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Dear Diary,

I have to do it. I don't know how, but I will do it.

Tomorrow is the day that I tell Malfoy we're pregnant… But he will hate me. The only reason we had sex is because we got drunk at that lame party and it got a little wild. No, not a little, a lot! Ah! I don't care what he thinks, we're still enemies anyways so if he hates me it will just be normal right?

I'm only in sixth year and I'm pretty sure Head Girls don't have babies, so that ruins all of my dreams. What will everyone think of me? They will all think I'm just a skank wont they? Draco will never talk to me again and I'm going to be a single mother at Hogwarts. Has that ever happened? A student been a mother here? I guess I should look it up tomorrow or something. OH STOP IT, Granger! Get a hold of yourself.

I, Hermione Granger, swear to go right up to Draco Malfoy tomorrow and tell him that I am pregnant with his child.


Hermione Granger

Hermione put her quill down and took a deep breath. She knew she had to tell Draco but she was so afraid. She knew it was his because first of all she was a virgin before the party in the Room of Requirement. The Slytherins had pretty much invited themselves to the party, but they weren't told to leave because they had brought alcohol. Second of all, Hermione had just come back from the hospital wing with Madame Pomfrey's assurance that it was his. All she wanted to do now was lie down in her comfy four-poster bed and cry, but her bed felt like rocks and her pillows felt even harder.

Hermione had been experiencing some morning sickness and her period hadn't come for over 2 months. She was a wreak, she no longer wanted to go to classes and even if she did, she was as quiet as Neville Longbottom. Her grades were dropping and she knew it, but she didn't care. There was no more life left in Hermione Granger.

Draco had made an effort to ease off of taunting Hermione because he was aware that he had taken her virginity in a swirl of drunkenness and lust. In his fourth year the same thing had happened to him and he knew how losing your virginity to an enemy felt. He was not terrible to the Gryffindor girl but he also kept his distance. To be quite frank, he wanted nothing to do with the girl, but since she was his Potions partner, that seemed quite impossible. He had suspected that she was absolutely freaked out over the fact that they had spent that night together but what the worst was, he had yet to find out.

Hermione silently crept through the corridors towards the Potions classroom, trying not to be seen by anyone. She wasn't in the mood to talk, she just kept trying to clear her heavy mind. She planned to keep Draco after class and tell him. She thought that if they stayed in the classroom and Snape was still there, it would be easier to tell him. She definitely didn't need all his cronies around when she broke the news to him.

The class dragged on and on. Professor Snape was talking about making a love potion and making them take notes. On Hermione's paper was the name Draco and baby written over and over again. Hermione wasn't paying attention but kept sneaking glimpses at Draco, unknowing that he was doing the very same thing. He wanted to be sure that she was allright. Inside Draco had grown a caring for Hermione. He respected her as a very intelligent and witty girl, but she hadn't been acting like that anymore. He suspected that it was because she was worried about people finding out about the night in the room of Requirement.

Finally the class ended and students were filing out. Hermione took her time in packing her ingredients and "notes". Ron and Harry said a polite goodbye to her and left. They had noticed her different attitude and knew from past experiences that when she was moody there was no talking to her. Draco was about to leave when Hermione took his hand. He didn't know what to do so he just stopped and looked at her. She motioned for him to sit down and he did hesitantly.

When Hermione had collected her thoughts and made sure that Professor Snape was busy marking papers she spoke. "Draco, you know that party we went to?" Draco flinched both when she said his first name and when she mentioned that damned infamous party. "Well, I've been meaning to tell you that… I'm pregnant."

"What?" Draco urgently whispered, "Are you sure it was from that night? Can't it be someone else?"

" No, Draco. You were the only one. I hadn't before and I haven't since."

Draco looked around the classroom uncomfortably trying to find something to say but nothing came out. He suddenly stood up, hastily grabbed his bag and left without another word to Hermione.

Hermione couldn't believe that he had just walked away like that. He didn't even seem mad, just confused. Hermione couldn't handle it; she bolted up and ran to the Gryffindor tower. She mumbled the password to the fat lady, but the fat lady asked her to repeat it, for she had been to quiet. Hermione repeated "Fish Legs". The fat lady shook her head and told Hermione that she had the wrong password and wouldn't be let in until she could come up with the correct one.

Telling Draco the truth had taken everything out of her, and this on top of it all, just spilled it for Hermione. She started to bawl and dropped down to the floor. She begged the fat lady many times to let her in but she would not.

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