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Sailor Moon was published as an anime by Toei Animation and Geneon Entertainment

Ah! My Goddess was written by Kosuke Fujishima and published as an anime by AIC and AnimEgo

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Chapter 3 – Uphill on a Boomerang
Back in the present Ranma sat facing the group. After a few minutes of awkward silence the two girls, with what Ranma knew that Akane would refer to as perverted grins, blurred as they moved on him. They quickly attached themselves to his arms.

"You remind me of my old sempai!" said the brunette.

"Are you single?" asked the blond.

Seeing that nobody was going to knock him to safety he did the only logical male thing in this situation, he passed out.

Ranma awoke in a bed and saw an amused Haruka and a concerned Usagi, although he did not know their names yet. As he sat up, he noticed that he had been moved out of the room with the fire and into a bedroom.

Usagi asked him, with more than some concern in her voice, "Are You alright?"

Ranma only nodded in answer to her question.

Haruka stated, "The others are probably worried, lets go back out there."

After he stood, they led him back to the meeting room and proper introductions were made. Makoto and Minako were the ones he had remembered doing the double glomp. They looked like they were thoroughly ashamed. He went to introduce himself, again.

He said, "Hi I'm Ranma Saotome…"

"Tenpino," Setsuna interrupted.

Ranma asked, "s'cuse me?"

Setsuna replied, "Amaterasu asked that I have your name changed to Ranma Tenpino. She wants you to have a fresh start away from your life in Nerima." Ranma looked as if he were about to interrupt, she finished quickly, "Don't worry about your honor, when you took up the position of Amaterasu's avatar, in other words the title of Sailor Sun, all prior obligations of honor were rendered null and void."

Ranma looked a little uncertain, this was a bit more then he had expected Ama-san to do. "So what now, did she leave me a place to stay or something." Ranma was more concerned about food money, he could just go back to the Dojo and retrieve his pack and camp out somewhere, after all he lived on the road for most of his life.

"You can stay with us for now," Michiru offered, "I am sure that will not be a problem."

Setsuna smirked; she was going to make the offer, but as Michiru offered first, she will have nobody to blame over Ranma's appetite. "I can foresee no problems coming from that. If that is alright with you Ranma."

"Thanks! I will try to not cause any trouble in your home." Ranma replied. Ranma mentally worried about the mess in Nerima coming back to bite him, he knew it was only a matter of time before they tracked him. He knew far too well the tracking ability of Shampoo and Ukyo, and he was more than sure that Nabiki would be able to find something, and make a profit off of it.

Ranma double blinked, then shrugged and asked, "So got anything to eat?"

Usagi then interjected before anyone could react, "Yes, I'm starving too."

They agreed to go out and eat, and Ranma went in girl form. Since the outers were there too, that made Haruka and Mamoru the two most hated guys in the restaurant. The fact that Haruka was a girl was completely missed by everyone. Lucky for Mamoru.

One hour and a substantially lighter wallet later the Senshi left the restaurant. Mamoru was muttering, 'there are two of them…' Usagi had pestered Ranma-chan after they left the restaurant, "How did you managed to get your entire meal free?"

Rei said under her breath, "I heard of being a natural flirt, but why would a guy make the best one?"

Ranma simply replied, "I always could, but the nature of the curse gives a type of," Ranma paused as she tapped her head, "instructions on how to use the cursed form. I think it helps people to use their curse and survive with it."

Michiru only nodded, taking mental notes to practice what she saw Ranma do; tonight Haruka was in for a surprise.

Ami inquired, "Why would a curse with obvious links to death try and make a victim live? I mean most death curses I have looked up before tend to kill people."

Ranma shook her head, "Y'er asking the wrong person Ami-chan"

Minako and Makoto were following up behind the group; they were deep in whispering and managed to go unnoticed by all but Setsuna.

Minako asked, "You have any ideas how to loosen him up?"

Makoto thought for a moment then replied, "From the tales Ranma told us over dinner our best bet is to follow Ukyo's method. But, I have a plan to make sure it works for us."

"Ohh?" Minako whispered back, "Do tell." Minako got a gleam in her eye that would have Ranma looking out for mallets if he saw it.

Makoto took on a professor persona and told her friend, "It is quite easy, we ensure that Ranma is our friend. We trust him in either form and make sure he is comfortable around us. We need to avoid direct competition for now to lull him into a false sense of security. Once we have him there we start doing things to help him until…"

Minako finished for her, "Until he is helpless without us, brilliant! This plan will be like shooting cats in a bag"

Makoto chose not to correct her on that one, although both analogies she seemed to be trying to use were good comparisons.

After the battle with Galaxia the truth had been revealed to all of their parents, thus when the Senshi left the restaurant they headed to Usagi's home. There Ranma met his two biggest fears, an over protective father and a black haired, yellow crescent moon marked, claw bearing, fang smiling, creature of bane to all things furniture and neko-ken trained, in English: a cat; in Japanese: Neko; and to Ranma: a source of total paralyzing fear. A fear so powerful it was talking about fish to Usagi's mother.

As the Senshi entered their attention was drawn to something behind them, it was a scream of terror, of total fear, one that spoke of indescribable horror, a yell of "CAATTT!"

Ranma would have bolted if it were not for the others behind her. She started saying "cat" repeatedly and collapsed into a mumbling heap.

Usagi looked worried and spoke to Luna, "Luna you better hide in my room a moment, I knew she was afraid of cats but this was worse then what I figured it would be."

After Luna was gone she turned to see Ranma being held by Haruka who looked unsure of what to do in this situation. "Haruka please bring her in before the neighbors get disturbed."

Haruka saw that Usagi was showing her Serenity persona again, and she did as asked and carried the small red head in bridal style. Usagi was showing her Serenity persona a lot more recently. Haruka was glad because it meant that she was serious about her roll in the future, however, she was starting to miss the klutz persona.

Pluto looked over what she gathered, and she mused, 'I have chosen my weapons, the tools which, when used against this opponent, will ensure victory. These objects of war will ensure swift and easy defeat of this enemy. This enemy of the Senshi will be an easy conquest.'

Setsuna smiled as she wrapped the blindfold and slipped on the ear muffs on to Ranma, who had finally calmed down to not murmuring. Setsuna was worried as Luna was stronger than most cats, as after the alley incident she had trained herself. As such she was stronger then most cats, even Shampoo's cursed form.

She was worried that Luna being this strong now might be pickuped by Ranma, even if only subconsciously. Artemis might have not been good with the mind meld but he might not be as much as a risk to triggering the Neko-ken. It was too late now, which the Time Guardian found ironic.

The other girls were scattered around the room watching, as Ranma regained her awareness. As she was waking up Luna approached silently as she could.

As Ranma woke up, she realized that she was wearing a blindfold and earmuffs. Then her Ki senses triggered and she sensed the local ailurophobia trigger. In a flash she was behind Ami.

One of the things that bothered Ranma a lot was the height difference between his forms. His male form was 5'5", his girl form was 4'11". This is why one of the shortest Senshi was surprised to find someone hiding, behind her, from one of the gentlest, if you aren't Usagi or Artemis that is, creatures on the planet.

Ranma, although she was fast as a girl, was only about one eighth as strong as her male form. This was mostly due to the mechanics of Ranma's genetics. As a guy he could throw 3 ton boulders easily, as a girl her max was 425 pounds, however what he lost in strength she gained in speed, this was something 'she' ensured that 'her' rivals were well aware of.

Ami turned quickly around and tried to pin down the newest team mate, however, Ranma leaped away before she could succeed. All the girls in the room tried to stop the neo-girl from dancing around the room, unfortunately, none were having any success either. The Senshi were in dismay as they had a blindfolded redhead bouncing around the room trying to stay away from the other girls who were playing pin the redhead and the black menace.

Ranma was in a low level fear induced neko-ken. At this time Ranma was more cat than human but was still fear driven. Thus she was bouncing around the room away from Luna, while the cat part of her mind was playing a feline kind of tag with the other girls in the room.

It was Usagi's mom to the rescue. She held up a bowl of ice cream, she asked, "Who wants ice cream?" This had the desired effect as a red blur headed in her direction, and when the redhead was in range…


Down went the redhead, as Usagi's mother stood over her with a dented cooking wok.

Ranma was still out cold while Setsuna explained the problem with and about the Neko-ken. She had also decided to explain Ranma's life in full. The reaction was general rage, of course, and despite most of it being directed to Genma, some was aimed at the fiancées. However a few, Minako, Makoto, and Haruka, were thankful that Ranma's life had driven Ranma into their arms. It should be noted, however, that Haruka was smart enough not to say things about a certain petite redhead in front of Michiru. Haruka would not actually cheat on Michiru, but flirting is another story.

Two hours later a loud masculine cry of shock was heard as Ranma was splashed with hot water. Ranma sat up with a bolt and awoke to tuna breath in his face, as his eyes focused he saw a nightmare sitting on his lap staring him in his eyes. Before he could react he was under Luna's hypnosis/mind meld. She did her job quickly; she created in Ranma a sense of trust in herself and Artemis. Other cats would still frighten Ranma, but his fear would be mostly manageable, meaning he would still cling to the ceiling or any other hard to get to place, until proper counseling could be arranged.

After another twenty minutes he refocused on the world around himself.

Haruka was the first to realize he had awakened and said, "About time you woke up, we were about to leave you here with Luna guarding you."

Ranma looked around, Usagi grabbed his attention and introduced her parents, "Ranma, these are my Parents; Kenji and Ikuko"

He introduced himself to Usagi's parents, like he normally does, "Hi! I'm Ranma. Sorry about this."

"If you are apologizing for earlier, don't worry about it, we understand." Said Ikuko

Ranma took note of Usagi's father stroking his large shot gun.

Kenji enjoyed stroking the weapon in his lap, actually this was his special one, nobody knew it but the gun did not actually work. Looking like a cross between a shotgun and a six-shooter it was very menacing indeed.

Ranma had noticed that the gun was a fake, when he saw no means to load it. However he gave no outward indication of his observation. He may not have been trained to use guns in combat, but you do not live on the streets and in the woods for ten years without learning a few things about various weapons, including firearms. He knew, however, from the way Kenji Tuskino stroked his gun he had a real one around somewhere.

Mamoru also noticed the weapon apparent. He looked at the gun his to be father-in-law was stroking and saw Mamoru-no-baka scrawled in Romanji on the side. However, he showed no fear, and no obvious sign of the inward cringe that would have shaken the house had it been external.

Usagi's father did notice that Mamoru was staring at his gun and he was glad all his effort in making it was not in vain, after all, if this college boy thought he was good enough for his little girl… well it's a good thing he had a real gun. However, he mused, all he had to do was figure out what kept happening to his ammo.

Usagi's mother smirked; she noticed her husband's introspective look as he looked at where the toy would be loaded if it were real. She smiled a very Kasumi like smile, he never checked her sewing desk, especially the large drawer under it. She had saved up a tidy sum by pawning all the ammo he brought home. If she didn't he might get in trouble for having an illegal gun in Japan, but so long as he had no ammo it could be classified as an ornament since he had a license for it as that anyway.

Of course most of the Senshi were oblivious to much of this; all they noticed was the usual interplay between Kenji and Mamoru. Even if he was serious about shooting Mamoru, he would have to deal with an angry Ikuko and Usagi. Usagi's anger is not something to be sneezed at.

After they left the Tsukino's, Ranma was driven by Haruka with Michiru and Hotaru back to their home, his new home. Setsuna teleported there ahead of them, saying that he 'looked like he needed some tea to relax.' He quickly realized she meant 'will need' rather than 'needed' but with temporal sight either could be correct, he needed that tea more so now.

Ranma was an adrenalin junkie but that 'drive' was insane. Really, when the cops flip you off but don't bother pulling you over… what kind of driver was Haruka? Predictably when they stopped, Ranma got splashed by a passing car. 'Well,' she thought, 'so that is how the cops got back at her.'

After she was dragged in, her knees having failed her at that point; she sat down and had some of Setsuna's tea. Come to think of it she always had tea.

Ranma was shown to her room and 'she' flopped on the bed and quickly drifted off. This had been one long nightmare of a day. Her last thought was, 'what ever happened to my wedding kimono?'

The next morning was weird for Ranma. It took her a while to realize that she had slept later than normal, that 'his' pop was not in the same room, and that the room was not the one at the Dojo. When she had awakened she got dressed and then went to the living room and saw Setsuna and Michiru were also awake. Michiru was cooking, apparently enough for him too, and Setsuna was sitting at the table drinking tea with an introspective look on her face.

Ranma checked with Michiru and decided to go out and practice his art, he changed to male form, and left through the back door. He also decided to meditate later on his powers. His main reason for practicing now was the seal on his swords had been released and he was determined to learn to wield them properly.

As he went outside he was mentally going over his various magical techniques. Some were attacks, like his most hated one that Ama-san taught him, others were passive. What he did not know was his role in the team was similar to Hotaru's. He was a bit different however. His powers were balanced more toward healing, and less to destruction. In truth his powers made him almost entirely a medic. The change that made him a fighter as well was his life and the training he went through; if he had not been trained by his father, then he would have not been able to use the powers he had.

Ranma thought about the swords and remembered in full why he was given them. As the Avatar of Amaterasu there were connections to samurai traditions, and his weapons reflected that. While most samurai would wield a polearm or spear, he did not since he, according to Ama-san, was not the main line of defense. The katana, and his was a proper katana, for when he summoned his weapons it appeared with a sash tied around his waist and was blade side up, was the traditional secondary weapon of the Samurai. The final weapon of the Samurai, he recalled, was a second blade, which could range from the tanto to a wakizashi. He examined his second blade, a Kodachi, which was rarely used and was, traditionally, a civilian weapon, which was symbolic of his not being a true samurai.

Ranma's mind went back to his katana again. All samurai families had a katana, it was meant to represent the soul of the samurai. He frowned as he thought about this. His recent change of clans and his katana. He might have always had it, but, as he could neither hold nor summon it on his own until now, it was still his new katana. A new family, a new name, even new honor; he disliked what it implied. He might not be as smart as Nabiki but even he could see that this had been carefully planned and carried out. Why it had been done this way he had no idea.

Ranma summoned his weapons, withdrew his katana and held it in both his hands in a ready stance that he was taught when he was so young. Just as he started into his first kata, he mentally groused more about some of the attacks he now knew he had, like his Tier 2 attack: Solar Ribbon Trail. Although the name, and appearance had little to do with Solar powers, the attack was very well designed. It basically made a pale red comet like appearance around Ranma, or rather Sailor Sun, the 'trails' of the comet were ribbon like burning blades which look harmless, however they both cut and burn. A close ranged attack, it was only truly useful for breaking through lines of enemies or, when retreating, guarding the flank from melee attacks. Upon closer examination of the 'Ribbons' they appeared to be pure red, elongated, katana style blades.

Ranma disliked the attack since the only way to effectively use it properly with its fullest intent was to do a spin in place with arms held high for the extra height. He had felt that it was a very feminine attack. Ranma snorted as he realized that when he was younger he was too inexperienced to realize this and liked the attack since it seemed cool do be able to do so much damage just running.

As Ranma lost himself to his art he allowed himself to forget that attack, if he had it his way it would go unused. But he decided it could be worse, it could be a giant Pink Heart. He ultimately lost himself in his training, just enjoying the clarity of mind it brought, even if it only cleared the thoughts of recent events and recent thoughts.

Setsuna was sitting at the table and watched Ranma leave the house out of the corner of her eye. She then continued what she was doing, which was checking in with the Time Gates. They did require her keys to use; however, she made it a point to be there as much as possible. Fortunately Setsuna had learned long ago that she could use her teleportation ability to see anywhere she wanted to teleport to. Thus at the moment she was in a minor trance using her teleportation powers to 'view' the gates remotely. She also used this to open the gates just a crack and push this ability through. She could, 'peek' at something in that time with only some difficulty. She avoided doing it to the past since this represented a risk to her past self, by exposing to the present which she was not aware of herself doing, thus creating a paradox. This could result in a paradox, and she had enough of those to deal with.

She also knew better than to overuse this ability, as it could make the gate detectable, and drawing attention to the gate was definitely not something she wanted.

To use the gates, one must , of course, open them. However, they would only open where they were. One could access them remotely but either the exit point or entry point had to be the gate's physical location. Hence the reason for having a 'Guardian' there. Even if she was away she would 'feel' them being used if someone tried, and even if they came from a 'future gate' to a location somewhere else the gate would still physically open.

Since everything at the gates seemed to be fine, she focused back on the here and now. As she sipped on her tea she remembered the trouble she endured in retrieving Ranma's pack from the Tendo's. It involved waiting and monitoring the Tendo's until everyone was out, before teleporting in. Akane and Nabiki were first to leave, Akane to whine to her friends about what Amaterasu told her, and Nabiki to try and earn back her lost money. Kasumi went to the market to get some repair materials for the dojo. With Happosai gone, this just left Nodoka and Soun; Nodoka ambushed her husband and chased him around town after he returned from his final attack, and Soun followed the pair from a safe distance.

Just as she was about to teleport in she noticed, much to her annoyance, that 'P-chan' had shown up. Normally if it was just a pet she would not have worried, but P-chan was included in her briefing by Amaterasu. After watching him wander around the house for an hour she got tired and felt that soon the others would begin to return.

She then got an idea. She teleported to the alley that had the cats that chased Luna that time, grabbed a pair, and then teleported the cats to behind the pig, before returning to her post. P-chan never noticed the cats until they fully noticed him. While the cats were playing with their prey, Setsuna got Ranma's pack, which she had to teleport without lifting, and returned home. After that she was about to save the pig from the cats when she saw him revert to human form in the Tendo's furo.

She refocused again on the present and made a mental note to get Ranma to retrieve his pack from her room, as she had trouble lifting it even transformed. Why waste the energy anyway, when he could do it himself.

After an uneventful breakfast everyone was getting ready for school, when Setsuna caught Ranma's attention.

Setsuna said, "I have an offer, Ranma, that will make your day potentially less embarrassing, should an accident occur. It will prevent you from changing at annoying times."

Ranma was ecstatic; he interrupted in an almost pleading tone, "You have a cure for my curse?"

Pluto smiled sadly and shook her head, "Sorry Ranma, but even if I did, do you think Amaterasu would want you to get it so soon?"

"Probably not, but I can hope." He admitted.

"I have managed to acquire a curse locking bucket and unlocking kettle. Now these are not the originals, so the bucket does have a time limit of one month, but I doubt that you will want to test that now, will you?" Setsuna knew how he would react to this, he would not like it.

Setsuna was right, Ranma replied, "So I will have to attend as a girl? No way, no chance, no how."

Setsuna just smirked.

"I don't know how you convinced me to do this, but I will get you back." Ranma told Setsuna. She, Ranma, had lost the discussion, and she was standing in front of the house in a girl's uniform.

Michiru looked at Ranma and knew she would need to give Haruka the cold shoulder later, she was probably gawking at Ranma right now, although she had to admit, that uniform looked good on Ranma-chan

"It was simple logic, Ranma." Came the reply from behind them, "Locking the curse and attending as female is the easiest way to reduce or slow recognition and avoid any problems water may cause."

"I know that." Was the indignant response, "I meant the uniform, I am still trying to figure out how you talked me into wearing it."

"A lady must keep her secrets Ranma. Be sure to see me as soon as you arrive at school."

Michiru looked puzzled, "I thought you only worked at Chibi-Usa's school?"

Setsuna smirked, "That was true. However, she does not currently attend that school now, does she?" With that she turned around and entered the house.

Ranma turned and looked at the Neptunian princess. "Is she easier to understand if ya know her longer?"

Haruka interjected, "Nope, the longer you know her, the more confusing she is."

Ranma nodded as she braced herself for another near-death experience, also known as being driven by Haruka. 'perhaps this is what is meant by being 'driven insane.'' Ranma pondered.

That evening Mousse staggered into the Nekohanten, he looked haggard and dazed, but by the way he walked he was clearly not drunk. As he came in he walked immediately to a phone and dialed a number. This earned glares of annoyance from several people. He had spoken on the phone for a minute and noted something in his personal calendar. Only a few actually heard of anything being said, and they heard something about an 'operation.'

He walked up to a table that was currently occupied with several people he knew. Before he sat down he noticed Shampoo glaring at him, had he not been in such a daze he would have gone into a rant about how much he loves Shampoo.

Shampoo glared at the idiot that had just returned. After he sat down she spoke up, "About time Stupid Blind Duck Boy got back. Even Stupid Lost Pig Boy get back hour ago." Ryoga ignored the insult and proceeded to stare questioningly at Mousse.

Cologne then spoke up, "My great granddaughter is correct, Mr. Part-time, you had better have a good explanation." Cologne had just got back from her honeymoon with her new Arien yesterday and was looking forward to getting Ranma into the tribe. Eventhough this little event was unexpected, but, it would not deter her.

Mousse looked around the table, he saw the angry glares, but he did not believe his eyes. He looked at the tribe elder and said, "My glasses are clearly faulty. What I saw, when I was out there, was simply not possible."

Akane fumed. She thought to herself, 'Ranma must be cheating behind my back again, but why would that surprise him?' Akane tuned most of the rest of the conversation out as she continued to think to her self about 'what perverted things the idiot is doing.'

Happosai was losing his patience. He had just returned from his honeymoon with his bride, Cologne, and from her had learned that Jusenkyo could be used to reverse the effects of aging. Cologne made it really clear that his panty stealing days were over. Now that he was back in a young body it was time to train Ranma seriously, but the boy had up and disappeared.

Cologne-chan, who now looked like a 30 year-old, was frustrated. She was also deep in thought. Ryoga had said something similar. She finally instructed, "I do not care what you think you did not see; just tell us what happened, and where Son-in-law is."

Mousse took a long sigh, and started his tale, "As I was instructed I went looking for Ranma. I finally spotted him in the Juuban area of Minato ward."

Nabiki interrupted, "Isn't that where the Sailor Senshi frequent?"

Kasumi nodded enthusiastically, then spoke, "Oh my, I do hope Ranma can get their autographs for us."

Ukyo, who like Kasumi tried to go unnoticed, had to ask Kasumi, "What makes you think my Ranchan will meet them?"

Kasumi looked as innocent as she could as she said plainly, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, "Ranma-kun tends to attract every girl that lays eyes on him, so why would the 'Defenders of Love and Justice' not notice him?"

Nodoka suddenly said out loud, "My manly son attracting the attention of such pretty girls!" After that was said she put on a silly grin and her mind took sudden vacation to her favorite theme park, 'grandchild land.'

The remaining adults noticed that the fiancées suddenly look pissed off, but Nabiki, who also noticed this, had noticed in addition that both Ryoga and Mousse went pale at the mention of the Sailor Senshi.

Mousse continued when everyone went quiet, for each personal reason, "As I said, I had found him. However, instead of coming back I wanted to know where he lived first. I knew that would be the first question I would be asked. I tailed him most of the day; he seemed to be attending school there, although the school did apparently know of the curse, since I heard a green haired teacher talk to him about it. Apparently she had access to her own pail and kettle like the Musk. Thus Ranma was locked and a girl at the time he went to school."

Genma then interrupted, "So the boy is being coerced then?"

Mousse shook his head and continued, "No, Ranma seemed to have freedom to use them as he chose. It actually seemed to be some sort of incentive to actually relax and do well in school. After he left school he was unlocked at a house, but since he knocked I knew he did not live there, however, the green haired teacher did, and she unlocked his curse. Then he and a large group of girls, at least 6, went to the shopping area, I could not see well, but when they left Ranma was a girl again. They then visited an ice cream shop where one of the girls, who I suspect is their leader and an Amazon from a different tribe than ours,"

After hearing the Amazon line Cologne and Shampoo focused more intently, if there was another tribe after Ranma it could mean problems.

Mousse, who did not stop speaking, continued saying, "Because she has a hair style like many girls at the village do, one like Shampoo's. Come to think of it, they all seemed to act like Amazons. She apparently had a husband already as she glomped him when he arrived. Then the group headed to a shrine, and along the way I spotted Ryoga."

Ryoga added, "I was in my cursed form, and doing what I could to track that jerk, Ranma" he got cut off by a double hit to the head, Akane, and Cologne both nailed him, Cologne with her stick, and Akane for being a perverted jerk, she still did not forgive him for P-chan.

"Keep your opinions to yourself and just state the facts, or turning into a pig will be the least of your worries." Cologne knew he would descend into Ranma bashing if left alone for too long.

Ryoga growled and Mousse continued, "We were both in our cursed forms and I was carrying Ryoga."

Mousse ignored a comment from someone who said quietly, "The blind leading the lost."

"We eventually reached the shrine and after about an hour the girls all left. We followed Ranma as he was with three other girls."

Mousse continued to ignore the comment that he was sure came from Akane, "Cheating jerk, and his hussy bimbos."

"I only know one thing about the one that drove them; I would rather be given to Azusa in duck form than ride with that maniac regularly. We followed them and just as they reached that teacher's house again, their cell phones seemed to have rung simultaneously. They then all got back into the car and drove off in another direction even faster."

Ryoga decided to get this over with as Mousse was taking too long. "We eventually reached them as they met up with the other girls and that guy who was with them. They saw some monster and before we could react there was a flash of light and the girls had turned into some kind of Happosai fantasy."

Happosai thought for a moment and Cologne smacked him, and said, "You better be thinking of me Happi"

Kasumi interrupted and exclaimed, "The Sailor Senshi! I knew it, but that would mean that Ranma-chan is one of them."

Mousse and Ryoga both shuddered.

Cologne nodded, "If what you said is true, then the Sailor Senshi are obviously from another Amazon Village."

Mousse continued, "After the fight they left, we tried to follow Ranma but when I saw Ryoga's pack I dropped him off and continued. I had lost him, but know where that teacher lives so we can just pick up from there tomorrow."

Nodoka was totally lost in a world of dozens of grandchildren, and even Genma could not get her out of it.

Noticing the time, Cologne said, "Let's make plans to get son-in-law back tomorrow. We need our rest for tonight."

They all agreed and left, although some were thinking of just running after Ranma instead of the meeting.

Author's Notes:

Makoto comparing Ranma to her old sempai. This is a common word that is usually used to refer to a senior in any environment, however when a school girl uses it, it can mean boyfriend. It is a bit obscure but that is the meaning behind it in the manga as best I can tell.

A quick note on Ranma's lack of reaction to being a Sailor Senshi.

Ranma has in the past had no trouble dressing up in girl clothes, he sees no trouble with it, the only reason I feel he hates the idea is society. People do not think it strange for a girl to dress as a boy, but if they see a guy in a skirt it is not easily accepted, unless you are in Scotland, or any other place that bagpipes can be found and the skirt is actually a kilt.

If people had treated guys in skirts no different than girls in guy's clothing then Ranma would not dislike it so much. His fear is mostly around being a guy in girl's clothing, not so much being a girl in girl clothing. If you doubt this rewatch episodes 2-3, 5-10 7-19, and 7-20 in fact the only real time Ranma complained any was in early season 1, during the… dress up game... but then I believe most girls – I am I guy so I am guessing – would react in much the same way as Ranma did, especially given the outfits. I have not read the manga thoroughly enough to quote locations but most of the examples I have listed if not all of them were in the manga too. Remember also the chestnut fist training he was a waitress in a very feminine outfit at the time. I will admit that he needs a reason to actually wear girl clothes and the Ranko – Nodoka dress-up events caused him stress, but this is because he again has no reason to wear these clothes aside from making his mother happy, which is the only reason he is doing it anyway.

When Ranma fell asleep and thought about his wedding kimono this is actually something that happens to a lot of people. During the course of the day a lot of people will forget something. They get so busy that they cannot even think about what they forgot, that is until they go to bed, I know it happens to me often.

Note in this Fic the Sailor Senshi are not Amazons, just Cologne being prejudiced against outsider females being so strong.

The last scene was originally meant to be an omake, but as I wrote the chapter I realized just how well it fit in.

Omake by J. St. Patrick

It was Usagi's mom to the rescue. She held up a bowl of ice cream, she asked, "Who wants ice cream?" This had the desired effect as a red blur headed in her direction, and when the redhead was in range…


Down went the redhead, knocked out by an odangoed blonde as she raced for the ice cream.