Chapter Fourteen

Jou stepped out of his house into the open air. He deeply inhaled and sighed. There was nothing like a tournament to get his spirits up. It was two days into it, and Jou had already won two locator cards. Things were defiantly looking up.

Jounouchi touched the spot on his cheek, where, not even 24 hours ago, a very attractive brunette male, had kissed him. It had given him hope; after all, Kaiba did that willingly. His only fear was the upcoming tournament, and what it would do for the both of them. As far as anyone knew, the hate still ran through both their veins, and Jou did not see a needed to put things out into the open.

At the moment, the blonde did not feel like dueling. He felt like walking the streets of domino and thinking about what the future had in store for him.

What did the future have in store for him after the tournament? Maybe he was thinking too far ahead. First, he had to finish the tournament, and then he could think about what he wanted to do.

He had seen Kaiba just yesterday. Jou didn't know if he was saying good-bye to him, because they were now opponents. How could he possibly strive to beat someone he slept with? Not even that, despite what both would think, they were friends now, and that wouldn't change, or shouldn't he should say, because something like this had come between them. No, Jou was sure this was not the end of things. He grinned, and smiled fondly, as he touched the spot on his cheek where Kaiba had given him a peck. He did not care if he was a deep shade of red, and had a goofy smile as he walked downtown Domino. It was his thoughts that no one could steal from him.

Jou sped up, upon seeing some duelists he was sure he could easily beat. He grinned at the prospect of more locator cards.

Kaiba sat at his desk, typing furiously on his laptop. Though it was a sunny day, and he would not mind going out and crushing a few duelists, he wanted to finish this work, so he had the rest of the day off.

The tournament had started with a bang, and was now in full swing. Seto expected company sales to rise; so many people had showed up to enter.

He got up from his chair, and walked around his office. An unscheduled break was ok.

Everything in this room reminded him of Jou. The spot on the carpet where his bed and food dishes once set. He did look unbelievably cute, curled up in a ball, sleeping peacefully. The closet which once held the dog costume Jou has put on under protest. He actually smiled as he remembered the blonde yelling and hollering about putting it on.

What was he to do now? It was not as if Jou would come around anymore; he had nothing to do. Kaiba was going to miss him, he admitted. They had bonded, and Seto had found someone, other than his brother, with whom he could talk with. He did not want that to be taken away from him. It was like a large chunk of his being was being removed from his body.

Kaiba walked over to his large window, and looked out, to the street of domino. Many people passed by with duel disks on it. Was Jou out there dueling somewhere? Perhaps. Perhaps the mutt would get into the finals. What if they had to battle against one another? Could either of them duel against each other? After all, who else knew about their new friendship, if it could be called such a thing? No, Kaiba supposed that they would have to forget about this whole ordeal.

Kaiba had learned about how to treat people, in a decent way. He wouldn't go back to the torment he had given Jou. Not even to put an act on. He knew now, you do not know what someone has to go through outside of your eyes.

He sat back down at his desk. It was unusually quiet, without the bustling of the blonde around. He had to accept the inevitable though, and that was, that Jou was not going to come back. He had served his term, and why would he want to spend time with someone who used to treat him so badly?

He heard a knock at the door. "Come in."

Melanie came into his office. "Everything is done, so I am going to go home now."

"Ok, that is fine."

She stared at him momentarily, "Are you ok boss?"

He looked up at her, "Yea, I am fine, just very tired."

"You should get some sleep; I will come a bit earlier tomorrow to help you with all of this."

Before he had a chance to argue with her, she was gone.

Seto did need sleep; he had not slept since this tournament began. There were one thousand things that were bothering him, and he was stressed to the max.

Another knock at the door. "Come in."

Jou walked in; He had that crazy 'something good just happened' grin on his face. He did not bother saying anything, but threw three locator cards down on the table.

"Ha, am I just blowing away this tournament or what?"

"You should not be proud of dueling children."

"They were not children! This one-" he proceeded to point to one of the cards, "Was from a duelist named Saba. I almost lost that one. And this one-"

Kaiba cut him off "Jou, I have to work, can you tell me about it later?"

"I thought you were done all of the work? The tournament is already on man."

"I am never done my work."

"You need a break." Jou smiled as he remembered the last time he had suggested that.

"Yea, well I will take a break when I can afford one." He went back to typing.

Jou moved closer to his desk, and pushed the top of his laptop down. Instead of getting angry, Kaiba simply looked up at the blonde.

"Don't change things if you do not want them to change."

Kaiba did not reply, but quietly sat in his chair. Was he trying to change something? Kind of, he was more like avoiding the topic.

Jou bent down so he was eye level with the brunette. "They don't have to change."

"Yes they do," Kaiba said, in almost a whisper.

"C'mon Seto, they can change for the better! You have the whole tournament to take! I can't wait to face you!"

"How so?"

"Well, if you beat me, I won't care. After all, you are one of the best. It shows me I have room for improvement. Don't go into this with a grudge; don't think I will be hurt by you again."

Again. How many times had he hurt him before?

"The point is Seto; I am not changing who I am to suit anyone. And neither should you."

I was oddly true. Even though they both got along, their personalities hadn't changed. But Jou was wrong in a sense. They did change in ways. They changed their views on each other, their actions towards each other. Sometimes, change was not such a bad thing.

Jou turned his attention towards Kaiba's window. The day was almost ending, and he could see the sun, setting over the buildings and skyscrapers of Domino. That was ok though, he knew there would always be another tomorrow. "So, fancy having a duel? I think you have rusted up."

Kaiba looked up at the blonde. The last rays of light picked up the reds and browns in his hair; Seto had never noticed that before. He grinned all the same, "Don't wager on it Mutt, I can still kick your ass."

"Prove it then Rich Boy, I think you are all talk."

Seto grabbed his disk, and was out of the office in a flash, "Hurry up."

"One sec, just go on ahead."

Jou gave a look around the office he was sure to see again. He smiled at Kaiba's laptop, lying forgotten on his desk. He placed something on top of it, and ran after Seto.

The very last pinpricks of sun poured over Kaiba's desk, picking up the small metal tag on top of the bulky laptop. The day had ended, and so had the cycle of the past months. Not out of place, but adding to the d├ęcor of the room, the collar was officially, back to its owner.

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