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Usagi glared at right hand, willing it to move. Nothing worked…

Selene appeared beside her, and she growled. "You said I could go back!" The goddess smiled.

"You are back, darling. This will be a hard beginning, but here, you may be happy."

Selene disappeared, leaving Usagi to muddle over her own thoughts.

She had woken up in a pristine white room, where someone had coddled her with dozens and dozens of roses…all of them white, all of them left unsigned.

She had realized she was in a hospital when she saw the steadily beeping equipment next to her and the IV dripping into her arm.

Now she lay, staring at the ceiling, wishing that time would end completely. She'd rather die (Which she had done many times already) than sit her, counting the cracks in the wall.

"Three thousand, four hundred and seventy two." She announced, feeling some sort of strange pride welling up in her.

"Congratulations on reaching a total, but may I ask what you were counting?"

She turned towards the voice, and all thoughts left her head as she saw Demando, dressed in a white tuxedo and standing in the doorway. In his hand he clutched a bouquet of white roses.

A smile lit her face. "Hey, D."

He grinned as he walked over and sat down in the chair besides her. "I'll let that one slide because you have a needle in your arm."

"What?" Usagi smirked. "The great, high and mighty Demando is afraid of a little pin?"

Demando grimaced. "Am not! And by the way, in your world, I'm referred to as Dylan."

"Yeah!" Usagi giggled. "I can still call you D!"

Demando rolled his eyes, but his lips stretched. "So, how are you? Having a goddess possess you an dying sure can take a lot out of you."

"I'm fine." Usagi frowned. "What happened to them?"

Demando sighed. "Well, for one, the inner senshi have returned to Japan, and the shittenou and outers, to America. They think you dead, and I don't wish them to know otherwise. But if you would like…"

"No!" Usagi said hastily, then relaxed. "No. It's ok. It's better this way. But where are we now?"

Demando leaned back in his chair. "Right now, we are in Paris. This was where Selene sent all the Dark Moon Family. I suppose it is to be our new home…we found ourselves in apartments, with a row of clothes."

"Wow." Usagi glanced at the window, and saw several buggies outside. "How long was I out of it?"

"A month." Demando answered promptly, and Usagi could see the worry in his eyes. "I've just come back from a funereal…"

"Whose?" Usagi was quick to ask.

Demando laughed. "No one you know, pet. It's someone who I was supposed to know, but didn't until this very moment. My mother…she died a few days back, and I had the services just now."

"In a white tux?" Usagi arched an eyebrow, making him laugh.

"No! I had on a black one, but Saffir wanted to switch with me. He had this one on, as he had attended a wedding…"

"Whose?" Once more, Usagi pounced on the question.

"That of Birdie and someone she has, apparently, been dating for years. She fell in love with him rather quickly, so it all worked out fine."

"But I missed it!" Usagi whined. "There's nothing better than a wedding!"

"I can think of something…" Although his voice sounded as if her were joking, Demando's eyes were serious as he looked into Usagi's. She gulped, and barely managed to answer.


When his lips crashed against hers, at first all she could think of was Mamorou. Was she betraying him and Small Lay by doing this? But soon she was lost under a tidal wave of pent up emotions, and readily returned the kiss.

When Demando moved back from her, she grinned.

"Maybe you're right…bit I can think of something even better." Demando eyed her warily.

"What's that?"

Usagi looked him straight in the eyes. "A billion more kisses like that one." Demando smiled, and happily obliged.

Crystal Tokyo

Neo-Queen Serenity smiled as she watched her daughter play among the fields of flowers. Chibiusa had grown up to be a fine young girl, and she was happy, it seemed.

Some years before Crystal Tokyo was created, the senshi had found her. They had proved through many trials that they were still loyal, and she had welcomed the, back into her service.

The shittenou…they were another matter. Always loyal to their king, the so-called rightful king of Earth and Crystal Tokyo. But she knew better…she had seen him, as he lay there, despondent in his home, shortly before Crystal Tokyo had come into being.

He had started when she had walked into his door, well groomed and preened to perfection. His eyes did not hold hope, nor the love they had regarded her with several years before. But this was because he did not know her.

She had used the ginzouishou to alter his memory. He would now never remember her, although he would still have some vague feelings towards her. Serenity had given him a new life, a new reason to live.

Her name was Ai, and although Serenity knew in her heart that Mamorou did not love her as he had loved the Neo-Queen, it was enough for him. Somewhere, she felt that she would always love him too, but it was better this way.

"Hi, Uncle!"

Serenity looked up at her daughter's cry, and waved to one of the shittenou. Nephrite, it seemed. They were still Mamorou's best friends. They knew him like no one else did. Although they had been unhappy with her decision, they knew erasing his memories were for the best.

But they had joined her, because she was their friend also. She loved them like brothers, and they loved her back. It was a love that would never be broken—no.

Serenity shook her head. Love could be broken. What had she witnessed with Mamorou? She loved Demando now, who had taken his place as King Demando, or Diamond, of Crystal Tokyo,

Serenity was startled out of her reverie when she realized Nephrite had brought a companion…her mouth suddenly dried as she realized it was Mamorou.

"Hail, Queen." He addressed her formally. She hesitated, but answered.

"Good morning to you too, Sir. How does the day treat you?" He shrugged.

"Well enough so that I may live." One dark eyebrow went up, and she shivered inwardly. "And you?"

Serenity did not answer, watching instead as Nephrite joined Chibiusa in making a flower chain. There was a slight noise next to her, and she realized Mamorou had sat down. His deep blue eyes looked at her, delving into her mind.

"Is there something wrong, your Highness? Shall I fetch the Lady Mercury?" Serenity shook her head.

"It is just…something on my mind."

"May I know of it, my Queen?" Usagi felt a shiver go up her spine. He had addressed her almost as though it were an endearment.

"Is it possible to love two men?"

The eyebrow went up again. "You love another besides our King, my Queen?" She shook her head again.

"Just a thought. You need not answer."

There was a silence once more, until Mamorou answered her.

"I believe there are several types of love. Siblings and spouses and parents, for example, all have a different sort of love generate towards you."

"Do you love your wife?" The question was abrupt, and undoubtedly rude, but Mamorou did not flinch. It was unlawful to lie to the King or Queen, and they could interrogate you on whatever they wanted.

"No." The answer was blunt, and simple, and she stared at him in surprise. He grinned at her shock. "Is it so hard to comprehend, my Queen? No, I love Ai, but not in the way you would think to love a spouse. I love her as one I could spend a long time with, but not as a friend, or one close to my heart, as I believe a spouse should."

The Neo-Queen was quiet for a moment, then she stood. Mamorou did immediately also, and she brushed her clothes off.

"Thank you for this talk, Mamorou." He was surprised; royalty did not normally address those lower than them by name. "I will be seeing you again. Good day."

"Hail, Queen." He said, looking slightly startled as she ignored Nephrite, and walked straight into the palace.

"Demando!" She called. He appeared immediately, almost as if he was always there. He bowed and kissed her hand.

"Something needed, darling?" he asked.

"Do you love me?

He did not seem fazed by the question. "Of course, pet." But she was not satisfied.

"What does your love for me feel like?"

He struggled to find an answer. "It feels like a thousand suns, burning in my body. I feel as if I could hold you in my arms forever, and we could waltz away through the stars. Is that good?" He smiled, and she nodded stiffly.

"Thank you."

He bowed once more, than left. Neo-Queen Serenity sighed, then walked to her quarters. There she let go of herself, and let her hair out of her odangoes. She removed the tiara from her head, and let it fall onto the bed she shared with Demando.

Suddenly tired, she shuffled over to the balcony, and peered down below. There, she could see Nephrite and Mamorou, tickling Chibiusa madly as she laughed.

There she remained, slouched over the rail, her hair falling in waves. A sort of half-smile lit her face as she watched them. Maybe she could love two men…and maybe they could both love her. It would be possible…if everlasting love not lasting was, why not?

And so the picture was; one goddess slumped over a pearly rail, watching below her the man she loved and a child she had with the other man she loved playing with a daisy chain. Only she knew the child was not meant to be the other man's, and only she knew how torn her heart was.

But the goddess stood strong, never wavering in her decision as she kept one as a close friend, and the other, a husband. And although she will be happy until the ends of time, there are still some things that make her shudder and wish for a change. Like when a certain dark-haired youth approaches her, and with a voice always masking his true emotions, he would greet her, stirring inside her the fragments of a love long gone. The words he called, and sometimes whispered, which she found she looked forward to every day, like a guilty pleasure:

"Hail, Queen."

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