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Turn Heartache Into Redemption

Chapter One - How could you?




Kagome entered her vehicle, plugging her keys into the lock and starting up the ignition. She backed out of the parking lot hastily, eager to return to her apartment and see her beloved boyfriend as soon as possible.

She had called him earlier, letting him know she would be working late and not to wait up for her. At first he had sounded disappointed, but she quickly assured him that she would be on her way as soon as she had finished working.

It had been two years since they first started dating, and Kagome couldn't have been more happier and in love. It was like she had found her missing half, and she knew he was the man she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. The only problem was she wasn't sure if he would ever ask to marry her. She had been waiting for so long, and every time it would seem like he was about to ask her, he would quickly change the subject.

She was beginning to feel unsure about InuYasha's feelings towards her. He would often say he loved her, but words were just that .. words. She wanted him to prove it to her, she wanted him to devote his life to her and take her as his wife. That would have completed her, but it seemed like only a fantasy that would never come true.

Kagome sighed as she tilted her rear view mirror and looked up to see her cerulean pools staring back at her. She blinked, her long thick lashes fluttering as she scanned her reflection thoroughly. Her silky raven locks blanketed her face in small chocolate swirls, and her full luscious lips were painted with a cherry red, that caused her lips to glisten from the smallest amount of light.

Since she had just come from work, she was wearing a black business skirt that came down to her mid thighs, a small slit tracing from her upper thigh and further down. A small white blouse served to cover her upper half, hugging her chest and sides tightly. Her small outfit bordered her body perfectly, hugging her curves and pressing tightly in all the right places. Even in business clothes she could still bring the best out of herself.

Her full glossy lips tugged into a small smile as she averted her eyes to the road, finally satisfied in her reflection. She wanted to make sure she looked good for him. She was always very self-conscious when it came to him, always trying to look her best just to please him. She wanted him to want her.

She glanced at the small digital clock displayed on her radio system. It was already dark out, the sun had long been settled into it's peaceful slumber by the time Kagome had gotten to her car. She originally predicted of getting home around midnight but it was only ten p.m. She decided she would surprise him when she got home, since he was expecting her by midnight.

A small smile crept unto her face as she thought about her gorgeous boyfriend back at their apartment. He had moved in with her recently and was already accustomed to his surroundings. Kagome had been really happy the day he moved in, she considered it as a step up in their relationship.

She smiled excitedly, her eyes locking on the small sign at the right of the road, identifying her location. She was nearly home and she couldn't wait to see her boyfriend at their apartment waiting for her. That was all she needed to step on the gas and increase her speed as she sped down the road. She rolled her window down slightly so the pressure of the wind blew into her car and rustled her hair around. The cool breeze relaxing her as it skimmed across her smooth skin and through her raven tresses.

She rounded a corner, taking a deep breath as she spotted her apartment heading up in the distance. She could already make out the small brick building through the dim light of the street lamps as she drove closer.

Silently, she turned into the parking lot and parked her car, locking the doors hastily, her black high heels clicking against the pavement as she stepped out of her black mini sports car. Glancing at her apartment, from what she could see there was no one inside, the apartment looked dark and empty.

"He's probably sleeping in our bedroom." She whispered under her breath, liking the sound of them owning the same bedroom. She was still getting used to coming home to him and sharing things with him, and it made her feel giddy when she thought about it. She stepped unto the porch of her apartment and quickly unlocked the door.

She crept inside, sliding the door shut behind her as she made her way across the hall and down towards her bedroom. She wanted to be as quiet as possible so she could surprise him. A small shimmer of light caught her eye as she traced the light to it's source. The light had been coming from inside her bedroom, it shone freely under the crack of her door.

A small frown edged onto her face as she neared the door, a vague sound reached her ears and immediantly alerted her body with fear. The sound began to appear more louder the closer she got, until she was right in front of the door. A sudden feeling of dread formed knots in her stomach as the sounds became more evident. She could hear it clearly now, the sounds of passion filled the air and the stench of sweat hit her nose, almost causing her to rear back in shock.

Her eyes brimmed with fresh crystal tears, ready to emerge and spill forth at any moment. Kagome refused to believe her InuYasha would do this to her, not after all they had been through, not after all the effort they put into their relationship. She had to see it with her own two eyes, although opening the door terrified her more then any fear she had ever experienced, but she had to see.

With a trembling hand, she slowly clasped the handle to her bedroom door tightly within her fingers, so tight that her knuckles had transformed into a bright white. Taking a deep breath and trying to calm her racing heart beat, she slowly creaked open the door.

At that instant, time froze. There lying on the bed was none other then the form of her naked boyfriend, on top of another woman that looked strangely like the woman she saw in the mirror every day. His long silver hair hung loosely and wildly around his face, his tanned muscular body glistening with sweat.

The girl in his arms looked out of breath, her pale white skin was clouded with sweat and her dark brown eyes danced with pleasure, both of their faces appearing flushed and heated.

Kagome gasped as she stared at her boyfriend wide eyed. The pain in her chest was intensifying by the minute as she struggled to breathe properly, but by the irregular puffs of her chest it was evident she wasn't succeeding. She couldn't believe he had done to this to her. She had given him her whole heart and trust and he had tossed it aside like a piece of unwanted garbage.

Before she could help it, a small tear traveled down her cheek, the salty scent of her tear reaching InuYasha's nose as he paused and pulled away abruptly. He looked up at the door, molten gold pools locked with pained azure eyes and he let out a gasp of surprise, staring at Kagome's small form in confusion and shock.

"Kagome!" He shouted, immediantly jumping off of the bed and away from the woman that had been in his arms. He looked at Kagome with a panic stricken face, confusion flashing through his golden orbs as he rushed towards the door, throwing on a pair of boxers along the way.

"How could you?" She muttered weakly, her eyes blurring with unshed tears as she stumbled backwards, shaking her head vigorously.

She stared at him directly in the face, not even bothering to mask the pain and betrayal that was evident in her beautiful sapphire pools. Not wasting another moment, he ran towards her, the pain in his chest building up when he saw the look on her face.

She quickly dodged his outstretching grip and spun around, pumping her legs down the hall as quickly as her body would allow her. She couldn't bare the sight of him any longer, it was making her sick.

"Kagome wait! Please listen to me!" InuYasha shouted as he rushed to catch up with her, breathing sharply as he weakly stumbled across the hall.

He finally caught up with her, his vision blurry as he struggled to keep balance and placing a small grip on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" She screeched, jumping away from him like his touch had burned her, her eyes flashing in alarm.

"Kagome, please!" InuYasha pleaded, his eyes mixing with confusion and pain.

"Don't ever come near me again! I hate you! I HATE YOU!" Kagome sobbed brokenly, running past him as fast as she could and jumping into her small car.

InuYasha followed her out, running towards her car as she started the ignition but he was too late. Without looking back, she hastily peeled out of the driveway, her heart racing against her chest as she stepped on the pedal, ushering her car to it's full capacity.

She had to get away, she was driving so fast she could barely keep her eyes on the road. Everything was passing by in a blur, and all she could feel was the moist of her tears as it slid down her cheeks. She gripped her chest, as if it could stop the pain she was feeling at that moment, a pain like nothing she had ever felt before. Something equivalent to a sharp knife slowly wedging it's way into her heart, entering her body and twisting painfully inside her.

"How could you?" She muttered weakly to herself, her wet cheeks becoming glossy with tears once more.

"I trusted him.. I trusted him damn it! My heart was his and he .."

Unable to complete her sentence, she closed her eyes, forcing down more tears as she tried to control her emotions. She had always thought that ever since her father died, she couldn't possibly experiance a greater pain then that, but she was proven wrong. The pain was unbearable, it was like she had lost a chunk of her own soul, and she knew she would never get it back. Not without him..

"HOW COULD YOU?" She sobbed uncontrollably, several more tears fell down her cheeks, and although she hated to cry she was powerless to stop it.

She couldn't take it any longer.. She had to get away, no matter what it took. She had to escape from all the heartache and pain that was quelling deep inside of her. She never wanted to see InuYasha's face again, she never wanted to hear his voice, or stare into his beautiful golden eyes ever again.

This was it for her, she wanted to get away and that was exactly what she planned on doing. Nothing was going to change her decision. Her fate was set, all thanks to InuYasha.