Title: One's Most Hated Name

Author: Forgotten Aspen

Summary: Harry Potter's younger brother, Mark was thought to be the prophesized child and Harry was left to the orphanage where Voldemort attended. Harry's adventure as a first year student will turn for the worst.

Genre: Angst/Action&Adventure

Rating: T

Disclaimer: If I own Harry Potter than I wouldn't be writing fanfics, I'd be rich and write the real Harry Potter stories. sigh

Four-year-old Harry took a few tentative steps towards his mommy as she laughed and played with him. Humph…him. Ever since mommy and daddy brought Mark back from G.H.I.H. (Godric Hollow's Institute for Healers) hospital three years ago, Mark seemed to have replaced him. Mark was all Harry's two parents could talk about, 'Mark, come here', 'Mark, what kind of cookies do you like?' It never ended.

Lily stopped in the middle of playing peek-a-boo with Mark and turned her attention to her elder child.

"I want a cookie, pwease?" Harry asked with hesitant speech and large watery eyes.

"Fine, fine, mommy will get you one," Lily replied, though not before taking a glance at Mark. Lily left for the kitchen as soon as she assured herself that Mark was safe and not beside any dangerous toys or sharp objects.

Lily sighed; it was the least she could do for Harry because she knew she was paying slightly more attention to Mark. Lily hoped that Harry would understand that Mark was more essential in the war against Voldemort. This did not mean that Lily loved Harry any less than Mark, all it meant was that Mark required much more surveillance than Harry. Besides, Mark might even die the next day! She wanted to spend as much time as possible with her younger son.

Lily started climbing the stairs to the third floor, where the kitchen was located and she was again, lost in her own thoughts. 'If only the Prophecy didn't exist!' she thought vigorously 'If only I had never heard of it the day we brought Mark back from the hospital. To the hell with Voldemort, just cause he had a sad childhood doesn't mean he should bring suffering to others!'

Just as Lily finished her last thought and made it to the third floor, as she made her last step, she heard loud explosions just outside her window, where flashes of lights zooming by in all directions. Two curses actually zipped passed the barrier Lily had put up. One broke through the window making a hole in the wall whilst the other bounced off a magical trinket and off it flew in another direction.

Lily was stunned, as she did not expect Voldemort attacking so soon and for it to happen while James was away at Auror Headquarters.

Snapping out of her disbelief, Lily raced barefoot back to the room where Mark and Harry were.

"Mommy?" Harry asked quietly in a puzzled voice, "What happened?"

"Harry shush, just be quiet and follow mommy," Lily whispered as she grabbed Mark, whom was too terrified to talk or move.

Confused, Harry grabbed on to Lily's pant leg and quietly followed.

Lily heaved herself upstairs with Mark and Harry at her heals. The Death Eaters were starting to leak in from the first floor just as Lily rushed into the safe-room after tapping the entrance and collapsed onto the floor.

The 'safe-room' was actually a small rectangular room concealed behind an irregularly shaped house-elf statue. Lily had been proud of her charms work of concealing the room behind the statue but so had she been proud of her barrier and Voldemort had gotten through that. Question now is how long will it take the darkest wizard alive to break through to this safe-room?

Voldemort's distant voice sounded as he ordered his servants to find the prophesized child or else. As the Death Eaters did not want to explore the option of 'or else' so they all parted to search immediately.

It was quiet for a while unless you counted the odd Death Eater running here and there. Within a few minutes Voldemort's slow, distinct footsteps entered the hall their safe-room hid in. Each footstep sounded loudly announcing their presence and with every echo, Lily's frightened condition grew worse as she held on tightly to Mark.

Harry balled up in the corner feeling very much ill and couldn't help but shake in fear. Harry was about to ask mommy what happened but he knew she was just going to say 'Not now' or 'Be quiet'.

A sound much like thunder blasted its way through their little room reaching their ears. The door flipped open and Voldemort's high-pitched cackle filled the air.

"Do you honestly think that your pathetic excuse for charms work can fool me?" Voldemort sneered, eyes glowing as he entered the small room. "Don't overestimate yourself foolish girl!"

Voldemort pulled out his wand and pointed it aimed it steadily at Lily's pounding heart. The Dark Lord's mouth twisted to a nasty grin, as he was about to say the death curse.

Harry didn't understand what was happening but he knew that the man aiming the wand at his mommy was bad and wanted to hurt her so Harry screamed, "STOP! Don't hurt mommy!"

The Dark Lord's glowing eyes flashed at young Harry Potter. "Lily, I wont kill you just yet but someone's blood will be spilt and it will be entirely on your hands. So who would you rather me spare? Harry? Or would you like Mark?" Voldemort asked wearing a sick and twisted grin.

Lily was horrified. How can a man be so evil? Harry or Mark? How can someone possibly choose? Glancing over at Voldemort, she knew he was starting to get impatient. 'Well', she thought 'Mark was more important for the wizarding world and is the only one capable to kill off Voldemort. But if she were to choose Harry for his death, there wasn't a guarantee that Voldemort would just overlook Mark and herself. What! What am I thinking? Harry or Mark?'

Disgusted at Voldemort for making her think between Harry and Mark, Lily screamed out a reply, "Damn you Voldemort. Damn you to Hell! I wont choose! I wont."

Harry, all the while listening, was only slightly relived of hearing this. He knew that his mother was thinking of letting him so over Mark. Harry knew that if Voldemort pressed on, his mother just might choose.

"Suit yourself mudblood. Don't choose, I'll just have to kill them both" Voldemort sneered and pointed his wand at Mark and whispered "Avada Ka-"

"No! Don't! Please not Mark. Please! No, take me instead! Take me! Anybody but Mark! Please take me!" Lily cried; her tears flowed freely down her face washing away her mascara.

"Then Harry perhaps? Anybody but Mark? Harry certainly fills that requirement," Voldemort announced, eyes glowing at seeing Lily in despair.

Eyes downcast, Lily avoided all eye contact. Perhaps it was from lack of sleep, perhaps from all those hours watching Mark or perhaps it was that she loved Mark just that tiny bit more than Harry or maybe it wall all those factors and more that she quietly repeated, "Anybody but Mark" and fainted due to added stress.

Even though Harry thought that his mother might choose Mark over him but for his own mother to say it out loud just as he feared, Harry was shocked. His mother threw him aside. His mother. The one who went shopping with him for new toys. The one who read him bed time stories every night without fail. His mother gave his life to this evil man. His mother. Harry's heart clenched and he had trouble breathing. Overwhelmed by tears, Harry cast his eyes onto the floor.

Voldemort laughed cruelly. "Boy, see? Your mother was pathetic, I wasn't going to let any of you free and the witch actually chose. Now your miserable life will end," the Dark Lord concluded still grinning.

"Avada Kadavra," Voldemort yelled pointing his wand at Harry, who was now to shaken to speak.

Harry was surrounded by a ever-increasing glowing white light, which Voldemort realized, much to his surprise, was not made by his death curse.

Harry looked about him as everything went pearly white. Though it was so blinding that it should have hurt his eyes to look at, but for a reason unknown to him, it didn't. Instead, it felt warm and made him feel like he could possibly even stand up to that evil man, though his nerves screamed that he shouldn't.

Now frustrated that this Potter boy could even be alive when he, Voldemort himself sent the death curse his way, Voldemort uttered again, "Avada Kadavra."

His jet of green air went sailing with tremendous speed at Harry's white 'bubble' and sank through. Voldemort smirked as he thought he had penetrated Harry's shield but to his utter horror, it didn't sink all the way in but instead, it gathered up some energy from the shield and bounced back with tremendous force at Voldemort. The Dark Lord didn't even have enough time to utter a single curse until the death curse came at him and ripped his body to shreds.

Harry's shield was now gone. Harry, to his utmost surprise, started fading though even though he had no idea why, it just seemed to fit and Harry wasn't in the least bit worried. This was probably due to finally defeating a powerful wizard though Harry was not aware of this fact. He looked sadly at his mother, he felt a surge of anger and sorrow. "Good bye" said Harry.

Mark was crawling to where Harry was standing and talked for the first time ever. "Hawwy," Mark said with his innocent tone.

Harry didn't feel anger at his younger brother; in fact he didn't feel much of anything when he said good-bye to his Mark.

At Hogwarts, in the headmaster's office, Dumbledore was signing some documents for both the school and the ministry. It seemed like just another boring day, that is before one of Dumbledore's many trinkets of sorts went off and started bouncing off walls and wailing with all it's might.

Dumbledore grabbed his wand and apparated directly to the Potter mansion. Rushing to the safe-room, his fears grew steadily seeing the house in its state.

"Lily!" Dumbledore called out when he saw the girl lying on the floor of the safe-room, Dumbledore checked for a pulse. It was weak but still there.

"Excito" Dumbledore said to wake Lily up.

Lily's eyelids flickered open. "Dumbledore! Oh, Dumbledore! Harry…. Harry oh its all my fault! Mark? Where's Mark" Lily rambled.

Dumbledore looked about the room and found a tiny boy huddled in the corner. He picked Mark up and asked Lily where Harry was.

"Harry…Oh Harry! I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, Dumbledore, he's gone," Lily cried out irrationally

Confirming Dumbledore's fears, his usual twinkle behind his eyes dulled. Dumbledore held Mark and portkeyed all three of them to Hogwarts.

After a quarter hour, James half ran into Dumbledore's office.

"What's going on? Lily?" James asked when noticing Lily, " Why are you here? What's happening? Why are you crying? Mark, thank goodness you're alright, so where's Harry?"

At the mention of her elder son, Lily gave a small, strangled noise. More tears flowed out of her eyes.

James could have even cried himself, after all, everyone seemed serious and even Sirius wouldn't pull a joke like this. Fearing the worst, James asked, "Dumbledore, what happened? Where's Harry?"

Taking off his eyeglasses Dumbledore said "James, Voldemort killed Harry and when he tried to kill off Mark, due to his brothers love, it bounced off him and rebounded on Voldemort. I'm dearly sorry for your loss."

Harry woke up in a shabby, falling apart neighborhood. Harry looked around. There were two police officers at the corner of the street Harry was on and he ran up to them.

"Um, where am I?" Harry asked the two police officers.

The police officers looked at each other. One of the officers was fat and porky, the typical type that would do anything for a donut while on duty. The skinny one answered, "Hey kid, are you lost? Do you know where your parents are?"

Parents? Harry scrunched up his face trying to remember what his parents looked like. Did he even have parents? "No, I don't know where my parents are." Harry answered while a sinking feeling settled into him.

"Okay, what's your name?" asked the fat police officer genuinely concerned though the skinnier one looked annoyed, probably thinking that it was some prank.

"Harry," the young boy answered now starting to cry.

"Hey, I need your last name you know. A first name won't get us anywhere," the larger of the two cops told Harry.

Harry's mind whirled. Last name…..last..name…what was my last name? Harry started panicking. The skinnier officer seemed to finally have caught on that this wasn't a joke and whispered to the chubbier cop.

"Harry, do you remember anything at all?" an officer asked.

"N-, no.." Harry responded now shaking hard.

"Okay, Harry. We decided to take you to somewhere that offers food, clothing and a roof over heads of children like you," the porky officer said.

Within five minutes, Harry was staring at a large, run-down house. It had three floors and extended to twice it's height. The shutters were falling off its hinges if the shutters haven't already fallen off. The house's paint was peeling off. There just seemed to be a bad aura surrounding the house.

"Harry, this will be your new home," stated the skinnier officer.

The other officer announced, "Welcome to St. Mary's Orphanage, Harry."

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A/N: Excito means to wake up or arise.

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