Title: The Only Way is OUT
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Rating: PG-13
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Chapter 4 - The Chosen Two? Well I Chose You

She shook her head firmly and spoke. 'No.' So the moment that just passed wasn't complete surreal for her? No, not at all. But me? I was one step short of trancin'.

'Faith, if we go back, we're toast; the both of us.'

'You can get help,' I tried to explain.


I swallowed. 'B, listen. I know we decided Mexico, but-'

'There's no "but" about it; we're going!'

'B listen to me. We can't do this. We're abandoning who we are; our calling.'

'I know that, Faith.'

'Then you understand what I'm saying?'

For just a moment I believed this confrontation would be a lot easier than it could be difficult. But I thought too soon.

She shook her head once again, and grabbed hold of her bag. 'We have to go, now. If we're gonna catch that greyhound bus.' It wasn't so much as dismissal; it was more like failure to come to terms with the actions she'd performed. I don't blame her. Hell, I'd be freaking out as much as her if it was me, pretendin' I didn't care, lettin' the defences climb back up.

I watched her getting her stuff together, swinging her bag over her shoulder, and tie her hair back. 'B, we have to go.'

'Yeah, I know. The bus leaves in twenty five minutes.'

'Buffy, that's not what I meant.'

She looked at me for a moment, and with a careful shake of the head she reassured me. 'I told you; no.' She headed for the door and I couldn't do anything but watch.

'You know as much as I do, you get on that bus you're turning your back on your fate.'

'And what exactly IS my fate, Faith?' She started, pent up a little this time. 'You seem to have all the answers why don't enlighten me on this one.'

I just let her rip at me, rather than fighting back at her, until finally it seemed like she was honestly waiting for my answer, then I shrugged. 'To slay,' I said simply.

'No; that's what it was.' She lowered her voice and continued. 'Look where it got me.' She turned again to leave, but I followed her out.

'Buffy, wait!' I called, coming to stand at the porch, where the blinding sunlight hit my eyes and caused me to squint.

She turned and looked at me, defeated. I felt the same way…except differently. 'Are you coming or not, Faith?'

I shook my head slowly. 'It's either me or Mexico, B.' Simple word to say; difficult to feel…I was gettin' better at this…

She stood, thinking for quite some time, and I gave her credit for not deciding immediately. Although her final decision still burned. Hell, like I said I'd be walkin' down the tough path, ignorin' everything that meant something to me. But honestly, that wasn't the way to fix whatever damage had been caused. And for the first time I realised how important it was to remember that. But it seemed that she needed more time to realise that. I couldn't burn her for that. That she had to find herself. And if that meant losing her, then I had to just deal with it. About as much as she had to deal with killing that innocent.

She approached me, her shoes crunching the ground beneath her. 'Then its Mexico,' she told me gently, moving a hand to touch my face. Then as she kissed my forehead, I realised that she was treading the path alone; for a reason. She needed to discover herself again. And with or without me, she needed to do it. And to her it seemed that now was as good a time as any. 'I love you, Faith. But I can't go back there. I'm not a Slayer anymore.'

And because of those words, I couldn't stop her. It wasn't my place to. She needed to make her own decisions, regardless of the consequences. If the consequences here were losing me, or not being able to face up to the Council, then so be it. She needed to do this.

I watched her walk away. She didn't look back once. Perhaps that was my fault. Why should she be forced to back to Sunnydale? Even so…it may not have been the greatest thing to do, but it was the right thing to do.

So I would do it.

"Giles, Willow, Xander. Everyone. I guess you already know? Yeah. It was B. She killed someone. Neither of us knew what to do, we were scared, reckless…so we ran. And we kept running. We know the Council would come after us, so we didn't stop."

'No…stop…' I mumbled to myself as I rubbed my forehead. Sure I was gonna tell them, but how?

I looked out of the window, the surroundings all the same to me. None of this made sense. What I was doing, why we were running. B didn't wanna die, fair enough. But it could have been worked out. Mistakes happen; Giles wouldn't have turned his back on her- much like the rest of the guys. They can't expect us to get rid of an entire population of vamps and get it right every single time. Cos mistakes happen.

It felt weird. Me sitting here, beside a small bag. Instead of being beside her. Everyday for the past two weeks we'd been together, being without her seemed weird. Almost wrong.

I thought about her. She must've got to Mexico by now. Midnight had passed close to three hours ago as the bus instructed, and I'd been thinking of her journey. Perhaps she followed through with the plans we'd made.

My eyes stung and I let my eyelids fall shut as I imagined what she'd be doing.

Settling into a room for the night. Taking a shower. Thinking of me, maybe. The way I was dreaming of her.

No…what am I thinking…She was probably trying to forget. I'd played her by telling her I was goin' back to Sunnydale to make a confession. She probably hated me for that. Especially after I'd told her I would be the one to protect her. Now she was alone.

God, I had to do it. I had to tell them. But not like this. I couldn't be away from her, I promised to take care of her. And that's what I would do.

The wild sun beat down mercilessly upon me, causing me to become covered in a fine sheet of moisture, I slung the bag I'd been holding over my shoulder and let out a tired sigh. My eyes scanned the area for anything that might help me. There was an information centre across from the bus station, but why would they know where a five foot two inched blonde slayer was? More specifically my five foot two inched blonde slayer.

But then something struck me.

There's this gorgeous town, away from it all on the edge of nowhere, far away. Puerto Vallarta, Playa Olas Altas. We'll go there and just…live. Whaddya say, B? Five by five?

'"Five by five," she says,' I muttered to myself, heading for the bus heading to Puerto Vallarta.

I kept imagining what her reaction might be when I found her, Happiness? Hatred? Hatred then happiness? I tried not to think of the negative, but it always remained a possibility. Nevertheless, I just tried to remain positive. Imagined her gorgeous form sitting on the beach I imagined would be our backyard. And sundown, I would arrive and approach her, and calmly wrap my arms around her and tell her that I was there.

And hours later, I was entering a bar, approaching the first person I laid eyes on.

'Buenos tardes. Hablo ingles, signor?' I said quietly, hoping that the answer to that question would be "si."

He nodded. 'What's a fine lady like yourself doing in a dead end town like theeeese one?' the old man said sincerely. His heavy Spanish accent didn't stop me from understand him.

The only thing between silence and noise was the dull sound of the ceiling fan swinging round and round. I glanced at the other old man at the other end of the bar and then back at the man I'd been speaking to.

'Actually, I'm looking for someone.' I pulled out a photograph from my pocket and handed it to him. He squinted softly and lifted it to the light.

Then it hit him. 'Si, si…' he said quickly and took a step towards me. 'She come in here…and for hours she es-sit down, rubbing her head and…' he made a gesture and I nodded.


'Si, si. But er…' he groaned, defeated, and raised his arms. 'She leave. She tell me…' he raised a finger and headed into the backroom for a moment. '…If chuca like yourself come in, give theeeese to her.' He handed me a napkin with an address on it.

I looked up at him and he nodded. 'Perhaps she go to here…' he suggested, pointing at the writing on the small napkin.

I examined it for a couple of moment more before backing away from the bar. 'Thank you er…gracias signor,' I told him, to which he nodded. I headed out quickly.

Only to go back in. 'Any idea how I get here?' I asked, hanging by the door and holding up the napkin. The man emerged from behind the counter, holding a polishing cloth in his hand. He approached me and I handed it to him, and pulled up the straps on my shoulder.

'Si. It's er…over there, mi chuca. Es-small casa…er…' he gestured with his hands and I frowned.


He nodded. 'Next to small shop.' He smiled and handed the paper back to me.


I couldn't have dreamed it better if I had tried. Tiny, but great. I knocked on the door a couple of times, then went in. What, no lock?

I shrugged and dropped my bag, and looked around. Kitchen. Liveable. Lounge. Ceiling fan. Liveable. Bedroom. Liveable. Bathroom. Shower. Perfect. Patio…porch…how did she get this?

This was perfect. Well…almost. There was no her. And all of this was pointless if there was no her.

But I thought too soon…again. She was right there. And the sun was setting.

'You think we could make a go of this?' she said so gently, her voice lost in a whisper.

I hugged her close to me and replied. 'As long as we have each other.'

She was hugging her knees to her chest, the wind in her hair, her eyes squinting the sun away. And for a second, images of that moment of vulnerability came to me. Impetuous. Uncontrollable. But look at her now. Peaceful. Had she found solace with this place?

Then again, I gotta say, she seemed sad. Was it me?

Moment of truth.

I took a deep breath and a couple of steps forward. Would she reject me, or embrace me? I'd find out in mere seconds.

My feet sunk into the golden granules with each step I took, and I narrowed my eyes to avoid the wind hitting them. But the breeze was bliss.

But when I knelt down behind her, and wrapped my arms around her, that…well that was beautiful. Because she was just let me.

'Think we can make a go of things?' I asked, the waves overpowering my voice.

I felt her relaxed to my touch and smile against my cheek, as we both looked out at the ocean. 'As long as we have each other,' she replied. And that was all I needed to know.

Hope you enjoyed it! I'm working on a sequel to this, so watch out for it!