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Chapter 1

The Mallrats looked on sorrowfully as the city disappeared on the horizon. Each felt a range of emotions at leaving the city, regret about what they had left behind, relief they had survived and dread about what may lie ahead.

"What now?" Slade asked after a few minutes. Amber sighed audibly and shifted Bray junior on her back

"Well I guess we find a new home, someone should get trader, and he is part of the group now." She suggested. May nodded and walked up to get him. A few minutes later she returned with Trader who was holding a map.

" We were just discussing what to do now and a lot of that depends on the boat and fuel, so where is the nearest place we could land?" Amber continued. Trader spread the map and pointed

"We are here now and these islands are the nearest land" he pointed to the islands "We may have enough fuel to reach it."

"May?" Ram asked

"Well I wasn't ready for a long trip." Trader shrugged sheepishly.

"How long will it take?" Ebony asked peering at the map.

"A few days maybe if we don't stop or slow down." Trader replied.

"Do we have enough food for a few days though?" Salene asked "its not as if we were all prepared to leave either."

"We should appoint leaders for different aspects, like we did when we first got to the Mall then it will be easier to organise and share the workload." Trudy suggested smiling wearily at her daughter as Brady looked out to sea interestedly. Amber agreed and pulled her eyes away from the horizon where they had last seen the city.

"Trader obviously should be in charge of the boat, but you can't work non-stop by yourself." She stated "Lex, Ram how about you learn how to get this thing going ok?" Amber knew both liked power so she appointed them to the most important task. They both nodded neither particularly interested, Ram thinking of his lost empire and Java, Lex thinking of Zandra and Siva and never seeing their graves again.

"I could do food and water" Salene offered, and Ruby volunteered to help her.

"What about sleep?" Jack asked yawning. The group looked towards Trader, who said,

"I was storing some mattresses on board so I've got four double mattresses downstairs and sleeping bags and blankets for another 6 or seven." he thought quickly "so with someone steering that still leaves 2 people without bedding sorry." Darryl smiled and pulled three blankets out of his bag

"Lucky I thought to bring some then."

"Thanks, so Trader Lex and ram are our navigation experts, Salene and ruby our culinary managers. I'll deal with day to day stuff if no one else wants to?" Amber volunteered

"I'll give you a hand if you need it." Trudy offered, she was glad, in a way that they had had to leave the city. She had a lot of history there and now she could start over again, however part of her was frightened of what lay across the ocean; what they might find and what Brady's future would hold.

"Much appreciated Trudy, if we each see to our own sleeping spaces then were sorted. Once I've drawn up a cleaning rota anyway." Amber explained.

"What is it with that woman and rotas?" Lex said to Jack quietly. Amber continued oblivious of Lex's comment

"If you guys sort out shifts for the boat once Lex and Ram know how to sail the boat." She directed at Trader. Mouse spoke up

"Can I help Salene and Ruby?" Amber looked questioningly at the two who nodded.

"Ok," She confirmed, "but did anyone bring any food?" One by one the tribe handed in tins, packets and bottles of water, which after counting amounted to 34 various tins, 3 loaves of bread, 3 packets of sweets and seven bottles of water. Ruby sighed "This won't last long especially the water." Trader pointed to a tank on the roof of the cabin,

"There is a small rainwater tank up there but we'll have to make do until it rains." Slade, who had been staring into the ocean, leaning on the rail, turned to face the others and said

"There's hundreds of fish, can't we catch and eat them?"

"I have a fishing rod below deck, if you can fish, I'm hopeless." Fish said laughingly.

"Sure I can fish, "Slade replied.

"Will you teach me?" Sammy asked eager to help and not clean anything. "Alright" Slade affirmed nodding.

"Ok so navigation crew with Trader, Sammy with Slade. Salene, Ruby and Mouse are you ok to take the food down?" Amber concluded.

"We'll manage" Salene said gathering tins, Ruby and Mouse imitating her.

"Which way is the kitchen?" Ruby asked straightening up.

"Oh right… down the stairs first door on the left, bathroom is the second on the left. The bedding is in a storeroom at the end and the room on the right is living quarters." Fish explained.

"So everyone that has nothing to do come with me to the living quarters." Amber instructed to a general agreement of the group.