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First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye was, as usual, sorting through the paperwork that consumed a large portion of her life. It had been annoying at first, but she had gotten used to it. She'd had to. Finishing the latest report, Riza absently tucked one of her bangs behind her ear. It fell right back into place. What should she read now?

Flipping through the various piles, she came across one that seemed vaguely more important than all of the others that had the words "important" on them. Moments later, still holding the papers, she got up and walked over to her superior's office. The office of Colonel Roy Mustang.

"Sir, I think that you'll find this interesting," Riza said as she walked casually in the door. "Sir..." She looked over the papers in her hand and scowled. He was asleep. Again.

"Sir," Riza said sharply. When she got no response, Riza stopped. She didn't want to scream at him—if only because the whole of Central would hear her. What would be the best way to go about waking him up quietly? Usually, Riza liked the simple method of tapping him on the shoulder, but she felt like being slightly more creative today.

Maybe she should cock one of her guns. That was a sound guaranteed to wake up any military officer who had survived any sort of conflict. Riza stared at him. Roy was sleeping on a book that was open towards the final few pages, his arms acting as a pillow for his head. And he was snoring, if only quietly. In short, for a moment it was hard to imagine that this was the Mustang whose eyes were always ablaze with absolute focus on his goal, and nothing else. Riza found that she was staring at him, and shook her head to dispel any of the—feelings—she was starting to recognize.

Of course, that momentary drifting of her mind put the very self-disciplined Riza Hawkeye in a temporary foul mood. She quickly decided that cocking her gun was a sure-fire way to wake her sleeping superior.

It worked. Roy sat up quickly, eyes wide and hands already reaching for his special gloves that he always kept with him. Then he realized that he was not about to be killed, and immediately began to complain.

"Arg! Hawkeye! Someday you'll give someone a heart-attack, and if that someone's me, I'll make sure you get in trouble for assaulting a superior officer!" Roy exclaimed.

"Sir. Please calm down; I'm sure they can hear you across the building."

"I don't care. Now, what is it that you...interrupted me for?" Roy asked. Riza motioned to the papers she had laid on his desk. "Apparently a newly-promoted colonel is going to be staying here for awhile, a Colonel Rain Spitfire. It seems that she's well-known for her ambition and for being a very good alchemist."

She waited while Roy finished reading the full report. When he set down the papers, he remarked, "Very interesting."

"You've heard of her?" Riza inquired. If this Rain Spitfire was good enough to become a colonel at the age of only twenty-seven, Roy had probably heard about her. He always knew who his rivals were.

"Actually, I haven't," Roy admitted. "The Blackwater Alchemist...interesting..."

"Sir?" Riza asked dryly. If she knew her colonel, he would already be concocting a way to make sure Spitfire didn't get in his way. Either that or...

"I wonder if she's pretty?" Roy voiced Riza's thoughts exactly. Riza groaned inwardly. Of course he would be worried about her appearance. It was more likely that Spitfire wouldn't be the most appealing person; very few women joined the military, and if they did, they were usually very tough. Definitely not how Roy Mustang liked his women.

"You'll find out in a week sir," Riza said. Roy did not reply. He was already trying to fall back to sleep.

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