Okay, I based this off of two games: Eternal Darkness and American McGee's Alice. I've started at the beginning of both stories, though I've made Alex's world into Alice's Wonderland, so the elements of both stories with be included and explained along the way. Something else I decided to do, instead of chapters, is pages. A story about the Eternal Darkness is just another chapter in the Tome, so I'm making each of my posts into the pages of the chapter. Anyways, happy reading, I guess.

Page One

Alice fell down a large, vast hole onto the solid ground. Standing up, she looked around. She was in a small, contained room, with portraits and diagrams all around, and a small desk in the corner. A large book was placed on the top of it. Alice's instincts told her not to touch it. She looked up from where she came, but the portal had closed. Sighing, she went back to her inspection of the room. A short, slightly tapered sword hung on the wall beside one of the pictures. She walked over to it and picked it up, testing the edge on her thumb. It started to bleed; Alice smiled. She tried the door, but to her dismay, it was locked. She looked around the tiny room. "Wonderland's become quite strange... And quite small..." she said with a sigh.


Alexandra Roivas paced around the foyer of the mansion, thinking. It's been two weeks since the attack... And yet, nothing... she thought, rubbing her forehead. Maybe I should just take this into my own hands... The police are proving themselves useless... She stopped and glanced around the room, wondering where she should begin. Well, Gramps was found in the library, so... She went over to the library door and opened it, staring into the quiet room. Pain overcame her as thoughts of her grandfather filled her head. She took a deep breath, and walked inside.


Alice rammed herself against the door, but it would not budge. Again she tried the doorknob, and again, it would not open.

"Having troubles?" uttered a taunting voice from behind her. She turned around to face the Cheshire cat. He was thinner than she remembered, almost like a skeleton, his grin stretching wide across his face.

"I suppose you could do better, Cat?" she retorted. "It's not like you have anything to say that would aid me. Your tongue speaks in riddles, and riddles do not open locked doors."

The cat looked her over with curiousity. "You're more stubborn than I recall. Perhaps riddles do not suit you."

She sighed, and looked back towards the door. "Well let's hear it, then."

The cat raised his eyebrows. "The answer doesn't always lie in front of you, Alice. Sometimes you must look past the veil of your vision and trust in what's beyond."

Alice rubbed her forehead, trying to decypher what the cat had said. "This is pointless..." she muttered to herself. The cat grinned, then vanished.