Ok, so here is the deal. I am probably not like most fanfics writers. I am Obsessed with Kaiba. One thing you need to know about Kaiba. He is a jerk. And that is a fact. He loves almost no one. SO for this fanfic, I made him exactly how he is, emotionless and cold.

Jou, well he is a stupid kid. Got to love him though!

Bear with my through the first few chapters, this is going to get really juicy, I can promise you that. I love reviews! They encourage me to write more! Now here it is, enjoy!

Collision Course

"Don't you want a coat?" Mokuba called out after his brother.

It was a chilly October morning, and Seto had gotten up early to make some final plans for his new tournament. After loosing the last one, and being disgraced once again by Yuugi, Seto was working night and day to perfect his new plans.

"I am fine Mokuba,' he replied, "I am going to be in my office all day."

Seto got into his limo, and Mokuba waved as his brother took off for Kaiba Corp. Headquarters.

Kaiba stared out the window. This tournament had to be perfect, so he could once again become the world's best duelist. A title that Yuugi had stolen from him in the past, over and over again. Kaiba was left humiliated, and since, had become insane with the fact that he must win back his previous title. If he was once again to become the world's greatest duelist, he had to make sure Yuugi was beaten. Kaiba had now memorized Yuugi's deck and playing strategy, so there was no way he could loose.

Seto was dropped off at his office building, and entered the door. His receptionist, Ashi, greeted him as he stepped into he elevator that would take him to the top floor.

"Seto! I wanted to talk to you about this list." Melanie stood in the doorway as Kaiba got out of the elevator. Her red hair was down today, and she wore the usual shirt and skirt bearing the Kaiba Corp. Emblem.

"That list is finalized Melanie, I don't need to go over it again."

Melanie looked down at the long list of duelists that would take part in the second Battle City tournament. Seto had spent hours, making sure that only the top duelists were in this, so rarer cards could be won.

"But Seto, I think you have forgotten some people." She replied, looking at him, "I could name a few duelists that would be fit to enter."

"Like who?" asked the CEO, narrowing his eyes at Melanie. That list, like everything else in the tournament was perfect.

"Well," Melanie started, "I um…saw that you did not add Jounouchi to the list."

Kaiba turned around and looked at her, slowly opening his office door, "There is a reason he is not on the list. Only the best duelists will enter this tournament. He somehow slipped into the last one, but I have made sure he is not getting into Battle City Two."

He closed the door behind him and sat down at his desk, taking out his laptop.

Melanie opened the door, "Look Seto, I have no clue why you do not like him, but you have to admit, he has become a great duelist. He was runner up in Duelist Kingdom and Battle City, so I don't know why you just don't add him to the list."

"That list was made, so half rate duelists like Katsuya would not be stupid enough to enter. I don't need that Pup challenging the real duelists left right and center."

Melanie rolled her eyes, "Oh come off it. You know very well that Jounouchi is capable of entering, and even winning this tournament. Does that scare you Seto? Do you fear being beat by him?"

Kaiba slammed his fist on his desk. "I am not afraid of loosing to a duelist who could not duel himself out of a paper bag! The day Katsuya beats me, is that day I decide to give up Kaiba Corp. And join a swim team. It is not going to happen!"

Kaiba got up from his chair, and roughly pushed Melanie out of his office. "You will be fired next time you decide to say something like that. There is so much for you to do today, and worrying about my list is not one of them. So keep your nose out of it and do your job."

Melanie rolled her eyes at sat down at her desk. Kaiba can be the world's great jerk sometimes, she thought, he is afraid that Jounouchi might actually win.

Melanie shook her head, and went to her agenda. She needed to get the new shipment of duel disks to the stores by 12:00 and she had not even begun to add the duelists into the computer. If I was not Kaiba's apprentice, I do not know what he would do. Ungrateful moron. Melanie grabbed what she needed from her small office and headed towards the elevator. There was work to be done, and she couldn't afford brooding on Seto's stupid decisions. She smiled a bit. It was her job to make sure all of the duelists got their letter and made it to Seto's tournament. Who is to say she could not invite Jounouchi herself?

Kaiba rubbed his temples and took a sip of his coffee. He was working himself harder than ever, to make this tournament a success. Afraid of Katsuya? That idiot lost the last two times he dueled against me. And I have only gotten better since then. Then Melanie's words sprung into his head. "You know very well that Jou is capable of entering, and even winning this tournament. Does that scare you Seto? Do you fear being beat by him?" Of course not. Scared. Kaiba was not scared of anything. He would show Melanie who was the best duelist. By the end of this tournament, he would once again, become the best.

"Mr. Katsuya, care to answer that question on your own?"

Jounouchi snapped awake.

"Three! The answer is three!"

Several giggles could be heard, and Jou looked around to see his classmates staring at him and laughing.

"Are you telling me that the capital of Germany is three Mr. Katsuya?"

Jou sunk into his chair. He had dozed off again. Geography was so boring. He turned around to look at Honda, laughing at him from where he sat.

"Detention after school Mr. Katsuya." His teacher said, once again returning to his lesson.

Jou buried his head in his arms. Great, now he had detention to look forward to. This was turning out to be a horrid day. He fell into a puddle, was late for school and failed a math test he had earlier. Yuugi turned around and looked at him. "Sorry bud, I guess we can always go to that new card shop some other time."

Jou had almost forgot! Today he was supposed to go with Yuugi and look for cards to build a better deck. Since Kaiba has announced that there would be a second Battle City, he had being practicing like mad, and now he needed a better deck in order to take Kaiba down. He would just 'forget' about his detention and do it some other time.

"Don't worry Yuugi, I am coming. Detention can wait."

Yuugi shook his head and once again looked to where the teacher stood. Joey yawned and closed his eyes. It was sleep time again.

"Hey Yug! Look!" said Jou, pointing to a card in one of the many display cases in the card shop.

"That Imperial Order trap card would look wicked in my deck."

Yuugi came and looked where Jou was pointing. "That is a good one Jou. You may need to use some life points, but if it destroys magic cards it is a good find.

Jou picked up the card from where it was and put it with the other cards he was buying that day. "Got what you need Yug?" he asked.

"Yup," replied Yuugi, giving the storeowner some yens.

Yuugi and Jou both walked out of the store with their cards in hand.

"You think Kaiba is planning anything new for this tournament Yug?" he asked.

"I don't know Jou. Knowing Kaiba he is probably making this tournament different from his last one. You just never know with Kaiba."

"Eh, who cares what that rich snob is doing, I am just going to kick me some ass in this here tournament. It will be you and me in the finals Yug."

"I sure hope so Jou." Yuugi remembered to the last tournament where Jou was not even allowed to enter, and if it had not been for that rare hunter, he may have never gotten in. It wouldn't surprise Yuugi if Kaiba didn't let Joey enter at all.

"Hey Yug, look. Melanie is over there." Jou pointed a bit down the street. "Hey Melly!" He waved.

Melanie looked up and waved back.

"What are you doing outside the office?" Jou asked.

Melanie shrugged, "Oh I am just doing some Battle City errands. You know, putting up fliers, making sure the registration center has the new duel disks."

"Wow, you mean the duelists get new duel disks this year too?"

Melanie nodded, "Yea, Seto has been working on a new design that will allow the players some extra abilities. I needed to make sure that the stores were stocked for when the tournament starts. Kaiba has been working night and day to make this a successful event."

"When do you think it will start Mel?" Asked Yuugi, "Has Kaiba told you yet?"

"He has told me, but I am not supposed to say anything about it. You will just have to find out for yourself. Anyway, I needed to get going. I have a ton of stuff I still need to do, and I am not half done it yet. See you guys later!" She waved and continued on her way.

"Awesome!" shouted Jou; "I get a new duel disk too!"

Melanie was in the middle of setting up the registration computer when her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Melanie, I hope you have gotten those new duel disks to the stores already." Kaiba's raspy voice sounded from the other end of her phone.

Melanie rolled her eyes, "I did that this mourning." She said. "I was just about to add the duelists into the central computer."

"Melanie, that list was made and perfected by me. Do not add anyone else to it. Unless you want to be out of a job, keep it as it is." Said Seto coldly.

Melanie bit her lip. She wouldn't even get the chance to add Jou into the database. Kaiba had already guessed her plan. "Yes Seto," She said grudgingly, "I will add them exactly as is."

"Good." And Kaiba hung up the phone.

Good-bye to you too, she thought. Some boss. Manners are always a good thing. Melanie looked at her watch and realized that she was running late. She picked up her things and headed to Kaiba Corp. Central.

"Do you want another coffee Mr. Kaiba?" Asked Ashi as Seto made his way to the door. The CEO had spent nearly twelve hours in his office.

"I am fine Ashi. You can go home now. Take the day off tomorrow if you want, I am the only one going to be here."

"Yes Sir," replied Ashi, packing up her things.

Kaiba walked to where his limo awaited to take him home. In two months his tournament would be underway, and soon he would be the world's best duelist again.

He opened the door to his mansion. Mokuba was probably asleep. He looked at the clock on the wall and noticed that it was 1:03 already. Seto was tired, but he needed to work on the plans of Battle City just a bit more. He shrugged it off. Tomorrow was Saturday, and he had the whole office building to himself. He would finalize everything tomorrow. He undressed, jumped into bed, and was asleep almost instantly.

"I don't know why you didn't get one Jou," said Yuugi, passing his friend the letter he had received from Kaiba Corp this morning, "Maybe yours will come later on."

Jounouchi kicked a wall. If he didn't get a letter, he couldn't be in the tournament. "I bet that selfish jerk didn't have the guts to invite me! He is probably scared that I will beat him at his own game!"

"Jou, Kaiba knows that you are a good duelist, whether he wants to admit it or not. There is no way he can't invite you. You came runner up in the last two tournaments, so your letter is probably on its way. Besides, the announcement and duel registration is today. Melanie was adding the duelists to the database yesterday, so your name will be in it even if you do not have the letter."

"You're right Yug, Kaiba isn't stupid enough not to invite me. My letter is probably on its way right now!"

Yuugi has his doubts, but for Jou's sake, he did not mention anything. "C'mon," he said, pulling on his friend's arm, "Anzu told us she would meet us at the fountain for the big announcement. Let's go!"

Kaiba's large face showed up on the many televisions of Domino.

"Welcome my duelists, to Battle City two. I trust you all have gotten your letters. Battle City will be a bit different this year. You will face your opponent with these," Kaiba showed the new duel disks. They were blue and silver, and if not for the different colouring, they almost looked exactly like the old ones, "Do not be fooled by the appearance. These new disks that I have created, will increase the damage a card does to the opponent it is target at. This ensures that only the strong survive. Losers will be required to give their opponent their two rarest cards also. And there will be no finals in this tournament. The winner will face me in the final duel to crown the champion. Pick up your new disks and present your letter at the registration offices. The battle starts in two months."

Jou, Yuugi and Anzu were left to look where Kaiba's face had been just a minute ago.

Jou stifled a laugh, "So I guess this ensures Kaiba doesn't look as much of an idiot as he did last year. He doesn't even NEED to duel to get the top. What a rip."

"And your two rarest cards," said Yuugi, "That will hurt anyone's deck. Except the finalist of course."

"Well, I need to get me a new duel disk so I can kick some major ass." And Jou strutted off towards the direction of the registration office.

Anzu rolled her eyes, "C'mon Yug, we better follow him. Who knows what he will get into."

"Not on the list! Do you even know who I am! I am Katsuya Jounouchi! Runner up from the last two tournaments! I am one of the best duelists in the world and you say I can't join this here tournament!"

"You are not in the database Sir. Your name was never entered, and if you never got a letter, I can't give you a disk and your locator card."

Jounouchi slammed his fish against the desk. "Leave it to Kaiba to pull something like this! That selfish jerk! Rich snob! No wonder the kid doesn't have any friends!"

"Jou, it's ok. I can talk to Kaiba if you want," Said Yuugi, "Maybe he will reconsider?"

Jounouchi walked out of the store in a huff, leaving Yuugi to carry his new disk by himself. He couldn't believe what Kaiba was pulling. They did not like each other, but this was going too far.

"Where are you going?" called Anzu.

"I don't need your help guys, I can talk to Kaiba on my own!"

Jou headed toward Kaiba Corp. Headquarters to give Kaiba a piece of his mind.

Seto was up early Saturday morning. After his announcement, he needed to go to his office to do some paperwork, and look at who had picked up their duel disk and card, and who was not coming. Seto had ensured that the finalist would duel him, and if he had his own way, he would face of with Yuugi, and show the king of games just who was the best.

Seto took his deck out of his briefcase. Three Blue Eyes. His best cards. He could not even begin to imagine Yuugi holding two of his precious dragons. He had to win. Seto stretched before he started to type on his laptop. It was going to be a long day.

Jou burst through the doors of Kaiba Corp. Headquarters Saturday morning. Ashi was startled by his sudden appearance.

"Can I help you Sir?" she asked.

"I need to speak to Kaiba immediately."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"No, but I need to speak to Kaiba and I need to speak to him now." Said Jou is a rushed voice.

"I am sorry, but Mr. Kaiba is a busy man, and he is doing a lot with the tournament. If you make an appointment I am sure he will respond to whatever request you have."

"I don't have time for this." Jou ran over to the elevator, and was inside and going up before Ashi had the chance to catch him. He was Seto's problem now.

Seto had just started to go through the list when he heard somewhat of a commotion outside his office. He could hear Melanie's voice.

"No Jou," She said loudly, "Seto is not in his office right now. I could tell him you stopped by if you want."

Seto cocked an eyebrow. Katsuya. The stupid guy had the guts to come to him because of his un-entry into the tournament. He smiled slightly. That Pup is so stubborn, he just won't give up.

"I think that rich jerk is in his office right now, with his rich laptop and his rich desk."

Melanie stammered, "No…He is…um…away on a business trip."

"I think Kaiba can count his cash later Melanie," Said Jounouchi as he pushed passed her and to Kaiba's office.

Jou threw open the door to see Kaiba sitting down and grinning at him.

"Katsuya, what an unpleasant surprise. You always seem to bother me when I am in the middle of something."

"Want to be in the middle of my fist Kaiba? You stupid punk!"

Seto chuckled to himself, "Do you always challenge people who are better than you, even when the odds are off the charts? Or is this just one of those days for you?

"Where do you get off inviting ever duelist except me into your stinkin' tournament?"

"Well if is a 'stinkin' tournament', as you put it Pup, why would you want to be in it in the first place?"

"You know very well I am capable of being in this tournament! You scared I might actually beat you or something?"

"Please Katsuya, a child would defeat you with ease, so why would I fear you pathetic second-rate dueling skills? Melanie, why did you bother to let him in? He is just causing a commotion."

Melanie, who was standing at the door, threw up her hands, "No, no, no. This is your problem Seto, not mine. You can deal with it yourself." And she shut his office door so it was just Jou and Seto, alone, in his office.

"Don't you have someone else you can be annoying right now Pup? Or did you run out of people already."

Jou growled, "Do not call me pup."

Kaiba laughed, "Maybe if you leave like a good dog now, I can page Ashi and ask if she can give you a cookie."

Jou's face was growing redder by the minute. He did not come to be insulted. "You better let me into this tournament Kaiba. I am warning you…"

Kaiba was still laughing in his office chair, "Or what, you will bite me Katsuya? Please, don't be so stupi-"

Kaiba was knocked on the ground and found himself lying down on his floor with a very heavy blonde ontop of him.

"Fist, meet Kaiba's face. Kaiba's face, meet my fist." But Kaiba was too quick for Jou. He had Jou on the floor with his arms behind his back in no time.

"Do that again, I dare you to Katsuya, it will be the last thing you ever do."

As much as Jou tried to struggle, he could not get out of Kaiba's grip.

"The only reason you get so angry when I call you pup, it because it is true. Because in reality, you are a…"

Kaiba's thoughts drifted off. He had the best idea. Foolproof and fun. He grinned and looked down at Katsuya. "How about I make you a deal, and then you can join in. It is a win win situation Wheeler."

Jou, who was still struggling, knew Kaiba was up to something, "What kind of a deal?"

The grin on Seto's face increased. "Be my slave dog for the entirety of the tournament, and when it is over, you can go free."
"SLAVE DOG! I AM NO SLAVE AND I AM NO DOG!" Jou was furious now. "When I get up from here Kaiba!"

"But you won't be getting up any time soon. And if that is the way you want it, I will make sure every tournament official knows your face, and you won't even be able to watch a duel, much less play."

Jou thought for a moment. This was his moment to show Kaiba that he was no second-rate duelist. That he could beat him at his own game. He sighed, "What does this include."

Seto pushed down a bit harder on Jounouchi, so he would stop struggling. "Between tournament hours, you will be mine for whatever I want to do with you. In exchange, you can enter my tournament and duel your heart out, as long as you stick by my rules. Got it?"

Jou collected his thoughts. "I know there is more to this Kaiba, I am not stupid."

"Yes, you are Katsuya, but I will make a contract tonight. You will sign it tomorrow. Meet me at my office 9:00 sharp and do not be late, else you can kiss your chance to enter good-bye."

Kaiba grabbed Jou by the scruff of his shirt and threw him out the door of his office. Jou got up and brushed himself off.

Melanie cocked and eyebrow and turned to look at Kaiba.

"Mr. Katsuya has an appointment at 9:00 tomorrow morning in my office. Make sure I have no other plans."

Melanie looked at Seto like he had two heads, "Yes sir," she said, writing down in the planner, this new appointment.

"Wow Jou, Kaiba must have been in a good mood if he wants to see you of all people tomorrow. This is nothing short of a miracle."

"No miracle Melly, Katsuya Jounouchi just doesn't give up until he gets what he wants!"

Melanie shook her head, "Whatever you say bud. 9:00 tomorrow is yours."

Jou nodded and headed toward the elevator. He would be going in the tournament after all. But this whole contract thing Seto had going bother him. What am I getting myself into, he thought. And that was a thought that would cross his mind many times in the future.