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Dragon Fire

Chapter 10

Time to Rumble!

The sphere of red ki looked like an unholy Genki Dama. The little thing's laughter was mindless as he flung the powerful blast upon the startled Earthlings. Vegito grinned suddenly as he touched his fingers to his forehead and extended his senses. His smirk was positively evil as all of them were suddenly teleported to another planet. Rohan recognized it as the Kai Planet. Their sudden teleportation dodged the attack easily.

"I sense nothing that resembles a mind…" Dende said in amazement. Mr. Satan thought with his cowards instincts, grabbed his dog and grabbed Dende before hightailing it out of there. The Saiya-Jins watched him split before turning back to the Kid.

"No mind huh?" Rohan said in amusement.

"None whatsoever." Vegito also said in amusement. What wasn't communicated verbally was a transmission from Vegito.

Get the pods out of here. Find someone to help us fight. Gimme a senzu bean. Rohan wordlessly slipped him the precious foodstuff before grabbing a pod at random and flying off a short distance. Kid Buu went to follow, but Super Saiya-Jin 3 Vegito booted him in the face before a tail whip sent him into the ground. The Kid blinked before getting up with a snarl and firing off several hundred pink ki blasts that were all casually deflected. Vegito knew that Kid Buu was just warming up.

"This is gonna take a while…" he muttered as he braced himself for the next attack.

A short distance away-

Rohan released Ranko and fed her the remaining senzu bean. According to his own internal clock he still had seventeen minutes before defusion. His sister's eyes opened slowly. She smiled up at her brother before something clicked. This wasn't her brother, but he certainly looked like him.

"Who are you?" she asked in confusion.

"I'm Rohan. I'm a fusion of Ranma and Gohan." He said. Ranko blinked before it registered, but when it did she became all business.

"How long have you got?" she asked.

"About fifteen minutes now." He replied as he handed back her sword. The girl gratefully accepted her weapon. Since time was so short it was agreed that they'd get back there now. Something flickered in Rohan's mind when he saw her earrings, but it didn't register. It was time to get back to the fight.

They streaked back towards the battlefield, giving them plenty of time to take everything in. Kid Buu and Vegito seemed to be at a stalemate, but the manic energy that the pink evil radiated was different than the slowly waning energy of the mighty fusion warrior. The two warriors brought their hands together and held close together as the energy was built up. The two of them were gathering up energy for the attack.

"Mouko Takabisha Perfect!" Ranko cried out as Rohan called out his attack at the same time.

"Super Ka-me-ha-me-HA!" he roared. The golden ball of pure confidence blended with the blue wave of energy. The joined attack roared down at the sinister construct just as another Kamehameha flew out from Vegito's hands. Kid Buu laughed hysterically even as the attacks struck home. A dome of blue and gold light rose up before it exploded upward in a blast of power. Unfortunately, his sinister chi could still be felt. As the dust settled, it became apparent that the attacks had done something, but even though he was regenerating slower, he was still regenerating. The warriors flew together to plan their next attack.

"How can we stop this guy?" Rohan panted tiredly. He expended too much energy and it shortened his fusion time.

"Damned if I know…" Ranko groaned. The attack took quite a bit out of her as well, but surprisingly Vegito was invigorated. He had a plan and it was so bright that it shone.

"I'll gather a Genki Dama. You two hold him off for me to do it." He ordered as he took off. The remaining warriors blinked, but couldn't argue with that. A Genki Dama could probably defeat anyone if the mighty fusion warrior could pull it off. Rohan estimated that he had eight minutes left, but once again Ranko's earrings caught his eye. Finally two and two came together.

"The Potara Earrings! That's perfect!" he exclaimed excitedly. At the girl's confused look he explained about he fusion that could be created from the earrings. She looked hesitant about it, but the universe was at stake. With a sigh, she removed the one from her left ear and tossed it to Rohan. The boy affixed it to his left ear. The two teens blinked as they were violently pulled together with a mighty crash that echoed across the battlefield. In the silence that followed all that could be heard was Buu's maniacal laughter and Mr. Satan helping Vegito plead with the Earth for more power. The glowing ball of radiant blue and white overhead was growing exponentially, but to the pink construct it took a back seat to the bizarre apparition before him.

"Heehee…?" he laughed uncertainly.

"What are you laughing about…? I don't think I said anything funny." A strange female voice asked with all the sharpness of a rapier. The girl had black hair with red streaks; the pigtail was red as well. She wore an outfit exactly like Rohan's. The girl grinned as she dropped into a loose fighting stance, her hand resting on her sword. She didn't have time to waste on creating a name. Kid Buu was no longer distracted by her appearance and had turned his attention back to Vegito. His arms were above his head, getting ready to unleash his unholy Genki Dama and disrupt the build up of energy. Just before he could finish the attack, a powerful Mouko Takabisha smashed into his head, disintegrating it just seconds before a shish kabob kick tore into his shoulder and ripped the top half of his body off. The evil being's flying body parts that turned into mini Buus interrupted the assault. The fusion warrior girl had her hands full dodging the tiny terrors that vaguely reminded her of Happosai. They were glomping onto any part of her body that they could reach. Her revulsion reached its peak.

"Get OFF!" she screamed as she unleashed a massive dome of anger-fueled ki, vaporizing the Mini Buus, save for one. The little freak was visibly shaken as he contemplated what almost happened. That was too close for his comfort as he grew back into his true height. He was growing more tired by the second. The magic wasn't infinite, but even with the drain he was more than the fusion girl could handle. He leapt about like a hyperactive flea, slamming her repeatedly with powerful blows before bouncing away again.

"Kyah ha hah ha!" Kid Buu laughed until a bright yellow glove took him in the jaw and sent him hurtling into the ground.

"Buu make you go bang bang for hurting friends!" The pigtailed girl stared in astonishment as Majin Buu stood there in all his fat glory. His normally shut eyes were open and blazing. Kid Buu snickered at his fat counterpart until a snap kick tore his head off and a blazing pink ki blast shredded his torso. Mr. Satan was cheering fat Buu on as he rallied the people of Earth.

"Can ya hold him off, Buu?" she asked the Majin terror. The innocent pink bubblegum nodded as he prepared to square off against his evil counterpart.

The girl sensed something was happening. It almost felt as if her body was tearing apart. There was no help for it; she had to give her remaining ki to Vegito. She held her hands out towards the Genki Dama and unleashed a Super Mouko Takabisha/Kamehameha into the swirling mass of power. It soaked her attack up like a sponge as well as draining her ki to almost nothing. The Potara Earrings shattered as the Rohan fusion broke up forcing the whole fusion to shatter. Three teenagers crashed to the ground as the slipped into unconsciousness. If they had been awake they would have seen the ball of power visibly double in size.

The battle between the two Buus had reached epic proportions. Kid Buu somersaulted into his opponent only to be deflected by Majin Buu's huge stomach, but the return blast struck the Kid dead on. It was unclear who was winning, but on the outside it looked as if Majin Buu was winning. To anyone who could read a martial artist it was clear that the Kid was holding back. Mr. Satan didn't know what to do. He may be a crock compared to the others, but he was an excellent fighter in his own right. When he noticed his friend being defeated he screwed up his courage. He further bolstered his resolve by remembering his daughter and his promise to his wife that nothing would happen to her. With a loud "Kiyah!" he roared into battle.

"Dynamite Kick!" he cried as he executed a spinning kick into Kid Buu, each strike exploding like dynamite. It felt like a baby's tap. He grinned and went to move, but it must have done something to him because all of a sudden he could barely move.

"Buu glad!" Majin Buu cried when he saw his friend jump in. It made the fat blob feel good and since he felt good he wanted his friend to feel good. Putting everything he had into it, he began powering up and gathering the surrounding energy into himself. With a surge of power, Majin Buu transformed into a glowing Super Buu. The weakening Kid glared murderously at the cheerful Super Buu before an evil laugh shook him to the core. He looked to Mr. Satan and noticed he was venting aura. The ball overhead was almost finished.

"uh oh" was all he said as a massively powerful burst of ki blew into him followed by Mr. Satan's Megaton Punch as he was regenerating. Super Buu grabbed his friend and took off like a shot, scooping up the kids on his way, just in time for the Genki Dama to be completed. Vegito laughed.

"Now it's time for you to die! You were a worthy opponent…I hope we meet again. Genki Dama!" he roared as he hurled the powerful ball of spirit ki down at the ground. The whole area turned white as Kid Buu tried to hold off the attack vainly. He shrieked in rage as it began devouring him and dissipating him. Super Buu was expending all his energy to protect the pods as well as the unconscious teens. As the attack raged, the planet began to crumble and fall. When the ball finally exploded, the whole world turned white.

The terror of Buu was finally at an end.

Events progressed rapidly in the months following the defeat of Kid Buu. The Eternal Dragon was summoned to restore all the people killed during the whole debacle. With the second wish they wished for Vegito to be separated back into Goku and Vegita, much to their wives' pleasure. Ranma was reunited with the Tendos, Nabiki foremost among them. The mercenary girl was sobbing almost as hard as the pigtailed boy was. Everyone was reunited with those they loved, even the Eternal Dragon smiled at the sight before vanishing. It was the start of a new age of peace.

Ranma and Nabiki were married and running the dojo. The young man teaching classes in the morning for the adult students and in the afternoon for the younger students. All wanted to be trained by one of the heroes of Earth that took on Buu. Nabiki managed the funds for the dojo, which turned out to be surprisingly a lot of money. Genma was safely back home with his wife, who visited frequently especially when it turned out that the once Ice Queen was pregnant. They would later name the child Kimiko, after Nabiki's mother.

Kasumi finally found Doctor Tofu. He had gone on a long training journey to learn how to cope with his feelings for her and had found Ryoga. The two of them had become hopelessly lost, which strangely enough, helped him with his feelings towards the girl. It was a good thing too because they had popped out right in the furo where she was taking a bath. The Lost Boy fled with a nosebleed, but the good doctor decided that this was as good a time as any to ask her to marry him. Decorum was thrown to the wind as the girl enthusiastically dragged him into the water with her and showed him how much he had been missed. Not once did he dance off with Betty. The two of them joined Nabiki and Ranma in a double wedding. Their clinic opened down the street from the dojo, doing brisk business because Ranma's rivals still show up from time to time and they have to get patched up somewhere.

Akane was finally open about her feelings to Ranko, but unfortunately she told P – chan the Blunder Pig. When Ryoga found his way back and saw the woman he loved in the arms of a older looking redheaded girl he did what he usually does. Jumps to conclusions and leaps in to attack. The blue-haired girl tried to warn him away, but her girlfriend was really upset with Pig Boy's antics and decided to show him just how displeased she was. If Buu had been there at ground zero of that explosion they wouldn't have found a particle big enough to regenerate. The Lost Boy tried to figure out where he went wrong, but a nice side effect of the severe beating was that his lack of direction was blown clear out of his head. He found Akari and lived happily ever after on her farm. Ranko and Akane are also living happily ever after in the new wing of the dojo. In general, all the loose ends were tied up and wrapped up in a pretty package.

Dende likes happy endings.

A couple years later-

The World Martial Arts Tournament had arrived and all the greatest warriors on the planet were there. It was not only a test of skill that brought one large group, but a reunion of sorts. Goten and Trunks were older now, the two older teens were still inseparable. Goku was there with his wife Chichi and Vegita was there with Bulma. Piccolo had come as well, but of course it wasn't because he hadn't seen them in a while. Kuririn and 18 were there with their daughter Marron. The blonde girl kept flirting with Goten, much to everyone's amusement. The ones attracting the most attention were the children.

Ranma and Nabiki's daughter Kimiko was playing with Pan. Kasumi and Tofu's son Keichi was admonishing them to be careful or they might get hurt. Kimiko was a hyperactive ball of energy. Her brown hair shown with natural red highlights. Her clothing looked like a mini version of her father's gi. Pan was Gohan and Videl's daughter. She had her black hair in a cute bowl cut and wore a white karate gi. Keichi was a serious brown-haired little boy with a big heart and wore a brown gi much like his father.

Ranma and Nabiki watched their child play with amusement. He was competing this year of course. It would help with promoting his dojo. His wife was considered one of the richest women in Tokyo due to the success of Ranma. She had insisted that he allow their daughter to compete. He had a tendency to be overprotective of their baby girl. A little boy wandered up to the children playing with a small chuckle. He was a stocky kid, sturdily built and looked as if he could stop a train with just his head.

"Where am I now?" he asked in confusion. It didn't take a genius to figure out whose child he was. The boy was wearing a tiger striped bandanna and was dressed exactly like his dad. The poor child realized he was surrounded by strangers and started crying. A tall redhead scooped him up.

"It's okay sweetie…We'll help you find your mommy and daddy…" Ranko soothed the boy. Akane had her arm around her lover's waist with a smile on her face. The child smiled a gap toothed smile.

"Hiro? Where are you honey?" an attractive young woman walked up and stopped. She smiled happily as she rushed over. "Hiro!"

"Mommy! These nice people found me!" the little boy waved his arms enthusiastically. Ranko passed the boy to his mother and returned her lover's one-armed hug.

"Thank you so much…Ryoga! He's over here!" she called out. A huge man, easily nearing seven feet tall strode over. He was incredibly muscular and his eyes were filled with good humor, but above all, relief.

"You found him?" he held his wife close. Ranma was staring up at the man in amazement. Obviously Ryoga had been training. He moved with a fluid grace that belied his size. A gargantuan pig strode up in a no-nonsense manner, shouldering people aside easily. The whole family was here apparently.

"These nice people found him." Akari, if Ranma was correct, smiled dazzlingly at them. The Former Lost Boy looked to his old rival and a big grin split his face.

"Hey Saotome! Whatcha been up to?" he grabbed his friend's hand in a tight handshake. If this was the old days then that grip would have turned his bones to powder. As it was, they actually creaked a little.

"Living. Got married to Nabiki here…" he gave his wife a hug. The woman was distracted by an urgent call from her cell, but still gave him a wave. The two former rivals began talking about what had been going on. Kasumi and Tofu came over as well as Ranko and Akane. The whole group slowly began coming together before the tournament was supposed to start. It finally became time to go and they all went to the arena.

It should be noted how the matches went. The first match was Pan versus a giant brute of a man that couldn't bring himself to attack the child. Easiest victory for the young quarter saiya-jin. Kimiko was in the second match. The battle that actually made the spectators wonder if they were under mass hypnosis was a rumble between Pan and Kimiko. The children exhibited a level of skill and power that was highly unexpected from two children, but it made their parents proud nonetheless.

"Don't go easy on me!" Kimiko boasted with pride.

"I won't! Let's have fun!" Pan cheered as she dropped into a ready stance. The first dozen or so blows were delivered just within the normal sight spectrum, but all blows after that were well outside what a person could see. Even the Z Fighters were having a hard time seeing it. When the ki blasts started firing, it was close to the time when the children should be reigned in.

"You lose!" the young auburn haired girl shouted as she rushed at Pan at full speed, but the little saiya-jin flared gold briefly and kicked her clear out of the ring. Keichi was on the sidelines, patting a band-aid on her forehead and handing her a lollipop. The announcer called the fight in favor of Pan. Her parents were bursting with pride. Poor Kimiko flew to her mother in the stands and cried in her lap.

"It's okay sweetheart…" Nabiki held her daughter close as the next fights started.

A special match was being fought. Gohan and Ranma versus Goten and Trunks. No one knew what was so special about these match ups, but the Z Fighters knew. The crowd was treated to a bizarre form of dance complete with chanting.

"Fu-sion-HA!" the four shouted as they touched fingers with their partners. A flare of light erupted, revealing two vibrantly glowing figures. Mystic Rohan versus Super Saiya-Jin 3 Gotenks. The fight lasted lest than half an hour. A significant time period for the fusion warriors. Jaws were dropped in amazement as the two fusion warriors fought like they were trying to kill each other. The overall winner was no one. A Super Kamehameha met a Big Bang Finale, knocking them both out instantly.

"Never saw anything like that…" the announcer muttered as he readied himself for the next match. The tournament was declared over when Goku entered the ring with a young man named Uub. The two of them fought for a while before they stopped to talk. No one could hear what was said, but before the crowd knew it, the two were flying off. The only one to know what was said was Piccolo. He smiled.

"Good luck Goku…" he said as he swished his cape and went back to join their friends.

The End

Author's Notes: Whew…That ends the story. Some people may complain about the length, but I couldn't see dragging it out too long. The trick is to write enough that the audience is happy, but not too much or they get bored. Thank you all for reading. Ja ne!