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Chapter 47: Epilogue

Kagome tapped her foot outside the hut impatiently, looking back and forth from the path at the edge of the forest to the tree tops. InuYasha and her sons had run off again, playing around and getting into trouble again, no doubt. Her three boys: Shippou, Makoto, and the biggest baby of them all; InuYasha. She sighed, giving up on actually being in the village on time for a change. Mai was turning three years old today, and Kagome had promised Sango she'd be there early to help them with a gathering they were having for her. With Sango pregnant again, and their youngest daughter Cho (butterfly) still only a year old, it was hard for her to get anything done.

Miroku had just about gone off the deep end with Sango being pregnant again. Kagome found it ironic that so far he had two daughters, and if she was right, a third was well on its way. She sighed again and sat on the ground next to the fishing pond. If her boys had it their way, they'd be gone all day. "InuYasha! We've got to go, we're already going to be late!" she yelled out into the trees, huffing and crossing her arms in front of her. She stood up, wiped the dirt off her kimono, and started walking toward the path. "Eeek!" she was lifted into the air by a pair of strong hands. "InuYasha! Put me down!" she screamed at the hanyou holding her and beat on his chest.

"Don't think so, koishii, we're already late." She looked up to see a smug grin across his face.

"You think this is funny don't you? Well it's not. I promised Sango I'd be there to help her and here you are making me late. With another baby on the way and without Kaede around to help this time, she needs me more than ever."

"Sango's fine. It's the monk that needs the help, too many females in one hut."

Kagome looked around as she was carried off by her mate. "InuYasha, where's the boys? Please don't tell me you ran off without them again."

"You worry too much, Kagome. The boys are fine. Shippou was supposed to take Makoto straight to the village half an hour ago. They'll be there." InuYasha hopped from one tree to another until they finally reached the village.

"Okaa! Okaa!" a little hanyou pup came running up to the two with his arms stretched out wide. His black and silver hair swaying back and forth with every step he took.

"Hey, sweetie!" Kagome picked up the pup and swung him around in her arms. "You're getting heavy. Pretty soon Okaasan won't be able to carry you around anymore."

"Keh. That's because Okaasan's a pathetic human wench."

"Sit!" Thump "You know better than to say those things around Makoto! InuYasha, we've talked about this ever since you taught him that other word." She gave him an evil glare, InuYasha tried to hide his amusement.

Makoto tugged on the collar of Kagome's kimono. "Oyaji fall down again, Okaa."

"Yes, Makoto. Oyaji fell down. Oyaji being a bad boy so Okaasan had to use the 'word' on him, didn't she?" Makoto giggled and clapped his hands as InuYasha crawled out of his crater.

"Oi, pup! Do you think that's funny!" InuYasha grabbed Makoto from his mother's arms, slinging him in the air only to catch him moments later. The little hanyou squealed with delight.

"Oyaji! Okaasan! Sango and Miroku's been looking for you two. Do you have to be late for everything?" Shippou, now coming up as high as Kagome's chin, walked out of the hut and motioned the others inside.

"What did I tell you about calling me that, runt! It's bad enough you got the pup saying it now!"

"Oh, come on, Oyaji. It's no worse than what you teach him." Shippou took the pup from his arms and walked into the hut.

Kagome grabbed InuYasha's arm as they started walking, suppressing her loud giggles. "It's your fault, you know. When Shippou was growing up, you were a rude, pompous, stubborn hanyou. Now that he's older, your worse fear has come true." She looked into the hanyou's eyes. "He's become just like you."

The couple stepped into the hut and Sango and Miroku came to greet them. Sango waddled over, bracing her back with one of her hands and her other reaching out to take hold of Kagome's. "I'm so glad you're here. Mai has been asking for you and InuYasha all morning, Cho's been trying to grab Makoto's ears and Shippou's tail, and this baka," she pointed to Miroku, "has been sitting around on his rear all day doing absolutely nothing." Sango gave her husband the dirtiest look Kagome had ever seen on her. "And this one," she took hold of her stomach, "has been feisty all morning. Kicking, turning, grabbing, pulling… anything it can get it's little hands on."

Kagome laughed. "Just try to carry one like Makoto with all those claws already on his hands and feet. I thought he was going to gut me from the inside out before he was born." She picked up a black haired girl with two pig tails on either side of her head. "Hey. How old are you turning today, Mai?"

The little girl held out her fingers and looked at them, first sticking out two and then adding one more. "Fwree." She replied with an ear to ear grin. "Okaasan say I get to stay at you home when the baby's here."

"That's right. When the new baby comes you and Cho get to come and stay with me, Ojisan (uncle), Shippou and Makoto. And you know what?"

The little girl's smile grew. "What?" she whispered in a hushed voice.

"Oji and I got you something for your birthday. Why don't you go ask him to give it to you?"

Mai eyes lit up as she ran over to InuYasha jumping up and down with her hands stretched out. "Oji, Oji, Oji!"

"What do you want, squirt?" he grinned as he knelt down. She stuck out her bottom lip and pulled on the sleeve of his haori. "Alright, alright. You want your gift, huh? Well Oji has it up here somewhere…" he dug around in his sleeve. Having to hide things from all the kids and the pup had taught him new hiding places. A few moments later he brought out his hand to hand her a turquoise-beaded necklace with a matching bracelet. "Oi. Was that what you were looking for, squirt?"

"Aggg! Gimme, gimme, gimme!" she grabbed the gift and put them both on. "Okaa look!"

Sango nodded. "Very pretty. What are you suppose to say?"

"Thank you!" she ran off out the entrance with Makoto following behind.

Sango, Miroku, InuYasha, and Kagome all looked to the kitsune. Shippou rolled his eyes. "I'll look after them, but remember I promised Tani I would meet up with her in a couple of minutes. You know how she gets sometimes." He picked up Makoto by the collar and Mai in his other arm. The little pup squirmed and bit him on his hand. "Oi! I think I liked you better before you got your fangs in." He took the two outside, then stepped back in. "Why are Kouga, Ayame, and twins standing outside?"

"What!" InuYasha put his hand on Tetsusaiga and rushed out the door. Sure enough, Kouga and his family were right outside, walking toward them. "What do you think you're doing here, you mangy wolf?"

Kouga shook his head and stepped forward. "We were invited mutt, by the exterminator and Kagome. So if you do not mind, I do believe I smell some of Kagome's cooking." He side stepped the hanyou just as Kagome came out of the hut. "Kagome, it's been way too long this time."

"I'm sure, Kouga." She walked past him to address the others. "Ayame! Oh, look at the twins! They're so big!" Akina and Kigai ran over to play with the other kids.

"Okaasan, I've really got to go now. Tani's gonna kill me like it is." Shippou crossed his arms in a very InuYasha-like way

"Alright, Shippou. Go talk with Sango and Miroku before you leave, and this time you better be back at the hut before dark or I WILL send InuYasha to get you." She gave the kit a hug before he left. "I honestly do not know what to do with him anymore. InuYasha maybe she should talk with…" she fell silent and rolled her eyes. InuYasha and Kouga were having a stand down, staring each other down with a deadly glare.

"Oi, you mangy wolf. Keep your freakin daughter away from my pup!" InuYasha instinctively held the struggling Makoto behind him, the pup whining for his Okaasan.

"No, YOU keep your SON away from MY daughter! You think I want dog germs all over my pups?"



"Do you think you can get along for one afternoon! It's Mai's birthday and you two are STILL down each other's throats. InuYasha, put Makoto down before he starts biting, you know he doesn't like to be held like that."

Kouga laughed as InuYasha obeyed Kagome's demands. "What do you find so funny, Kouga? If Akina wants to play with Makoto and the others then let her. You and InuYasha can go kill each other somewhere else."

InuYasha and Kouga looked at each other. "Fine with me. Come on mutt face, if you're man enough, that is." InuYasha growled and took off into the forest with Kouga. A few choice words were heard followed by well defined thumps and crashes.

"Do you think they'll ever grow up?" Ayame questioned.



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What about Kagome's rosary bracelet? The bracelet was made to keep Kagome safe from Suoh's blood-virus. When Kagome traveled to Suoh, his spirit was stronger than InuYasha's because of the distance between her spirit and InuYasha's. Suoh took the time to break the link (the bracelet) and cause her to weaken. The beads made her sense InuYasha no matter where he was, making her stronger. When the link was broken, she wasn't able to sense him unless he was near. That's why she felt so bad when InuYasha left. She was use to his strength being there for her, and suddenly it was taken away.

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