Title: One's Most Hated Name

Author: Forgotten Aspen

Summary: Harry Potter's younger brother, Mark was thought to be the prophesized child and Harry was left to the orphanage where Voldemort attended. Harry's adventure as a first year student will turn for the worst.

Genre: Angst/Action&Adventure

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own Harry Potter... Psyche. .. .. . . .. TT Why can't I own it?

Harry saw the all-too familiar setting that is Hogwarts. He realized exactly where he was after seeing Madame Pomfrey come over and check his health, having the Order watch the examination.

"Open your mouth and keep breathing steadily," the nurse ordered.

The second Harry complied, Madame Pomfrey whispered "Lumos Incedere"

The whole of Harry's mouth felt like it was burning but Harry willed himself to breathe in and out as normal as possible.

"So?"asked one of the Order members whom pulled down their hood.

"The boy is completely fine and in good health," the nurse announced to a shocked room, "There's no real damage at all except if you account for some stress and exhaustion."

The Order member in which Harry now recognized to be Moody addressed him, "Okay, what trick are you trying to pull? Think we'll fall for this? The only way you so-called 'escaped' from the Dark Lord himself is to have joined him and though I hear that you are somewhat bright, I don't believe you actually were able to escape from the Dark Lord's hand unscathed. You Death Eater!"

With this, Moody pulled out his wand and aimed it right at Harry's neck.

"Did you know? Only Death Eaters call Voldemort as the Dark Lord," Harry replied coolly and casually brushed away Moody's wand, "Call him Voldemort for God's sake, I assume that you are members of the Order of the Phoenix? Then why are you still afraid of calling him by his name?"

"You little…" Moody trailed off as all the eyes in the room now rounded to him, "I wasn't scared... Just a force of habit I assume."

Harry watched as Moody slowly lowered his wand. Looking around, Harry saw every eye in the place scanning him up and down.

Annoyed at this reception he snapped, "What? Checking for Voldemort's mark? Here!"

Harry rolled up his sleeves and reveal no marks burned anywhere down his arms and sighing as most people's gazed shifted away as if to avoid him.

"No, Harry…" Black stated, "It's just that you don't look too distinctively like those two."

Harry's heart raced. Two? Which two? What did they know? And since when did Black call him Harry? Harry knew something was up. No way they found out about his true lineage? Surely they did not pity him for being Voldemort's captive.

Breaking the silence Lupin said, "Well leave that for Dumbledore and them, Padfoot. Harry, I need you to tell me how you on Earth did you leave that place unharmed? Surely a few bruises or scratches?"

Harry explained, "No, Voldemort healed them for me."

Right away Moody was pointing his wand at Harry's throat, however this time Black stood up for Harry.

"Hey, Harry doesn't have the Dark Mark does he?" Black replied forcefully, "Let the boy explain."

"How would I know how the Dar-, Voldemort operates?" Moody snapped back, "Though if I were to take a gander, I'd say since Harry's so close under Dumbledore's nose, I'd place the Dark Mark somewhere else."

Harry furrowed his brow in pretend confusion, heart beating fast, he was about to say his well rehearsed reply before the door opened and in stepped Dumbledore along with Professors Evans and Potter looking as though the couple did not sleep a wink in the past few weeks.

Harry mentally cringed upon seeing Professor Evans' eyes become teary. Cringed not due to longing for his long separated mother but rather for the fact that the situation he's in became sadly and painstakingly clear. If Harry's theory was right, and how he oh-so-hoped it wasn't, it would explain how come Black suddenly became thus nice to him as well as why the Order was on a first name basis with him, not to mention how James looked at him now, which was not as a hated student but how he looks at Mark while riding a broom - with love.

Dumbledore called the Order to leave and they slowly shuffled out of the room, leaving the awkwardness Moody stirred up still lingering in the air. A tearstained Lily stepped out of the doorway to allow the Order members to pass.

Dumbledore took a seat close to Harry and at once Harry was able to feel the gentle tugging on his memories from Dumbledore.

To Harry's delight, Dumbledore's attempts were not hard to thwart with fake memories. Harry noted how Voldemort was correct in saying that Dumbledore was too 'honourable' to tear his way into a students mind.

"Headmaster?" Harry asked when a full minute has gone by with only Professor Evans' soft sobs ringing in the air, "If anything happened to the oh-so-glamorous wonder boy, I didn't do it. Secondly if anything did happen, why are you annoying me with it. He is a Gryffindor."

Dumbledore's eyes softened as he smiled, "Harry, do not speak ill of Mark. You need to listen very carefully as this day will indefinably change the course of your life."

Harry gulped, he did not like where this was going in the least.


Mark remained seated in the drawing room even after his parents left on Order business. He could not believe how the trick of fate would be. His worst enemy is his long lost brother. Mark chuckled a bit as he figured that this would probably fit in really well as a subplot in a soap opera. Though a soap opera would not feel as real as what he is currently feeling. Mark did feel a small sense of betrayal; Harry did betray his friendship and join the Slytherins. Mark contemplated that on the other hand , Harry did only leave the house when he was four. How could anybody remember anything from an age of four? Mark felt foolish for shouting at his mother especially the part about how he himself lived and how people were staring at him without even considering how his brother grew up. Mark didn't worry about that too much though, he was pretty positive that Harry was probably taken care of since Harry seemed so strong and smart at school. However what did worry him was that he has an actual living, breathing brother, and hopefully Harry would stay breathing for long.

Mark was so deep in his own contemplation that he didn't realize the door swing open nor did he hear that his two best friends sneak in.

"Mark, snap out of it," Jason said, waving his hands in front of Mark's eyes.

"Mark, you OK?" Samuel asked concerned, "We heard you parents leave almost half an hour ago. What are you doing here?"

"Thinking," Mark replied simply still lost in his own thoughts.

"OK, think then. But I'd be careful; thinking may be a very strenuous exercise without practice," Samuel smiled.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." Mark dryly replied but he couldn't help a twitch of a smile forming.

"Seriously though, what did your parents tell you? What happened?" Jason asked, not used to seeing Mark so serious over something.

Mark knew that he would have to tell his two best friends sooner or later. Sighing, Mark began explaining everything his parents told him.


"Harry, before I begin explaining anything, I would like you to tell me what has occurred during the time that you stayed with Mr. Malfoy," Dumbledore asked.

"Before I begin, I need to know if Draco is okay. I know that Voldemort didn't catch him since the Death Eaters that caught me reported that Draco left-", Harry asked feeling genuine concern for his friend.

"I assure you Harry, that he is fine at Hogwarts as of now. You may see him afterwards if you so wish but please do explain what happened with Voldemort," Dumbledore pushed for Harry's explanation once more.

Harry figured it would be all business with Dumbledore so he responded with his very much practiced reply, "Well, I suppose it all began when Draco received an invitation from his father. Draco asked me if I wanted to go with him since I wasn't planning on anything for the Holidays. I agreed and when we arrived with Draco's brother, it all seemed pretty normal. However, the next day we found out that Draco's mother was killed and Draco assumed it was his dad. You see, his dad is…"

Harry let drop for added effect so that he looked genuinely worried and as expected, Dumbledore filled in the gap.

"No worries, we know that Lucius Malfoy is a Death Eater, as is his first born son," Dumbledore affirmed, "Please continue."

Harry nodded, hesitated a bit before he began once more, "Well we chased Lucius and Morran down and used magic to temporarily stun them. By that time we were really panicking and we left the manor as quickly as possible. We grabbed two brooms leaning on a nearby shed and left the area to fly away but we were soon surrounded, I made Draco run. It's not as though I thought I could take them on, I swear! Maybe it was from the rush of stunning Malfoy's dad and brother but I thought I could at least delay them long enough so that Draco could run away. I knew I couldn't make it and before long, I got caught and portkeyed away. I realized I was actually portkeyed to right beside Voldemort."

Harry distinctly heard Lily gasp and James shake his head muttering, "Geez, I was so slow. I could've gotten to him…"

Harry returned his gaze to Dumbledore, "Voldemort demanded that I join him but I don't know why. I suppose I was stupid. I insulted him."

Dumbledore looked steadily at Harry. The gentle tug he felt in his mind, he realized, was not to look at his memories, rather it was to detect if he was lying. 'Simple' Harry thought 'Way too easy.'

"What did he do to you Harry?" Dumbledore asked in a soft voice.

"I…He…" Harry shivered here feeling somewhat triumphant. He had them eating out of his palms.

"Harry," Lily cried, "What did he do to you?"

Harry mentally cringed again at the thought that perhaps those in the room realized who he really was. Why else did James and Lily not leave? He figured that it was due to the fact that they were teachers here. Then again, why wasn't McGonagall or Snape here? Harry didn't bask in his thoughts as he focused his attention once more on what was going on at hand.

Resuming his acting, Harry quietly said, "He…used the cruciatus curse."

Dumbledore asked, as he always did to Snape under dire circumstances, "How long were you under?"

"I don't know. It seemed to stretch on forever," Harry replied truthfully. Mentally rolling his eyes, what did Dumbledore expect anyways? Was he really expected to use a stopwatch to time himself under the cruciatus curse?

"From reliable sources, it was reported that you have been under the curse for," Dumbledore halted waiting for James and Lily to prepare, "around 15 minutes."

"15 minutes, Albus! 15," James said as though he had just heard the most preposterous thing ever.

"James, I'll give you your time with him later," Dumbledore replied, though James' incoherent speech could not be labeled as a question, "Continue please Harry."

Harry continued, the sooner he could get this over with the better, "Well, I was put in a holding cell awaiting execution and I knew I was to die. I didn't want to join the side that killed Draco's mother but I lied to them and told them to send word to Voldemort that I want to join him and changed my mind instead. The guards said that Voldemort was glad that I see reason and my execution date was changed to my so-called initiation date. I was given healing potions they had in stock and as soon as I became better, I was supposed to be transported out of the prison cells to an actual room. I pretended to be still sick and so they only sent one person to escort me. I was able to steal their wand while the escort helped me up and I stunned him. I stole the Death Eater clothes and since they all wear masks and made it out."

Dumbledore nodded and kept quiet throughout the last parts of Harry's explanation and nodded.

"Harry, I believe there is something you have left out, in fact two things" Dumbledore spoke quietly, "I will not ask you now but Lily and James will explain to you a very important news."

Harry's mind raced. What did he leave out? He was so thorough too. He was even practicing before he let the Order members take him away. Before he could continue his thoughts, Dumbledore rose out of the chair and left the room leaving just Harry, James and Lily. Harry gulped as he watched the two Professors sit. One was on the bed facing Harry while the other sat on the chair Dumbledore has just previously occupied.

"Harry…" Lily burst forth in a fresh wave of tears, "I'm so sorry."

Harry looked confusedly, "Professors?"

"Harry," James began, giving his son a long look, taking in as much as possible. How tall Harry seemed, and how thankfully not undernourished like those he had seen in the awful orphanage. James stared at Harry hungrily for more details of Harry he might have missed before.

"Harry, do you remember anything from when you were four or younger?" James asked doubtfully.

"No," Harry replied truthfully. It wasn't like he remembered, it was more like he had seen flashes of his past in his dreams ever since he could remember.

"I suppose this makes it all the more difficult, Lily?" James nodded for Lily to hand a worn out yellow piece of paper that Harry thought looked rather like old notebook paper.

"Lily and I were responsible to look for your orphanage," James began but before he could continue, Harry cut in.

"What the heck does my orphanage have to do with you, Sir?" Harry asked getting annoyed at James, "I must say, if I were you I'd be more scared at the fact that a Hogwarts student was kidnapped by Voldemort and I'm pretty sure the Holier Than Thou Chosen One is not far from Voldemort's first place atop his hit list."

"Harry, I'll tell you the reason when I get there," James ran his hand through his hair and continued, unaware that Harry began glaring at the couple, "Know this though, I can tell that your hair colour is not actually brown not his your eyes really blue. Did you not want to find out more about your past? Where you come from? Why you were able to perform magic? Is that not why you came to Hogwarts?"

"Your point?" Harry felt anger boil inside him as he knew the secret was leaked. He figured by now that his parents knew he was really their son. Harry still went for the denial approach, "What does my aspirations have to do with my Defence Professor?"

"Harry, I'm your father," James blurted. He instantly regretted it the second he said it however. He knew that he could never keep his mouth shut and that he should have let Lily do all the talking by easing Harry into this. But at least now, Harry could feel the joy of a family, one that he never felt before.

Harry blinked. But the few seconds of silence only came from shock. Through all the rage that Harry felt, he willed himself to remain calm. Harry quickly weighed his options, of course being close to his parents would mean being close to the Order but then again, that would also mean his parents were to keep an ever watchful eye. Harry decided to deny it even further and see where it gets him. Harry could have even smiled, the calmness he felt would have done Voldemort proud.

"Harry, I know this is difficult for you to understand but I and you mother, and Mark is you brother," Lily said wiping her tears off, "I understand it will be hard but we can adapt like-"

"What?" Harry continued, " 'Harry I'm your father?' What the heck do you think I am? LukeSkywalker? Obviously this is a joke. Well ha..ha.. my wonderful Defence Professor, head of Gryffindor and the self-controlled, never crying Muggle Studies Professor tells me that I'm their son? Oh right, is my hand going to come off now? Father?"

James winced at Harry's aggression, "I know I was a bit… unfair towards Slytherins but I've never known that you were actually Harry Potter, my son."

"Your son? Your son?" Harry felt this beyond acting and felt his actual rage come through, "Even before that… you were a bit unfair? Towards Slytherins? As if! It was all towards me. If I remember correctly, it was me who served the detention during Slytherin's first Quidditch house match; I don't think I saw the rest of Slytherins there. Nope, thinking back…it was just me. Hows' about the time when we held the dueling competition? I don't remember you cursing the rest of the Slytherins, I clearly remember dueling with three people and one of them being a Professor I can't hit or else I'll get expelled and the other person who was hiding under an invisibility cloak. Surely it wasn't just me, it was the whole of the Slytherins that you were unfair to."

James winced again at the truth of Harry's words but before he continued he knew from the way Lily snatched the ripped paper that he royally messed that one up.

"Harry," Lily handed the parchment to Harry, "You said you wanted to know what you really are, who you really are. You took a chance at Hogwarts and you guessed right. You are one of us. You are a Potter. Your full name of HJP is Harry James Potter."

Harry only scanned that piece of paper before ripping it to shreds, and to the utter shock of both parents. Harry only had an inkling of control left and with it he realized that he didn't want James nor Potter in his name. He realized that he should keep as far away from these people as possible and one way he knew how to do it was to confess, "I know that I was born Harry James Potter."

Worry clouded Lily's face, "You can't have known before we told you. You were two when you left us and your letter said that you didn't know what HJP meant."

Harry replied harshly, "No, I've always had flashbacks to my old past since I was a kid but I only recently figured my name. I saw what happened ever since Mark was born, how he was the all so important Chosen One. Fine, I accepted it like a good son. But remember what happened when Voldemort came? You had a choice, didn't you mother?"

Lily looked as though someone had stabbed her repeatedly; this wasn't how she had planned on breaking the news. She never accounted for the possibility that Harry had known this whole time, even while seeing each other in the halls and acting like complete strangers, "Harry, please understand, I had regretted it the second it came out of my mouth. I never meant it like that."

Harry laughed viciously; he had meant to - so hopefully these two will never talk to him again, "So how did you mean it? Voldemort basically asked you to choose between me or Mark and you clearly made your choice. Trust me, I see these visions every night; you clearly meant for Mark to remain alive. Did you not think that Voldemort wanted to see whether you would actually choose? It was a bait, for goodness sakes, he meant to kill all of us."

"I know, I know," Lily sniffed, "I figured after, but Harry I was under a lot of strain I couldn't. I'm so sorry Harry, I can't believe that you suffered your whole life with that woman Funrit at the orphanage because of this."

At this, Harry lost most rational thought and for once did not act the older nor wiser that he usually is, this time he lost all control and snapped, "Suffered? I suppose the charming Headmistress let you where I grew up right? Room 249? That crazy old bat looses her head sometimes in the pain of others but you know what? Yes she was horrible and left me locked in no better than a prison cell and yes she used strict punishment when she feels is needed but you know what? She kept me alive. That crazy old sadist kept me alive though I must say at times it was a damn close call, I was still alive. Which a heck of a lot better than what you two can attest to. You've seen my note I left at the orphanage, I waited ten years for you to find me. You never really tried to look for me did you. Too warped up on Mark's safety as the freakin' Chosen One. In my eyes Funrit is a hundred, no, a thousand times better then the two of you combined."

Lily broke, it was as though she relived that fateful night ten years ago. She had to admit, much of what Harry said had been the absolute truth. Though Funrit was crazed in her own way, at least she never handed Harry to the wolves like she had done. Also, she can painfully attest to never really looking for Harry, seeing that she thought Harry dead for sure. Lily broke out in sobs, "Harry I'm so sorry, I never meant for your life to be this way. I'm so sorry but we can learn to get past it. We're a family now and we need to stay strong."

Lily sobbed, she didn't feel as strong as what she said, in fact she felt the complete opposite as she felt a warming hand on her shoulder she sobbed ever harder still.

"So we are a family NOW?" Harry asked as though it was the most ridiculous question posed, "So what was I in the orphanage? Not part of this celebrity family? Should I feel thankful that I can have the privilege of being considered a part of this family NOW? You know, oddly enough I don't."

James knew that Lily wouldn't be able to continue her conversation with Harry, he himself felt a gut-wrenching pity for the way his son grew up but he gave another shot anyways, "Harry, we know what you've been through was horrible but I intend to fix all that."

"This really is hilarious, Professor," Harry replied knowing that James would cringe at how Harry called him Professor, "Fix? Fix all what? You don't know half of what I've been through. Hows about this, after the orphanage, what happened? You're not even close to knowing what I had been through because of being a Potter."

Harry slowly made his way out of bed after feeling disgusted enough to want to leave. Well what I said was true, they don't know that their oh-so-precious hero is a cop out nor do they know that whatever they did, it's too late. They were just on opposite sides of the war now. The Potters served directly under Dumbledore while Harry served directly under Voldemort.

Harry didn't bother to even look the two of them before saying, "I warn you, leave me alone and I will not bother you. You have chosen who you want in or out of your happy Potter family. As I did not receive an invitation through all the things I went through, I fashioned Preston for myself. I need no other name, I have no other name."

Harry promptly left and made his way to the Slytherin dorms. How could they? How could they be so idiotic? What on earth possessed them to think they even had the right to talk to the son they so readily chose for death?

Fuming Harry made his way through to the Slytherin dorms.


Lily's eye's again flowed with tears to the point that she had not a bit of mascara left on her puffy red eyes. James sat stunned, head in his hands, willing himself to say something. The atmosphere was awkward, the couple felt so guilty that neither felt inclined to break the silence.

James unconsciously wrapped his arm around his wife as though that motion itself would protect her from the harsh realities. He gave her a small squeeze of reassurance though he himself didn't feel as relaxed as he made it seem.

"You know," James looked into Lily's sobbing wet eyes, "I don't think we should give up yet."

"James, I don't know how much more I can take. This is about as much as I can take before I become a sobbing mess," Lily notified James.

James didn't feel the need to tell her that she already is a sobbing mess, a slow but sharp headache started to build up inside him, it always was like this when he was under a tremendous amount of stress.

"Lily," James said slowly, coaxing Lily into a fully sitting position, "No matter how much he denies it, he's still a Potter. He may not see this clearly right now but we are at war and this family is at the top of Voldemort's hit list and he knows about Harry's existence. We have to stick together in these times against Voldemort, Harry will need us sometime and I don't plan on abandoning him again."

Lilly sniffed, "Yeah, I guess you're right. But I just feel so awful, James. To think that Harry knew we were his parents when I passed him in the halls, how it must have hurt him."

"Hey, if anyone should feel guilty about that, it should be me," James said softly, "I hate to feel how Harry felt having his dad give him detention on his Quidditch match day. Not to mention the dueling club."

"I suppose, we'll have to ease him into it," Lily said in an incredibly small voice, "He's the house champion, he'll need all the support he can get!"

"Yep, Lils," James looked again at his wife, "Our son is the school champion."

Lily gave a ghost of a twitch of a very small smile while James' eyes regained a bit of twinkle.


Harry stormed down the halls, glaring at any student that looked at him. Harry rounded the corner to the Slytherin Dorms and entered. Draco sat in the dark green sofa in front of the fireplace reading a book.

"Hey," Harry said softly, feeling immediately relaxed seeing a familiar face.

"Blimey! Harry? Is it really you?" Draco asked, looking at Harry as though he had grown ten extra heads, each with their own horns.

Harry smiled, "What? Disappointed?"

"No, it's just…how can you be…you're alive!" Draco muttered incoherently.

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe the close call," Harry noted realizing that he'd have to get the truth out sooner or later, "There's something I have to show you first of all."

"What is it?" Draco asked worried, "Woah what is that?"

Harry unbuttoned his shirt to show his collarbone. On it was a winding serpent that moved around a jewel-encrusted sword. Harry quickly buttoned his shirt again.

"I told you I won't lie to you Draco," Harry replied, "And I won't so I'm going to tell you and you only the truth, that means this will have to remain between only you and me."

"What is it Harry? You can trust me, I won't tell anyone," Draco nodded in infatuation with the mark.

"Draco, I've joined Voldemort," Harry knew what was coming after he said this.

PANG! Draco nailed a hard one on Harry's nose. Although it hurt like heck, Harry felt sort of relieved since he'd been baring the guilt the whole time.

"How could you!" Draco almost shouted but kept it in a low tone through gritted teeth, "Voldemort split my family apart. He killed my mother, Preston! My mother! Why did you have the insanity to join that man?"

Harry winced at Draco reverting back to his last name. He felt a pang of guilt that he was sure Lily and James felt.

"Draco," Harry cut in, "Listen, I was ready to die. I knew the second that I let you run that the Death Eaters were to go after me and will capture me. It was around forty to one! I was, by God I really was, ready to die! But something unexpected happened, they got you and Kyle."

Draco narrowed his eyes, this time in surprise, "What do you mean they got me? Who's Kyle."

Harry sat down across from Draco, "Your mother was your guardian right? Now that she's dead who do you think is your legal guardian?"

Draco stiffened, "I know that I'm my father's property now. What does it matter, I'm sure Dumbledore can overturn the decision. I'm sure something can be done, but to join Voldemort, Harry…what were you thinking?"

Harry explained, "Draco, you were the only one I had cared about and with Lucius controlling you and Voldemort controlling Lucius it was a matter of time before you became a Death Eater."

"I would-" Draco cut in but Harry just continued.

"I know," Harry rushed in, "You wouldn't care, because you would do suicide before working for that killer. That is exactly why I can't let you be in Lucius' care. I know that you probably don't want to talk to me ever again, and I recognize that, but I don't care. I'd rather you loathed me for being a Death Eater than to be a Death Eater yourself."

Draco looked up slowly, "Who's Kyle?"

Harry sighed, "I guess I'll start from the top then. Draco, you know how I didn't like talking about the past?"

Not used to Harry's openness, Draco simply nodded.

"Well, I'm going to put my complete and utter faith in you because you're my best friend. You see, my name isn't really Harry John Preston."

Draco's eyes bulged, almost as if he forgot that Harry just announced that he was with Voldemort.

"My birth name is Harry James," Harry mentally cringed, "Potter."

"WHAT?" Draco screamed this time but calmed down immediately, "Surely…surely not as in Professor Potter? The DADA Professor? As in the man that made your life hell? Surely not related to Mark Potter?"

By the end, Draco was completely baffled, if this were a joke, he would swear that Harry had no sense of the term "funny".

"No unfortunately, the DADA Professor is my dad and Mark is my brother," Harry sighed, "I'm the bloody Chosen One."

"What are you saying," Draco mumbled, his mind in complete confusion, "Your name is Harry James Potter. Your brother, according to you is not the chosen one, you are. And oh yeah….you tell me that you're the chosen one after you join Voldemort?"

Harry sighed, this was to be a long day. With that, Harry spent the next four hours till both their stomach were growling in hunger explaining his story.