See No Evil

By Amy Woods

Summary: What happens when Draco Malfoy becomes blind and the only one willing to help him is Hermione Granger? Will he be able to go to Hogwarts? Or will he become insane in his own mind before he gets a second chance?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the song Way Away by Yellow Card.

In the very darkest room of the mansion, a pale blonde lay on the floor, cuts and scrapes all over his body. He flinched at the pain in his left arm, the crimson liquid trickling down his arm stinging a fiery throb. His eyes were out of focus, and he wanted nothing more than to scream out in fury. This couldn't have happened to him. A loud set of footsteps echoed in the hallway next to the door the young teen was near. The boy tried to lift himself up on his arms, but he only fell face down and winced. He had to get out of here. Nothing was for him now; he needed to escape as soon as possible. He recollected a painful memory of only an hour ago, when the Dark Lord had arrived unexpectedly and told Draco that he had to choose. Choose between life and a mark, or death and stubborn pride.

"Draco, I offer you the highest degree of life; life at the right hand of me. Isn't this what you've always wanted?" The Dark Lord asked, his golden snake eyes hidden inside his hood of black. He extended a bony, ashen hand to the boy sitting in an armchair of the living room in the north wing of the mansion. Two Death Eaters in black hoods held Draco down by the shoulders, keeping him in place in his seat. Even as he struggled against the restraint, it was useless.

"I--" He tried to squeak out a word, but was silenced immediately by the Dark Lord when the bony hand faced its palm to Draco to shush him. Draco fell silent and watched as the Dark Lord paced slowly back and forth before him; his arms were tucked behind his back as if he were lost in great thought. A small bead of sweat lingered off Draco's forehead as he gulped down his words in disgust with himself.

"Lucius Malfoy is aware of your turning me down?" The Dark Lord's face turned to Draco as he stopped pacing. Two slits for eyes pierced into Draco's. Draco shook his head softly. "Where is your father?"

"In New Zealand… on your orders." Draco answered quietly. He looked down to the floor and felt ashamed of himself. He wanted to tell his father he hadn't planned on becoming a Death Eater, but every time he tried to force the words out of his mouth, his father would say how proud he was and Draco would fall silent once more. But tonight he had gotten enough strength to tell the Dark Lord.

"Interesting… And yet you feel as if you're too good to be a Death Eater?" Voldemort sneered and took a menacing step closer to Draco. Draco squirmed in his seat and shook his head. "Answer me when I speak to you, boy. – Your father has been nothing but grateful to me for allowing you the privilege of becoming my right hand and follow in his footsteps, and now you're too good for the occupation?"

"Never." Draco responded. "I'm not good enough, My Lord." He didn't want to tell the Dark Lord he had been saved by Harry Potter last year from a Vampire attack, and was now on good terms with The Golden Boy. It wasn't as if they were friends, only a mutual understanding.

"Not good enough, you say?" The Dark Lord sneered in a high, snakelike voice. "It is the one's who say they are not good enough that make the best candidates, Draco." Voldemort extended his slimy pale hand and grabbed Draco's jutted out chin, so that they met eye to eye once more. "You will be my Right Hand, Draco. Your Father is allowing you to take his position; you're not imposing. You have a choice. Live and join us, or die and take your stubborn pride to your grave."

He had chosen death, but his Master would have none of it.

"What did you say, boy?"

"I said I accept death. – It is not the worst of deaths, death without honor."

"Insolent fool. You are to be my---"

"Your what?" Draco spat, his eyes turning a darker silver. "Your bitch? Your own little slave that would give their right arm," He flung his right hand to the side of his face, "for you? – No. I'm not going to be your filthy little bitch." Voldemort chuckled softly and removed his hand from Draco's chin.

"Ah, you are one with a tongue, eh, Malfoy?" Everyone around the room chuckled even more. "Maybe we should cut that out?" Draco's eyes went wide. They couldn't ruin his perfect face! "I thought that would get your attention. – No, Draco. You are to become a Death Eater. My 'bitch' as you so kindly put it." He drew his wand slowly out of his robes and a thin glow of his smiling lips could be seen behind the darkness surrounding his face. "Crucio!"

Draco's insides doubled up. No, not again! The pain was overwhelming, as a thousand little needles of pain shot through him, touching every nerve inside of his body. He screamed out; Draco was weak. The Dark Lord knew this. With a smile from Voldemort the pain increased ten fold, and Draco began to cry from the pain. All around the room, sinister laughs were issued. It was the most disgraceful thing for a Death Eater to cry, and even more for a Malfoy. Draco's shoulders were let go, and he was shoved to the floor out of the chair. He clutched his chest; the pain was eating away at his lungs. He couldn't breathe. This was ten times worse than when Mad Eye Moody had forced the Crucio spell upon him his fourth year. It was Voldemort's magic.

"Rise up, Master Malfoy. If you're big enough to tell The Dark Lord no, then surely you can withstand a small amount of pain?" Voldemort sneered. "Someone, stand him up on his feet. I want to look him in the eyes." Instantly, the two Death Eaters that had held Draco down before sprang to life and jerked him up on his feet. Draco's eyes were red and his cheeks tear stained. He was humiliated. Voldemort whispered something in another Death Eater's ear. Suddenly, Draco was punched in the stomach to add on top of the pain from the Crucio spell. "How much pain can you endure, Malfoy?" Voldemort asked. "Surely enough to scream. – Everyone, your wands at the ready! We're to teach this boy to respect his superiors…"

I think I'm breaking out

I'm gonna leave you now

There's nothing for me here it's all the same

Now Draco lay here, an hour later, wanting to die. He coughed a small amount of blood and vomit up, before wiping his mouth and listening as the eerie set of footsteps stopped at the door. "Ah, Draco… Still alive I see?" His Father emerged into the room, looking down at his son with a controlled face. Draco's hair was askew and his robes were tattered as he tried to set up on his forearms, but failed again. Lucius Malfoy smirked and walked over to the armchair Draco had sat in thirty minutes ago. He stared as his son's nearly lifeless body. "The Dark Lord has informed me of your… how shall I put this? Outburst?"

Draco groaned and rolled on his back. He groped around for his wand, but couldn't find it anywhere. Lucius whispered an 'accio wand' spell and retrieved Draco's wand off of the counter. "It… wasn't… an outburst…" Draco managed to say. "I hate… you."

"Hate me, do you now?" Lucius laughed and stood up. He walked over to his son and hoisted his son up onto his own two feet and walked him over to the sofa. When Draco panted a small amount as he was healed, Lucius couldn't help but smirk even more. "I think you could never hate me, Draco. I'm your father." He healed the last wound up in silence and handed Draco his wand.

"That's the reason I hate you." Draco whispered and glared into his father's eyes.

"Well, hate me or not, you're a Death Eater now." Lucius snapped his fingers and a house elf appeared. "Brandy – only the finest for my son." The house elf nodded and popped away to retrieve the finest brandy out of the cellar.

"I'm not thirsty." Draco shifted and sighed contently as there was no more pain in his body, aside from the new Dark Mark burned into his skin. "You weren't even there to see me become one, you know. I figured you would at least love to smirk as I screamed in pain."

"Oh, come now Draco. It didn't hurt that much." Lucius rolled his eyes and patted his son on the back. "You make a great deal out of nothing." The house elf appeared with two glass goblets filled with brandy. Lucius jerked the glasses out of its hand and handed one to Draco. "You've done a fine job."

"Fuck you." Draco gulped down the brandy in three and one half gulps before setting the goblet down on the table next to him. He stood up and grasped his wand. "I'm going out."

"You're not going anywhere, boy." Lucius smirked and took a sip of his brandy.

"And why not?" Draco asked with his back to his father.

"Because you've got your first mission at hand. – A sacrifice on your part."

"I'm going out." Draco repeated again and moved to the door. Lucius ordered his son to stop but Draco didn't oblige. He merely strolled down the hall with his wand clutched in his pockets.

And even though I know

That everything might go

Go downhill from here I'm not afraid

"Boy, I'm warning you!" Lucius's voice was thrown to the side as Draco slammed the door as the cold air bit at his body. He glared into the night. He was angered by his father one too many times. This time he planned on never going back. He could hear the fit Lucius was making inside, and knew he had gone over the edge as well. Inside, Malfoy Senior's magic was getting out of control as the glass brandy goblet shattered into a thousand small pieces. He stood up and grabbed his cape. Draco sensed his father coming closer and locked the door from the outside.

"Fuck you, Father. I'm not taking this anymore." He whispered, and ran out to the broom shed. He had to be quick about it; otherwise he'd be caught again. "Not this time…" He wasn't going to believe his destiny. He wanted his own life.

Way away away from here I'll be

Way away away so you can see

How it feels to be alone and not believe


When he entered the broom shed, he glanced around to find his favorite broom. Twenty of them were lined up on the wall, each having their own special place and title with a broomstick cover over each one. They were the most selected brooms of their time, and Draco had begged every single one of them out of his father. Now he wanted nothing more than an escape from his giver of life. He chose the Firebolt Elite and grabbed it up hurriedly.

Inside, Lucius Malfoy grabbed his cane and narrowed his eyes. His son was not going to leave when he had forbidden it. There was no special reason for Draco not leaving, but when Lucius said no, he meant it. And Draco thought he was going to get away with breaking his rules? No. He stormed out into the hallway and reached for the front door. Locked. "Damn you, Draco."

Outside, Draco had taken his broom out onto the front lawn, taking in several deep breathes. "Get me out of here." He whispered, before jumping on the broom and taking off. Just as he had gotten above the trees, Lucius had managed to burst open the door and glare as he found his son flying away.

You can't stop me now

You can't hold me down

You can't keep me here I'm on my way

Draco took off into the night, holding onto every hope that his father's reflexes weren't as quick as they used to be. When he got to the edge of the property he landed and drew out his wand. "The Leaky Cauldron." He spoke, before dissaparating away from the grounds, broom in hand. When he opened his eyes, he was standing in front of The Leaky Cauldron, a smirk on his face. He made sure his stinging arm was tucked under his robes before entering and setting his broom to the side of the wall. He strolled to the bathroom leisurely and once he got inside ran to the mirror. Whew. His face was still intact. But his dark green robes were tattered and slashed. He gave out a sigh and shook his head. Hopefully this would be it. Maybe the Dark Lord would forget all about him if he couldn't find him. Maybe if Draco stayed in a place that was crowded, nothing bad would happen this time.

He exited the bathroom and ordered a fire whisky from the bartender. Paying his tab, he gladly chugged down the drink and gasped for a moment. Damn, that stuff was strong. A girl came up and sat beside him, ordering a butterbeer. She looked a year younger than him, with long black hair and blue eyes. Draco looked her over once or twice before she glanced over at him. "Yes?"

"Oh… er, nothing." Draco smirked and rested his head in his hands. He ran his fingers through his hair and the girl touched his arm.

"Are you alright?" It was the arm that his Dark Mark had been burned on. He winced and nodded his head.

"Yeah, just peachy." He sneered, and stood up. Just as he did the front door to the Leaky Cauldron opened and a hooded figure entered. Draco could tell at once who it was. His father. "Shit." How had he found him? – Maybe it was because every time he tried to escape, he'd go to the same places.

I made it this far now

And I'm not burning out

No matter what you say I'm not afraid

Ignoring his father's existence, he ordered a room and told the barkeeper that he'd put it on his father's tab. When the barkeep asked why he was so early coming here; that Hogwarts wasn't to start for four weeks, Draco only replied, "Fight." The barkeep nodded and handed Draco the key to room 27.

"But ain't that yer father over there?" The barkeeper asked.

"You tell him I'm here and I'll personally cut out your throat." Draco smirked and pulled his hood over his head. He made it silently across the dark lit room and just as he was about to get to the hallway, a voice whispered in his ear, "Did you think you'd escape Draco?"

Way away away from here I'll be

Way away away so you can see

How it feels to be alone and not believe


Draco was spun around and met his father's eyes. "Your voice is like the voice of death, Father." He replied with a sarcastic cheery tone.

"I can give you no reason to think you're mistaken." Lucius shoved his son up against the wall and pulled his own hood down. "You think it's fun to disobey me?"

"N-Not at all." Draco's voice quivered. He closed his eyes and shook from head to toe.

"You should fear me, boy." Lucius sneered. "Go into your room. Now." Draco nodded and slipped out of his father's hands. He unlocked the door to his room and entered, Lucius trailing behind him. When the door was shut, Draco was slammed against the wall again. "You're an unwise little brat."

"Fuck you." Draco found the courage to look his father in the eye. "I hate you."

"Quit repeating yourself. – Why didn't you tell me you didn't want to be a Death Eater?" Lucius asked, narrowing his eyes.

"B-Because you'd kill me!" Draco stuttered out. "You'd treat me like I was the scum of the earth! You'd disown me!" His fists balled up and he felt his temper rising. "You'd throw me out on the streets. Everyone would laugh at me!"

"And yet you could tell the Dark Lord exactly how you felt?" Lucius asked. "You fear me more than him?" Draco didn't answer. That was an answer enough for Lucius. He chuckled. "You're such a pitiful little boy, Draco." That was it. Draco's last nerve was severed.

"You're the pitiful one! You're his bitch!" Draco screamed. "You'd give your soul for him if he requested it of you! I don't want to give my soul up for him! I don't want to give everything up for him! I liked my life the way it was!" Draco drew his wand and pointed it to his father's head. "I don't want to be a Right Hand! I would have rather just been a side hand Death Eater! Couldn't you have kept your position?"

"You know that would be impossible, Draco." Lucius smirked.


"The Dark Lord knows that when I give myself up for him, he'll need a new hand. A new right hand man. A servant that will be as loyal as I was to him. The only one fit enough for the job is you."

"But why do you have to die?" Screamed Draco. "It's not a prophecy!"

"The final dark spell to be cast to capture Harry Potter must not require that I die, Draco. It concerns sight, hearing, and speech."

"I…" Draco was at a loss for words. He had always thought the final spell would require death. But eyesight? Hearing? Speaking? "You never told me that."

"I must give my eyesight, Draco. Not my life." Lucius stated, removing his son's wand from his head and taking it slowly out of Draco's hand.

"No… that's… no…" Draco shook his head. "You can't!"

"Why should you care? You hate me, remember?" Lucius sneered.

"But… I-I… you can't give away your sight for that bastard!" Draco shouted, his body shaking in anger. All of a sudden, the window next to both of them shattered.

Letting out the noise inside of me

"You can't!" He screamed again. "You're better than that! Fuck the spell! There must be another way to get Potter than to lose your eyesight!"

"There's no one else willing to do it, Draco." Lucius said. "And when I give my eyesight, you'll be the new Right Hand."

"But… I don't want to be the New Right Hand! I want you to be able to watch me grow up! Get married! Have children!" Draco's temper was completely lost. "Don't you give a shit if I want my father the way he is?"

"You know better than to want a normal father, Draco. A normal life ceases to exist these days." Draco shoved his Father in the chest and broke free of his grasp. Another window, this one in the far edge, broke into millions of small pieces.

Every windowpane is shattering

Draco ran out of the room and tried to push back hot tears. This couldn't be happening to him. This would be even worse than his father dying. His father without eyesight. He could picture himself being not only a slave for the Dark Lord, but as well as his Father. Yelling at him to bring his brandy and slippers. 'Get me my cane' and 'fix me my dinner.' He wouldn't order the house elves; he'd order Draco. Or worse, Draco's mum. That made Draco so furious he ran out of the Leaky Cauldron without his broom as all the windows shattered in the building. His powers were out of control.

Cutting up my words before I speak

He wanted to enter Diagon Alley, but realized… his wand! Shit, he had left his wand back with his Father. Frustrated, he fell down to the ground in a nearby alley and brought his legs to his chest. This wasn't happening to him. He wasn't going to be a Servant to the Dark Lord. He wasn't going to be a minion to his Father as well. He wanted a normal life! He wanted to escape. No more. He wasn't going to take it.

Lucius emerged from the side of Draco's view and strolled up to his son. "Accept your destiny, Draco. I've accepted mine." Draco realized someone else was standing next to Lucius. By the cold damp temperature change, Draco realized it was the Dark Lord. No… he had come to a public place! This was impossible! He wasn't here! Not here!

"I'd rather switch destinies with you." Draco said without thinking. He stood up and brushed himself off. "Give me my wand."

This is how it feels to not believe.

"I can't do that, Draco." Lucius smirked shoving his son into brick wall behind him and looked to the Dark Lord. Voldemort shifted his eyes upon the trembling boy.

"Lucius… I wonder…" Voldemort spoke. Lucius was motioned to let Draco go, and reluctantly did so. The Dark Lord whispered something in Lucius's ear. Draco thought it must have been very witty because Lucius smiled a sinful smile. Both the Dark Lord and Draco's father looked over to the blonde and Draco squirmed.

Way away away from here I'll be

Way away away so you can see

He started to take off to run, but Voldemort extended his bony fingers, and with a wandless spell grabbed Draco's body and stopped him from running. He moved his hand to the right and Draco was sent speeding over to the right. His head hit the brick wall behind him (as they were in an alley, mind you) and Draco groaned. Lucius walked up to his son and drew his wand. "You wish to have a different destiny, Draco?" He asked. "Very well. I'll take you up on your wish."

"What wish?" Draco squeaked. Lucius only smirked and kicked his son in the stomach, sending him toppling forwards. The Dark Lord walked over to Draco and smiled over him. Draco could hear icy whispers of words, but couldn't make them out. Everything was swirling, spinning. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was the Dark Lord smiling above him, the evil slits for eyes glistening against the pitch-dark night.

How it feels to be alone and not believe


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