Ranma was written by Takahashi Rumiko and published as an anime by Kitty Films - Fuji TV and Viz Communications, Inc.

Sailor Moon was published as an anime by Toei Animation and Geneon Entertainment

Ah! My Goddess was written by Kosuke Fujishima and published as an anime by AIC and AnimEgo

They own their own characters and other such trademarks, only characters that I make are owned by me.

Also Special thanks goes to my pre readers Urborg, J. St.C. Patrick, and Pale Wolf of fukufics dot com

Prologue - It begins…
It was a year since the fall of Galaxia, the great ice would come soon, however the reason for nine magical girls and one, somewhat, magical guy sitting around a table in a Shinto shrine in Juuban was not directly related this coming event.

Pluto started slowly, she spoke, "There are still threats ahead, none as big as Galaxia or as powerful, but some threats nonetheless. However, there is something else you need to know about what is coming."

The 17 year old Usagi, looked at Setsuna and asked, "Why bring this up now? We normally don't meet until tomorrow." What she meant was that the Senshi met on a bi-weekly basis, and having a meeting today was a little unusual.

Setsuna smiled and replied, "Well the reason that I called the meeting today is…"

It was a perfect day in Nerima, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the local crazies were not fighting, and not a cloud threatened to rain. In any other location this would be a sign of hope and happiness, which was why several businesses were closed with storm shutters covering the windows.

The only place where there was any activity was at the Tendo dojo. Currently there was a celebration going on; it was time to finally unite the schools. However, this situation is not an understandable one, if you take recent events into account. First off Akane and Ranma's relationship went down hill after the last attempt. It seemed that they could not even sit in the same room tied up and gagged without fighting.

Ranma had also finally eliminated his most of main problems. It started about 4 months ago, 8 months after Jusendo, when Ranma initiated 'Operation Amazon Away.'

Author's Notes:

The continuity that I am going to use is this:

Sailor Moon: Based primarily on the Anime, but there will be little bits of the manga popping up

Ranma: same as above, this follows mainly the Anime until Ranma meets his mother, after that events follow as they do in the Manga (I am more familiar with Ranma that way)

Oh! My Goddess: Used as the catalyst and for spice, this will/may cause some people to complain that this changes the other worlds too much. This will not use the universe per say. My reason for using the Japanese Sun goddess is the Saotome connection (see A/N Chapter 2) plus how I can have fun with Nodoka. And instead of Sol (either Roman or Greek version) I am going to use Apollo.

The reason for my Choice of Apollo is he was some times a sun god, but there is more to him then that. Sol was a sun god. Other then linage that is all that there was to him. Apollo was the god of art, healing and the Sun; Amaterasu was the goddess of the harvest, art, and the Sun.