled out on the coffee table in the living room. Faith and Willow were laughing at the jokes Xander was telling by the unlit fireplace. Alex was with Spike, Jenny, and his and Faith's little one year old boy, Scottie. Dawn and Conner were off to the side all lovey-dovey like all newlyweds should be.

Their lives had finally come together. Her inn was getting a lot of business which made Willow sickeningly happy; she got to try all kinds of new recipes now. Alex and Faith had made a solo album which had been number one on the charts for almost three months now, a new record. Currently, they were getting into acting, leaving the whole rock scene behind for the time being. Xander started his own business, Harris Co., that dealt with basically dealt with construction. He even had a side business where he bought crappy old houses, fixed them up, and sold them for twice what they were worth.

She loved this, watching them together. It just made everything seem right. It gave her the illusion of perfection. Who was she kidding? It wasn't an illusion. It was reality. To think, it has all been Spike's plan from the start. His sudden appearance, his joining the band, everything, it was all premeditated.


"Dawnie, Fay, guys…" Buffy looked at the group, excitement flashing in her emerald green eyes. She looked at Spike from his position next to her on the couch and then out at her family. "William and I are getting married!" The last part came out as more of a squeak then anything else.

Buffy flashed them the ring he'd given her, a beautiful ring with a simple gold band with a diamond in the middle and little emeralds on either side. It really was a beautiful ring. Of course, Faith, Willow, and Dawn were at her side immediately, fawning over it. Connor, Xander, and Alex sat off smiling at their respective others, sending approving looks at Spike.

"I can't believe this worked" Dawn said. Everyone stopped to look at her. "Oops."

She slowly backed away from Buffy. Buffy looked around at the looks on everyone's faces and suddenly grew serious. "What's wrong? What worked?" She turned to Spike expecting to find confusion on his face as well only to find that he wouldn't quite meet her gaze.

"What's going on?" she demanded.

"Well Dawnie" prodded Faith. "Since you spilled the beans, you explain."

Buffy looked at Dawn expectantly. "W-well" she began. "You see, it's like this. Since William left, I tracked him down and we've kept in touch since." Buffy was about to say something but Dawn cut her off, continuing. "Well, a couple of months ago, we came up with a plan."

"A plan?"

"Yeah for him to get you back."

Spike took up the story. "See what was supposed to happen was that we were supposed to meet and like I'd basically romance you. Then Dawn pointed out that you could be a seriously stubborn person which turned out to be more right then either of us expected."

"So the plan got thrown out the window" continued Faith. "That's when I came in. Spike contacted me, knowing that I'd be coming here and staying for a while so we made up this story about our band needing a new singer/guitarist. We had the time off really."

"So I knew you wouldn't kick me out so we used the 'me living here' angle."

"That's when everything fell into place" Dawn finished. "You realized that you love him and we get to see you happy again 'cause, let's admit it, you weren't before."

"So if you think about it" Connor pointed out. "You can't be mad at us. We were doing something for your own good, whether you realize it or not." Even Alex looked pensive as the room awaited her response. Every new boyfriend is afraid of the mother to some capacity and, in this family, Buffy was the mother.

Buffy tried not to laugh at the worried looks on everyone's faces. What did they think? What they'd told her would completely invalidate all the feeling she and Spike shared? That she would throw a tantrum because she was going to marry the man that she'd spent many sleepless nights thinking about, the man who father her child? Come on! She wasn't that screwed up. Honestly, she was touched that they care about her enough to do something this monumental just to see her happy. It was beyond sweet and for that, she'd owe them.

Buffy stood up, flattened out the front of her skirt, and looked at the people. "Anyone want something to drink?" They all stared at her like she'd suddenly grown three extra heads.

-End Flashback-

Spike turned around, feeling her gaze on his back, and smiled at her. She returned it. He walked to her, enveloping her in a big hug. "What's wrong Luv?" Buffy snuggled into his embrace, instantly registering his trademark smell, soap and cigarettes. Even though he hadn't touched a cigarette in months, he still lightly smelled of it. She liked it.

"Just thinking about how much I love our family and how well everything turned out."

"Yeah, I know. So much has happened this past year, seems like a lifetime."

Buffy nodded into his chest. "More than a life time."

They stayed like that, completely comfortable to stay like that forever, until they heard their names called. "Dad" Jenny called. "Can I have this?" She held up one of the many candies from the pile, the one from his pile.

"Uh…no" he joked.

She shrugged and stuck it into her mouth anyway. He stood there humored and open-mouthed. "You are in so much trouble." With a quick kiss to Buffy's temple, he chased the squealing eleven year old around the house. Somehow, by the end of the "fight," everyone was involved, even Scottie.


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