By Pip

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Ch. 1: Escape

Sam quickly made her way down the halls of the SGC. Her home. She had spent eight years here. She had seen so much happen in these halls. And now, she was throwing it all to the wind.

Making sure her final stop was deserted, sam quietly stepped into the darkened office. Carefully walking to the desk, she switched on the lamp. The clutter on top made her smile. But as quick as it came, it was gone.

'Now is not a good time to waste, Sam. Just do it, and go!'

She made her way around to the other end, and gently laid down the envelope she had been holding, as well as three beautiful red roses.

Coming back around the desk, she stopped to take one last glance at the room. There were medals and awards adorning the walls. But, there were also signs of her family, as well as the one before Jack joined the program. Her gaze settled on one picture in particular. It was the four of them laughing at last year's Christmas party. She smiled.

Wow, what a family we...NO! Come on Sam, you made your choice! Now, lets go! She cursed herself for letting her mind wander.

Flicking off the light, Sam quietly exited the room, and hastily made her way to the surface. There, Pete was waiting for her. As she climbed in, she gave one last look to her home. Her ex-home. The car sped off.

Coming soon...Ch.2: The Letter

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