Once in every body's life you have the chance to be something great. Not just an everyday person, but to be extraordinary.

Be it a bard, alchemist, or even just be someone to inspire others.

I'm sure you all have had this said to you. "Strive to be your best." "Don't ever give up."

But for each inspiration for greatness there will be someone to be trampled. Completely unintentional, mind you. But it will happen. To build a city and make it prosperous something had to be pushed out of the way. The natives that once lived by themselves sectioned off by humanity. They only wanted their land to be undisturbed. Little did the rest of the species of the land know that their aspirations for greatness would put the lives of thousands in danger.

Sandoria was built. The Elvaan race found the wooded region of Vana'diel to be much more satisfying then planes of stony fields. Their skills as warriors grew quickly. Under a monarch system they deemed themselves superior through tradition. Their king held a strong standing army to protect their homeland.

The Humes of the land saw fit to leave the arrogant Elvaan alone. Moving south they found the mines and hills of Vana'diel perfect for their experimenting nature. Thus Bastok was founded. But in this area they found the Galka. A large race of humanoids, they were first quick to judge the Humes. Saying they were an unnecessary being to be here. That the Galka were the ones who lived on the planes and they should have the right to decide whether the Humes should stay or not. But what the Galka did not foresee was that the Humes agreed. A trying to find a diplomatic way to handle their differences a democratic republic was the spark that made Bastok such an industrious city. Busy with excavating and inventing they left the rest of the world alone. Saying, "Let the elves play their games. We will be the ones to discover and explore this world."

Needless to say, this pissed the Elvaan off a bit. Over time relations between Bastok and Sandoria diminished to a war of exploration. The Elvaan went as far north as they could while the Humes and Galka moved East and West. To circle the globe and make a border of the two forces. In their rivalry two small groups of people. One from Sandoria and one from Bastok traveled past the sea. Over the treacherous mountains to a land of confusion. The foliage alone was enough to send them explores in shock.

Still they fought on to discover any new lands to claim as their own. But that is where the two sides hit a wall. They found the Tarutaru. This race of small mages greeted them too their home. These small diplomats lived peacefully with the creatures around them using pacts and words to keep a safe distance from a potential war. Not only that but there were the Mithra. A unusual species. They were a curious race of half cat humanoids. Unequaled in their speed, balance and senses of hearing and sight, they worked along side the Tarutaru to make a happy society. Due to a genetic problem the Mithra were a predominantly female race. Sure there were males but they grew weak and couldn't fight for themselves.

After this last conquest the Forces of Windurst, Sandoria, and Bastok stopped bickering. Opening up equal trade and travel between the three nations they started expanding. Economically, it was a prosperous time and all was well.

But as I said before, for every person who was dreams or greatness, someone will get trampled on. And it was only so long before the trampled started to fight back. Sandoria grew in size tremendously. The walls had to be moved several times and the borders continue to grow. But there were others living outside the walls of this kingdom.

The beastmen of Ronfaure, grew irritated. The Orc's were a vengeful race. They were quick to anger and constantly fought with the Elvaan. But every time they failed.

The Quadov's of Gustaburg hated the explores from Bastok. This turtle like race lived in the caves and hills of the barren land. When the Humes and Galka came to dig and mine for ore. The Quadov fought viscously. Reclaiming the mines briefly the Elvaan came and assisted the plight of Bastok. The combined forces pushed Quadov's back and out of Gustaburg.

Windurst never had any problems. Other then the occasional quarrel between some Mithra thieves and the natives nothing really happened.

Every time the beastmen forces attacked the alliance of Bastok, Sandoria, or Windurst they always failed, and not just meekly, miserably. In most instance the troops were so poorly organized that they would all blindly rush at any given city ready to kill everyone inside. Very little of them would ever get past the gates. And those who did died fairly quickly.

This meant the end of the beastmen. Until he came. The Shadow Lord.

The messiah of the beastmen. He quickly rose in ranks. No one really knew what he was. Some theories were that he was the combined souls and spirits of every dead beastmen from the battles. Others say he was the god of Vana'diel to bring vengeance against the scourge that scorched their land.

No real matter, all that the Beastmen cared about was he could lead them to victory. And so he did.

Cities fell, nations collapsed. It wasn't until the strongest of Vana'diel banded together from the three first warring nations stood against the Shadow Lord. In one last battle The Shadow Lord was struck down. And with his demise the rest of the beastmen army died with him. Without a leader and no direction the army fell quickly. Only month's later life returned to normal. The nations banded together to help rebuild their lost lives. With a stronger union the people of Vana'diel hoped that nothing could stop their happiness again.

Too bad history has a bad habit of repeating itself.

Chapter One… Apocalypse.

Jeuno was done for. A dark sky grew rapidly. The sun was just blocked out from the dark magic the Shadow Lord was conjuring.

"Yes, go. Kill them all. I have much to do now." The Shadow Lord said

She walked down off of the roof. There were bodies of lost friends strewn on the surface.

"Sir, what would you like me to do with these?" Kiashier asked

The Shadow Lord grinned evilly.

"I'll take care of them." The Shadow Lord spoke

She walked over and placed a hand on a female Elvaan. Shadow Angel started speaking in a dark demonic tongue. Once she finished she placed her mouth over her lips. She breathed out pushing a black mist into the woman's body. Without a flinch the Elvaan got up. Eyes open she did not speak.

"Good. Glad to see my magik's isn't getting rusty." Shadow Angel said. Now what do I call you? Ginryu is too nice of a name for a lost soul."

Shadow Angel looked into her eyes.

"You have a very depressing life. Your husband died and your son had no father. But you always wished that your love would return to you." Shadow Angel spoke. "You envy everyone who's life was normal. Perfect."

She places a hand on the Elvaans face.

"Envy." Shadow Angel spoke. "Be born."

A flash from her hand and Envy's body regained form. Her skin darkened from a nice tan to a grey.

Envy breathed in and bowed down before Shadow Angel.

"Go get the rest. I have some things to attend too." Shadow Angel said

In Windurst, there was a lone Mithra fishing off of the docks.

"I hope some fish bite." Vivli said to herself

Something caught her off guard. There was a loud sound coming from behind her, and it was closing in. Vivli looked behind her too see a comet closing down on her location. Yelling she ran quickly trying to get away. The comet came down through the air and hit the water. An enormous splash rained water down on everything. The Mithra, now completely soaked, walked to the edge of the pier to see what it hit. All she could see was a faint glowing object in the water. Soon afterwards there was a flash and the light was coming up. A dragon carrying two people flew out of the water landing on the pier. The dragon disappeared leaving two mithra passed out curled up alone.

"What is this?" Vivli asked approaching the two

In Bastok a tall man wearing all black with short red hair and a long thick black braid of hair going down his back. He was sitting in a café drinking some tea when he heard a commotion coming from the fountain area. He quickly put some gil down on the table and took off to see what was happening. Getting close he saw a large black beast with large black wings attacking civilians. He drew a short-barreled rifle. Running through the fleeing crowd he kicked the demon over and placed the gun to its head. Pulling the trigger he fired the bullet into its skull killing the beast. Looking around there were more of the demons. While reloading he got a call through his link-pearl.

"Andrew, we have finished the project." Cid spoke to him

"Bout, damn time." Andrew exclaimed

He ran off to the metal works where Cid met him at the gates.

"Here." Cid said handing over a very heavy looking gun. "Be mindful off your ammunition."

"Right-o" Andrew said

Quickly, Andrew ran out to the main square. Most of the people had left. Some iron knights were left battling the demons flooding the city. The rifle he had now was three feet long. At the very end of the barrel was a short curving blade. Under the stock was a leaver to cock the gun. A rotating chamber held only three rather large bullets. Cocking the gun he aimed the gun and fired. The recoil sent Andrew back a foot. The bullet hit a demon taking a large chunk of it with it.

"Damn…" Andrew said

He saw the destruction one shell caused. It took several demons out. The first was the luckiest of the group. It just died. The bullet continued to go through more until it exploded in a burst of energy. Andrew fired again, then a second time. Breaking down the bore he emptied the chamber putting in three new bullets. Cocking it again he looked to see hundreds of demons coming to the city.

"Shit." Andrew cursed. "I can't take this many out."

He reached into his pocked pulling out a second red pearl.

"Guy's get the hell out of the cities" Andrew said

"What, why?" Lucia asked

"Just do it now!" Andrew yelled

He raised his new weapon.

"What am I going to do now?" Andrew asked himself

In Windurst Vivli was trying to wake the two Mithra.

"Why wont they wake up? They have a pulse, this is just weird." Vivli said

She ran into town to see if there was anyone to help her move them. Calling out for some help Vivli got an answer. Not a friendly one though. A screech. A tall black demon came into her view. Her eyes widened, in a panic she ran back to the pier to get the two passed out Mithra. The demon followed her.

"Wake up. You need to get up now before that thing gets here." Vivli was saying while shaking one of the two.

The boards of the docks creaked as the demon walked out on to them. He spotted Vivli and smirked. Drawing a large scythe he jumped at her. Just about to attack a very large black hound jumped out of thin air pouncing on the demon. Fenrir pushed one of his paws on the demons neck breaking it. The demon went limp. He walked to Vivli. Frightened Vivli quickly backed away.

"What the hell is going on?" Vivli asked

Fenrir nudged the older of the two until she woke up. Hunching over she began to vomit up water. Vivli hurried over to help her. Once her expulsed all of the liquid from her system she moved over to the other passed out Mithra. She held her over and pushed down on her chest until she too coughed up water. The younger one was still passed out. Vivli helped the other one up.

"So… umm…" Vivli paused. "Do you happen to have a name?"

The older Mithra looked at her.

"I'm Angel." She said. Then pointing to the passed out one. "And that would be Terra."

Fenrir walked over to Angel. She then put Terra on his back. They started to walk away when Angel fell down. Her legs were too weak yet to support her body.

"Damnit, 13 years has been a while." Angel spoke

Vivli ran over and helped her up again. She became Angel's walking support.

"Do you mind if I ask where you happened to have come from?" Vivli asked

Angel sighed.

"I'm not really sure." Angel said. "But right now we need to…"

Angel stopped talking once they entered the town again. Dead bodies were strewn about the land. Houses were burnt down and others were demolished. Vivli looked in horror to see her home destroyed. She got away from Angel and ran to her house. Angel walked along side Fenrir. They saw Vivli crying in front of a monastery. It was a pile of ruble. Angel told Fenrir to stay. She slowly walked over to Vivli trying to keep her balance. Dropping down to one knee then to her other she crawled over to her.

Before Angel could say anything three people actually climbed out of the ruble. They stumbled forward.

"Your all alive!" Vivli cheered

She got to her feet and ran to one of them.

"I was so afraid that you had died." Vivli cried

Angel looked that these creatures. They all had a dark grey complexion. One of them raised a large sword above her head.

"No…" Angel said

She dashed up, using all her strength she used her sword to block the weapon.

"Get away from them." Angel said

One behind her kicked her away. She was on the ground trying to move. But her limbs just weren't working.

Vivli backed away from the three. With red eyes they all turned to Angel. Drawing weapons they tried to strike Angel.

Three explosions were heard. The weapons were shot out of their hands. Vivli looked to see where the sounds were coming from. A male Hume was running towards them. He was holding a heavy rifle wearing a black facemask and black out goggles.

"EYES!" He yelled.

He pulled out a glowing crystal. Throwing it at the group it exploded in a burst of light energy. As it dimmed black auras were forced out of the three who were about to attack Angel. Their bodies fell to the ground motionless.

"AHHH!" Vivli yelled. "I'M BLIND!"

The Hume sighed. Lowering his facemask he spoke.

"That's why I said eyes." He said

He walked to Vivli.

"Careful. Let me see." He said trying to calm her down.

Looking at her eyes he saw her pupils had closed up so much from the light she was indeed temperately blind.

"Ok. I'm going to use some eye drops to fix this. Don't move." He said

Taking out a small vial he took the top off. A crystal top held a dull point with a drop of medicine. He touched the corners of each of Vivli's eyes.

"You know you have some pretty eyes." He remarked. "If they weren't so red from my magic."

"Very funny." Vivli said

The Hume got up and went to look at the other Mithra. Helping her up She was unconscious. He checked her pulse and saw what was wrong.

"Well this is the strangest thing I have ever seen." He said

Vivli was stumbling around trying to see what was going on.

"What? What is so odd?" Vivli asked

"This Mithra, she has almost no muscle mass. There are visible tendons. So she can move, but… there is nothing to support her movements." He said

Vivli was walking around with her arms out in front of her trying to move around why feel. She just tripped over some rocks. The Hume walked over picking the blind Mithra up.

"I heard that Mithra are supposed to be graceful and sensitive to their surroundings." He said

"Be quite. I don't like being insulted by someone I don't even know." Vivli said

"Oh right." He said. "I'm Andrew, mind if I ask your name?"

"I'm Vivli." Vivli said

"Nice to make your acquaintance. This your dog?" Andrew asked

"I'm not a dog." Fenrir glared

"It can talk to. Neat." Andrew said

"Funny." Fenrir answered

"Yes sorry. Umm, exactly what are you?" Andrew asked

"I am Fenrir, the great wolf of shadows." Fenrir said

"Ok, you have one Mithra on your back, mind carrying another?" Andrew asked

"I don't see why not." Fenrir said

"Excellent." Andrew said. "Vivli, hop on and make sure you don't fall off."

Fenrir lowered his head pushing himself between her legs pushing Vivli onto his back. Andrew picked up Angel and started running out of Windurst.

In Jeuno the Shadow Lord was talking with his minions.

"Sir, the three nations have fallen. All that is left is a small handful of people left alive." Greed said

"I see." The Shadow Lord said

She walked around the group of eight. There was the fallen group that failed in their attempt to kill her.

"Lust." The Shadow Lord said

Seres and Cifer stepped forward.

"Go out and see if you can squelch this group." The Shadow Lord said

The two bowed and left in a phase.

For hours the five traveled. Out of Windurst they moved east. Passing through plains they reached Mahura. Expecting it to be vacant Andrew spotted an Inn. Bringing everyone inside Fenrir released himself. He said warningly that he'd be watching. They found a room for Angel and Terra to sleep in. Vivli's vision was slowly retuning. Andrew assisted her to a room. He, though, walked out and found a room to work in. Vivli stared at the ceiling.

"What the hell is going on?" She though.

Vivli wanted answers. Getting out of her bed she placed a hand along the wall. She could see again, but it would go blurry every now and then. Hearing metal creaking she followed the sound to Andrew. He was sitting down working on small metal casings.

"You mind if I join you? I'm not really good alone in the dark." Vivli asked

"I don't mind." Andrew said

She sat down opposite him. She watched as he took a hollow metal shell and pushed a sharp clear crystal point to it. As he pushed the two pieces together there would be a spark and Andrew would flinch in pain.

"Why are you doing that?" Vivli asked

"I was running low on these. Can you see my weapon?" Andrew asked

"Yes. What is it?" Vivli asked

"I'm not even sure myself. A great engineer Cid made this weapon." Andrew said proudly. "After analyzing the elemental crystals of this world he found that they could be used to exert large quantities of power or energy. One of which is that gun."

He fused some more bullets. He flinched so hard that he dropped the bullet.

"Damnit." Andrew said

Holding his hand it went numb.

"Great." Andrew cursed

Vivli picked up the bullet feeling the warmth it gave off. She looked closely at it. Inside the crystal there was a small light sparking. Andrew quickly snatched it back.

"What exactly are you doing with these?" Vivli asked

"Nothing that really concerns you." Andrew said holding his hand

"That's all I can really do for tonight. You better get some sleep." Andrew said while gathering up his things.

"Wait. I need to ask you. What is going on here?" Vivli asked

Andrew sighed.

"The apocalypse." Andrew said sullenly.

"What do you mean the apocalypse?" Vivli asked

Have you heard of the Shadow Lord?" Andrew asked

"Yes. Who hasn't? He led the beastmen in the Crystal War." Vivli said adding. "And he also staged the Shadow War as well."

"Yeah well, he's back." Andrew said. "And he brought back an army of pissed off demons with him."

Vivli stopped.

"They have killed almost everyone in the world. I'm here to find any survivors and bring them to a safe house until we stop the Shadow Lord again." Andrew spoke. "I suggest you go to sleep now."

Vivli stood up and walked away. She was in complete disbelief.

"Everyone is dead? It can't be." Vivli thought to herself

Morning came rather quickly. To her surprise, Vivli was the first one up. She checks in on Angel and Terra. They were both asleep. Moving to the next room she saw Andrew asleep in the same place he was the night before. He was holding his rifle sitting up right hunching over.

Vivli walked over trying to wake him. He started mumbling in his sleep.

"…celphie…" Was the only word she could understand.

Leaving him be, Vivli wondered out to the main room of the inn. She peered outside to see if there was anyone out there. To her despair there was no one. Not even an animal running though the streets. It was dead.

The deserts of Windurst were dry and dead as the rest of the world now.

"You say you can sense some people in that city?" Seres asked

"Yes. There are four, and one of which is difficult to understand. But no worries they are all asleep. They should be easy to kill." Cifer said

The two corrupted children walked into the city of Mahura. Passing under the gate they stood in the center of the city.

"There." Cifer pointed

Seres looked at the inn of the small port city. Seres then held her hands together. A black orb condensed in the air around them. Pointing it at the building she let go of it. The orb of shadow magic struck the side of it causing a huge explosion.

Vivli was walking back to her room when an explosion knocked her against a wall.

"What… was that…" She said

Scrambling to her feet she looked at the wall as the smoke settled.

There was a young Elvaan standing out in the center of the city. Looking at him she ran back into the building after seeing a mithra launch a second shadow ball at the building. Getting out of the way from the explosion this time she ran to see Andrew. But upon entering his room he was gone.

"This is too much right now." Vivli said

"What is?" A voice came from behind her.

Angel had gotten up. She was leaning against the wall trying to stay up.

"You need to get back in your room." Vivli said

Angel was holding an old broken rapier.

"No, don't tell me your going out there to fight them." Vivli said

A third explosion sent Angel down to the ground. She turned around trying to get back to her feet. Vivli grabbed her trying to stop her from moving anymore.

"Who else is going to fight them? You?" Angel snapped

"No, but if you go out there you'll just die." Vivli said

Her words stopped Angel.

"Take me to Terra, we need to get her out of here." Angel replied

Cifer and Seres were outside waiting.

"You don't need to do that any more. Just wait till their heads pop up." Cifer said

He drew a long sword. Its blade black and twisted, it curved up spiking off. As it hit the sun a black aura came off of it.

A crystal came down exploding in a flash of light. The temporarily blinded pair were vulnerable. A shot came down hitting Cifer. He cried out in pain.

"Cifer!" Seres yelled

As the light dimmed Seres ran over to Cifer healing him.

"Are you alright?" Seres asked

"I'm fine now. I just want to kill who ever did that." Cifer spoke

He got up to find the person who shot him. A shot came from behind him. This time it hit Seres. She cried in pain.

"You bastard!" Cifer yelled

He tired to sense where the shooter was. But he could not find him. There was a flux of energy in all direction. In the empty city there was a female voice.

Inside the inn Vivli and Angel were trying to get Terra to wake up.

"She should be waking soon. I just hope those two outside don't decide to come in here." Angel said

"How do you know when she'll wake up?" Vivli asked

"She used all of her energy to sum…" Angel paused. "…to bring us here. I just cast a spell on her when I awoke to help her regenerate her power."

Before Vivli could ask what Angel was talking about they could hear a female voice echoing through the city.

"Come, to me this day…" It sang

Another shot hit Seres again.

"…and then we'll run far away…" It continued

Again there was another shot hitting Seres.

"…under the skies of black, with you I'll sing…" In continued

Yet again there was a shot hitting Seres again.

"…together, forever, our souls will rest…" It sang on

This time there was a click. Cifer grinned as he pinpointed where the shooter was. In a burst of speed he ran up a building jumping and slashing his sword down. There was a figure wearing all black with black out goggles and a facemask and a long black braid of hair. Cifer slashed off the snipers mask to reveal the female shooter and singer.

She smirked. Slinging her rifle around she slashed at Cifer. A large cut went across his chest forcing him back. Cifer yelled in pain. Backing away the female shooter wields the gun like a sword.

"Well Andrew… how do we get ourselves out of this one?" She thinks to herself

Hesitating, Cifer takes this chance. He dashes around her pulling hard on her hair and swiftly kicking her in the back. On the ground Cifer kicked her again sending her off the top of the building onto the ground below. Landing harshly she couldn't grip the gun hard enough to keep it in her hands. On her back she tried to get up. Cifer jumped down, she rolled out of the way enough so to avoid being landed upon.

Cifer turned and kicked her again. Further across the way she landed next to Seres.

"Oh poor dear." Seres said

She cast a binding spell keeping her magically pinned to the ground. Smiling, Cifer approached her. He pointed his sword at her face and slowly lowered it. Digging it into her clothing Cifer was slicing it down the center cutting her robes open.

"What are you doing?" She yelled

"They call us "Lust". So I am only acting out my part. Right my love?" Cifer asked

Seres nodded and stood up. She had healed herself while the two were fighting. Cifer had gotten down to her chest and stopped.

"Should I go further?" Cifer asked

Seres, now next to him, whispered in his ear. There was an evil grin on Cifer's face.

"You may have her when I'm done." Cifer answered

In a quick movement he swiped his sword down cutting the black clothes all the way down to her hips. Un able to move she yelled out for him to stop. Looking at her right hand he pulled out a knife. Holding her hand down he spoke.

"Here, this will distract you from the pain." Cifer said evilly

He pushed the dagger through her hand down into the ground. She screamed. There was another voice yelling from behind them.


A purple light enveloped the sniper. She could move again. In this moment she pulled her hand out of the ground and hit Cifer in the groin.

"That's for trying to take advantage of me."

She turned around sweeping Seres off of her feet, then slamming a foot into Cifers back.

"And that's for just being creepy."

She ran off trying to keep herself covered. Diving for her gun she rolled picking it up.

As Seres and Cifer got up they could see an army of warriors. With several as strong auras.

"We wont last here." Seres said

"Lets retreat for now and tell out master what we learned. I'm sure she would at lest be pleased with what we found." Cifer said

Seres used her magic to teleport them out of the area. The sniper, with a knife in her hand, was trying to reload it. Another figure walked down behind her.

"Celphie… you ok?" Lucia asked

"No… no I am not." Celphie answered

She dropped her gun in pain. Gripping her wrist her hand was bleeding heavily.

"This really bloody hurts." Celphie said

Lucia picked up her gun and helped Celphie up to the rest.

"We need a white mage!" Lucia called out

One in dirty robes came running.

"I can help!" Vivli said

Looking at Celphie's hand Vivli put a hand on the knife.

"Ok, this might hurt." Vivli said cautiously

"Just do it." Celphie told her

With a sharp tug Vivli pulled the dagger out and quickly cast a curing spell sealing up the wound.

"How does it feel?" Vivli asked

A voice came from behind the two.

"So Celph, what's your new plan? Flirt with the enemy until they surrender to your womanly charms?"

Celphie spun around slamming a fist into the face of an Elvaan.

"Much better, thanks." Celphie thanked Vivli

Walking away Vivli called out to her.

"Wait. Where is Andrew? Did you see him anywhere." Vilvi asked

Celphie stopped.

"No I haven't." She answered

"Well can someone please tell me what is going on here?" Vivli asked

"It's the end of the goddamn world." Celphie answered

Legal notice, I do not own FFXI. It is property of Square-Enix. All PC's and NPC's have thier respecitive owners. (Vivli) is from the story The Final Fantasy XI Chronicles. Go read it, now.