"Will it be hard?"


"Was that an attempt at a joke?"

"You misinterpreted my intentions, your majesty."

A bitter laugh. "A majesty I am no more. Sometimes, I wish I could have my revenge. Others, I sit and wait, hoping to be free from this waking hell."

"Is it that bad?"

"I must watch, but cannot interfere. Is that not bad?"

Silence. Then, "You would think I would know, highness."

"…Oh, Gods above! I ask for pardon from you. I did not think…it is hard. It is very, very hard. But it can be done?"

"Yes. It can be done. It will be done."

"Let us begin then…"

"No regrets, majesty?"

"I have many. But this, it will be a side note to several on the list."

"As do I. She will be broken."

"Only for a while. It will seem like a moment…and she will have them again. Someday, she will, but for now…"

"It begins."

"May I watch?"

"Only at your own risks, Majesty."

Tsukino Usagi's eyes opened suddenly. She was still on her bed, head turned towards the window. No nightmares had visited her while she slept, and she had no reason to be awake. But something was terribly, terribly wrong.

"Luna?" she called into the darkness. There was no answer from the guardian, and Usagi sat up. "Luna?" She didn't feel the lump of soft fur on her bed. Quickly, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and slipped on her slippers.

When she stepped out into the hallway, it was utterly quiet. From her position at the top of the stairs, she realized the living room light was on. She crept down the stairs and paused just before the doorway.

"Okaa-san? Otou-san?" there was a muffled moan, and she drew herself up and entered the room. All the air left her lungs in a loud sigh as she saw the scene laid out before her.

Her mother and father were gagged and shackled to the wall. A figure wearing a cape and shrouded in mist floated idly above a chair; a parody of sitting upon it. When it heard her entrance, it turned, and she shivered at its bony hands, lying in its lap.

"Who—what are you?" She managed to get out.

"Did you really think it would take long to find out who you really were?" The figure rasped out. "If so, you are a more pitiful excuse for a senshi than I thought. I am the Wiseman, and I have come to destroy you, Sailor Moon.

Kenji and Ikuko (A/N: For those of you who don't know, Usagi's parents.) gasped. Usagi fumbled with her brooch, which she held in her hand.


The Wiseman floated towards her slightly, and she staggered back. "You radiate pure energy. It was a simple task, one that I enjoyed in partaking. But even more joyful will be when I kill you. Firstly, give me the ginzouishou."

Usagi held the brooch high. "Pry it from my cold dead hands, scum."

"If I must…" Usagi felt the Wiseman was smiling, and waiting. She ignored the feeling and began.

"Moon Cosmic Power!" In a flurry of butterflies and feathers, Sailor Moon stared grimly at the Wiseman.

"I would never, ever let you destroy me."

The creature seemed to laugh. It was a horrible travesty; it sounded like nails on metal. "Well, if you insist on mocking me, I shall do the same to you." Before she could register what was happening, green beams flew form the Wiseman's hands. They hit her parents, and they trembled slightly as the dark energy invaded them.

The shackles disappeared and they fell to the ground, their gags slipping away from their mouths. Usagi suddenly found herself at their sides.

"I love you…" her words were whispered, and she was afraid she might never get to say it again.

Ikuko's head nodded slightly as she spoke. "Stay strong, my adamant bishoujo senshi."

Kenji gasped inaudibly. "We will always love you…we're so…proud…" the two clasped hands as their lives faded away. Sailor Moon shook her head as tears fell to the floor.

"I can save you…I'll use the ginzouishou…"

"How pathetic it is that you cry." The Wiseman's voice interrupted her grieving. "Come now, child. Defeat me!" He powered up again.

Sailor Moon wanted so much to let him kill her. She'd be with her parents again, and she wouldn't have to suffer the pain of… But she refused to think of it anymore. She'd have to be alive to revive her parents. He had killed them…

She stood, and The Wiseman stumbled back at the rage reflected in her eyes.

"You killed my parents. They've raised me since I was a child! They have loved me! And you killed them…you killed them! I—I—I hate you!" As she was speaking, the ginzouishou had begun to glow brightly. Her fuku changed to the formal ball gown of Princess Serenity. She held the crystal out in front of her, letting her power surge through her wildly.

The Wiseman had never felt anything like it before; pure, untainted light, flowing to him. He screamed, and tried desperately to hold her back. Soon, he came to realize that she was using her power with wild abandon; she did not care if she was sapped of all her strength.

The light engulfed him, and all was a painful burst, in which he died. He let go, regretting only that no one had seen him die. No one would ever say he had fought, and in a sense, won. He had killed the girl's parents. Let her live with that.

Serenity fell back, exhausted. She could feel something; the backlash of her own power mingled with something the Wiseman had let out before dying was heading towards her, but she could not move. Her eyes caught a flash of black.

Luna was staring back at her, eyes misted over slightly. She was pinned in between a chair and the wall; the Wiseman must have gotten her when she attempted to save Usagi's parents.

The feline managed a half smile. "You did…well," she gasped out.

Serenity smiled as well, but it was a sorrowful smile. "Not well enough, though." She closed her eyes as the power hit her, sending her petite form through the living room wall. She landed on the stairs, unconscious before she hit them. Luna too, lost herself to the darkness invading her mind.

Upstairs, in Usagi's room, a bright pink communicator beeped erratically. No one answered, and it kept on until well into the morning, when it stopped.

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