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I Want To Be Bad

Chapter One: It All Started With This

Behind every human being, there are goals, dreams, and disasters. I had to deal with all these things in one, when I made a huge mistake. I never expected to get caught. Truth be told I never expected the prank to go that far. But indeed, it had and indeed, I was punished. I guess I never was truly happy where I was at, in Los Angeles, with the friends, or if I could even call them that, that I had at the time. I say it as if it were so long ago, when in fact it had only been three days ago. Yeah I know, I screwed up, but hey, I am only seventeen, a male, and completely deprived of a real family.

Okay I know those are just excuses, but they are what was pretty much my problem in the first place. I guess you could say, that I was one of those lonely boys who never got to know their fathers, and their mother was a drunk. Well that was the story of my life, disastrous parents cause disastrous children. I admit that I have not made the best decisions when it came to my life, and I think it could have just been a cry for help. But what the hell did I know? I am only seventeen.

So here I was, sitting as quietly as I could, trying not to awake the old lady beside me, on a plane. A one way trip to Tree Hill. Yeah, I was being sent to Tree Hill to live with my Aunt, Karen and my Uncle Keith Scott. I never really got the chance to meet them, our families never got along, and when we moved, I forgot all about Lucas, my cousin who I was never really close to in the beginning.

As sad as that is, Lucas is probably the one thing I have to look forward to. I want to see who he is now, to see if he turned out to be a jackass like me. I laugh at the mere thought of that. It was pure lunacy. I am sure the kid has a perfect attendance record and a 4.0 GPA. As I sit here, I bask in the fact that it is summer and I won't have to go through the whole high school thing until later.

Although, because of my idiocy and stupidity, I have a job. I read the paper again, 'Tree Hill Country Club…Lifeguard' Just my luck. I sigh; beginning to feel comfortable in my seat, as the scent of old lady perfume grows on me.

"Thanks Mom," I say sarcastically, "Thanks for shipping your son, millions of miles away. Boy if that's not love, what the hell is?" I whisper while my eyes begin to close.

I awake to the sound of the old lady chopping on her gum. I am slightly annoyed when she begins to speak to me about numerous trivial topics. "Lady," I say fed up with her already, "Shove it," I say rudely while picking up my baggage to get off the plane.

I'm not waiting long until I see a guy standing as tall as me, with blond shaggy hair. It finally hits me that this guy is none other than my cousin, Lucas. I nod my head up at him and give a smirk. He looks good. He successfully survived through puberty.

"Hey man," Lucas says with ease as I shake his hand in return. "It's been a while," He states, making me nod with bitter annoyance. Way to state the obvious. I know I should be nice, so I suck it up and respond relatively politely.

"Yeah, it sure has," We exchange small talk and gradually walk towards his car. I stop to fixate my eyes on his beauty of a car. A brand new pristine Porsche, and boy is it gorgeous. Lucas seems to notice my gawking and begins to explain how my uncle Keith bought it for him last year. I begin to feel the jealousy grow. I don't think I will like this guy for long.

We drive for an hour till we reach a mansion that Lucas calls a house. Okay, so now it was made official that this kid was extremely wealthy. We exchange more small talk until we reach the living room and I pause to gape at the exquisiteness of the house. Then Luke begins to laugh at me.

"Don't get out much, do you?" I force myself to bite my tongue. If I was to obtain any fun here, I knew that I would need Lucas' help. Thus, I choked down my snide comment and replied leisurely.

"Apparently not," I follow him around all the corridors of his 'house' and pretend to listen while he explains the history behind each room. It appears that this house is an heirloom in the Scott family, probably the reason why my parents hated Lucas's.

We finally reach the guestrooms, and because there is quite a few, I get to pick. Aren't I just lucky? I finally decide on the first floor bedroom, right next to the outside window, far away and out of earshot of my aunt and uncle's room. I figure, easy escape: away from family, bottom floor, window, leads to the street. Perfect.

I throw my suitcase in the empty closet and lie back on the bed, hoping to get some sleep. I can still feel Lucas' presence there, what he wants, I'm unsure of, but I know that I can't get some shut eye with him standing over me. I open my left eye to see him smiling down at me. I close my eye again. This is just a bit strange.

"What?" I ask disturbed by Lucas' actions and his now laughter. I finally sit up and open my eyes to face him. I crinkle my nose in question, and he still just laughs.

"I thought we could talk," He says and I have to roll my eyes. I'm not into cousin bonding right now. "Or not," he laughs again, "but I'm supposed to tell you all about your job." I sigh; I'm not ready to hear about the do's and don'ts of my new job. I just barely arrived in town. I stay silent waiting for his speech to pass. "You start in an hour," My jaw drops to the floor, unbelievably. I shake my head as I stand up.

"They aren't going to make it easy for me, are they?" I question the ceiling before following Lucas out into the living room. "Okay hot shot," I name him, "show me the ropes," He laughs again, which begins to anger me. "What is with this laughing bit?" I ask now irritated.

"You're in over your head, man," He shakes his head, which scares me a little and he begins to tell me about my duties. I'm not sure why Lucas is telling me all of this, when it should be Keith and Karen's job to do all this teaching and material substance. I decide to let it go for now, knowing that by tonight I will finally see my aunt and uncle.

We get back in the car, and Lucas drives me to the Tree Hill Country Club. As we walk out towards the gates, I begin the think that Lucas is right; I may be way over my head. We finally arrive at the front desk where I observe Lucas flirting with the receptionist. I look down at her nametag that reads Brooke. I take another look at her and I notice the second time around that she isn't hard to look at, and is actually really easy on the eyes. I smirk while she looks in my direction.

"Oh, this is Nathan, my cousin." Lucas says bleakly, and I can't help but laugh in spite of myself. Brooke smiles in a way that I know she's not innocent. I nod my head; there was no need for me to talk just yet. "Come on, let's go," He leads me away towards the pool, and I know he's jealous.

It doesn't take him long to get over his jealousy and begins to tell me what to do. "You know, as a lifeguard here, no one has ever drowned or even been injured. It's just a precaution," I nod carelessly. After telling me all about first aid he walks me around the pool area, telling, or warning me, about the members here that I should look out for. "Mr. Johnson," he continues, "he's pushy, but really is a good listener when he wants to be."

I can't help but open my mouth now, "Is Brooke a good listener?" I shoot at him laughing when his face becomes displeased. We stop at the lifeguard chair. "What?" He shakes his head at me, "Cool it dude, I know she's probably your property," That doesn't mean that I'm going to stay away though.

"She isn't my property, Nathan," Wow, he seems to really like this girl. "And even if she was, I'm sure Mr. Davis would murder me," He said nervously laughing as if he had come close to it before.

"Met the Father, that scary?" He nods, "So, what? Is he like the owner of this place or something?" I suddenly become aware that Lucas is shocked at my question.

"No, actually. My parents, own it." Now I nod my head. I should have figured. They're wealthy and probably arrogant, although Lucas doesn't seem too bad. It hits me now that the reason I have this job is so my aunt and uncle can keep an eye out for me. Goody.

"Right," I say, "So anyone else I should look out for?" I ask, not wanting to further my jealousy. He shakes his head causing me to worry a little.

"Haley James," I laugh, she sounds harmless. "Don't mess with her, and we'll be alright," he threatens me, and I pretend to shake in my boots.

"What, is she like some sort of goddess or something?" I smirk for a minute trying to imagine this Haley girl. I'm picture a tall blonde with big curves, in high heels and a baby tee.

"She's my best friend," Lucas tells me in the same warning tone as before which snaps me out of my images. I laugh; how absurd, Lucas, best friends with a chick. I laugh hard and that makes him scowl even harder at me. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing," I stutter out, "it's just ironic," I tell him, stopping myself from saying too much. By the look he's giving me, he is pretty serious. I decide to stop laughing as he looks down at his watch.

"Well, looks like you start now. Stay out of trouble," I nod again, looking for a place to change. This was going to be quite boring. I curse myself for not bringing my headphones. N.E.R.D. would sound so good at the moment.

It's dark and I've been watching these rich snooty people for hours on end, if I have to stay here for another minute longer I think I may just go out of my mind. I look down at my watch to see my shift is almost done with.

This time when I look up, I notice that the pool is nearly empty except for a petite girl. She looks so stunning swimming laps. How I did not notice her in the beginning, I'm not sure of. I try my hardest not to stare; no wait that's a lie, I want to stare, I don't care if I'm being rude or not. I think now she notices my presence for she has stopped swimming her laps.

She swims towards the area of the pool in front of the lifeguard chair and me. I take notice of how amazingly good she looks wet. My eyes glaze up towards her at her eyelashes; the water making them darker than they seem to be. Droplets drop down from her long lavishing dark lashes slowly as if capturing me in a gaze. My eyes slowly find there way out of her trance and drop down towards her bare neck and shoulders. Her skin shines at every angle and her skin looks so vulnerable, almost as if it's whispering to me to feel her. I can't help but guide my eyes down to her breasts and her Victoria's Secret-looking bathing suit. I begin to imagine malicious thoughts of what I could do to her, what I could make her scream.

"Hey, can you do me a favor?" My eyes quickly jolt to hers, the images fading away and now the look of her tender eyes injecting into me. She smiles at me, hopping to get in my good graces.

I smirk began to form on my lips; this girl was in for a taste.