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BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! 'Good Morning Jump city…' was all the little alarm clock could get out before a tired hand came down on its poor snooze button. Blankets gave way to messy black hair and masked, unfocused eyes which opened slowly to squint groggily at the flashing red numbers. They were greeted by the annoying and, completely unwanted for, sight of the flashing red digits. 6:00AM. There were probably worse fates than sleeping in.

Rolling over, Robin was more than happy to go back to sleep, which in anyone else's opinion would have seemed odd seeing as the man had a reputation for always being on time and never late. But people always forgot to add the alarm clock into the equation…

'..beautiful day, perfect for a family day out…' The man in his early 20's groaned and lifted his hand to turn the object of annoyance off only to meet the oak of the nightstand. Just recently, they had been meeting a lot. Sighing as the little bird alarm clock beeped once more, he got up to search for it since it had rolled away. The alarm was a newer model designed to move around the room if the owner hit the snooze button to sleep again. It had been a "gift" from his commanding boss, and foster father, Bruce Wayne.

Robin could recall clearly how Bruce's eyes had danced as he handed Robin and his two teammates each a box, like he could already see the scene of him getting up, clad in just his boxers, to chase it around his room in front of the open window. 'Well,' he thought smugly, 'He was only half right. I had the dignity to close the window. …After the first 3 weeks anyway…' Finally finding the source of trouble he happily switched the little critter off and jumped back into bed… only to realize that he probably wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. Naturally irritated and being the logical leader of his three man squad, Robin went for the best choice of action- he threw the damned thing out the window. Again. For the twenty-fourth time in a row.

After gaining some sort of satisfaction from hearing the crunch of metal on pavement, (twenty-four times and the sound was still music to his ears,) he got up slowly, thinking regretfully of the loss of his warm bed and the comfort it could provide. Ah, slumber. What a cruel mistress she was, always tempting him at his weakest moments! Groaning as he rose, he managed to find a clean shirt in the litter of clothes and papers he called his room, pulled on a pair of jeans and walked out.

Once upon a time Robin's eyes would have snapped open at the sound of the alarm and he would jump out of bed, eager to solve the world's problems one crime at a time. Once upon a time his room would have been in prime shape, clean and impersonal, ready for any surprise inspection Bruce might have popped up suddenly to give. But then again, once upon a time Robin was an inexperienced Rookie who had yet to see that there was more to fighting crime than ensuring that his room was clean. Don't get him wrong, he still wanted to fight for the good guys and try to stop crime so that the streets were safer for everyone and all that, but he'd rather do it all with breakfast in his belly.

Walking out, Robin found himself wishing that Cyborg hadn't locked the closet full of those damned little alarm clocks with a state of the art lock because, to be honest, tossing those things out of his window was a nice stress reliever. Some people liked stress toys, others liked to eat more, and he personally preferred to throw alarm clocks out his window. Everyone has their own little methods.

The sunlight filtered weakly into the room, but the noise hit him full blast. In the sanctuary of his room Robin had learned how to tune out the racket his two (very loud) roommates could make, but out here it took a moment for him to adjust to the noise level (as well as do a quick check to ensure that no, his eardrums were not bleeding yet). After taking in a deep breath (and making several failed attempts to break into the alarm closet) he took a look at the situation to access it mentally: noise level breaking unknown records (normal) because his two roommates Beastboy and Cyborg were there shouting at the top of their lungs (also normal), with half the kitchen on fire behind them as a result of the stove being left on too long (…yeah, actually, that was pretty normal too.)

Robin sighed and watched partially distressed, (he had once sat down to calculate how much they spent on new kitchens every year. He is still denying that he fainted from the amount to this very day,) and partially amused as the two were oblivious to the fire around them. (And that Beastboy's pant leg had just caught fire... How can Cyborg's leg glow that color of red? Is that shade even known yet? Robin made a mental note to look at the shades of red the paint samples covered next time he went to the hardware store… which would be very soon if the kitchen was anything to judge by.) Crossing the kitchen he calmly took down the fire extinguisher and didn't hesitate as he doused both the kitchen and his two quarrelling friends.

The argument ended abruptly as the two sputtered and coughed from the small amount of liquid that had managed to get in there (wide open) mouths.

"Dude! What was that for? I know we were probably getting a little louder than necessary and all but you didn't need to- hey! What happened to the kitchen? Did you try another experiment Rob?" Beastboy demanded. It took Robin something around 10 years of training to resist smacking the palm of his hand to his forehead. (One time. ONE TIME. Just for that comment, Robin made another mental note to plot an elaborate and fitful revenge for Beastboy when he had the spare time.)

"Yeah, Robin, what's the deal? I was winning against BB!" Cyborg exclaimed. Robin took one long, hard, stare at his friends. One was part human, part machine. A good majority mechanical but it definitely helped when it came down to catching criminals. Half his head was machine, a glowing red eye replacing the normal twin directly across. Arms, legs and chest were a system of wires and chips run by a powerful battery that left the man's mechanic parts radiating a pleasant blue. His human side of the face was shaved clean, tanned, and was currently in a slight state of bewilderment.

The other male sharing the apartment penthouse with Robin and Cyborg had green hair and was green skinned. Clad in a pair of black jeans and a purple shirt he was more like the joker among the three. In battle he could morph in to any animal he had seen and was a definite challenge to any criminal that they had faced.

And then there was him. Robin could defeat any criminal that had managed to sneak past Beastboy and Cyborg. He didn't have super powers or a fully loaded sonic blaster but he could definitely hold his own with or without a weapon. Masked eyes rolled as he watched BB and Cy engage in yet another argument, (totally ruining his proud moment), this time over who was winning the previous argument.

"I'm going out for breakfast," he called to no one in particular before grabbing a summer coat and his briefcase and heading towards the elevator. The argument behind him stopped as Robin's statement and its connection to (good, unburnt, and unlikely to try and eat them) food clicked in their minds and the pair scrambled to get together their items running to catch up to Robin.

"Robin, wait up!" Robin turned and watched as the other two ran at top speed to join him in the elevator. He held the "door open" button patiently waiting as Beastboy and Cyborg slid in.

"I… vote… that we… go somewhere different today," Beastboy panted, leaning against the wall. When Cyborg and Robin raised their eyebrows in response he added, "This is the 100th day that we had to eat out for breakfast after all."

"Hmmm," Cyborg rubbed his chin in false wondering. "The usual place it is then."

"Well, don't blame me if I never tell you important dates again…." Beastboy muttered. Cyborg chuckled.

"You call having to eat out for breakfast for 100 days straight because someone always did something to the kitchen a reason to eat somewhere different? 'Sides I happen to like the little diner we always go to. Not as much popularity with the ladies."

"I have to agree with Cy on this one Beastboy," Robin agreed. "It's not easy eating a nice breakfast when there's a mob of boy crazy girls hunting you down as you run up and down every ally available in a mad attempt to escape." Beastboy looked thoughtful for a second before giving in and nodding.

"It was fun the first time though…"


"I was just kidding! Sheesh… you people have no sense of humor…"


A woman in her late twenties lay staring up at the ceiling. Her green eyes watched in anticipation as she rolled over to look at the digital alarm beside her, ruby hair flowing around her head. The blinking red numbers that had read 5:59AM quickly turned to 6:00AM, when it was set to ring. Alas, the poor clock never stood a chance for as soon as the numbers changed, Starfire turned it off to giddily get up.

She stripped out of her night gown and put on light blue, hip hugger jeans and a magenta shirt before heading out to the kitchen of the small house she resided in with her two friends and teammates, Raven and Jinx. Before she left her neat and organized room she grabbed a brush and flung open her window, welcoming the warm sunshine.

The kitchen itself was deserted but loud noises erupted from below. It didn't matter to Star how loud her friends were and there was no one else around to hear them. They were, after all on the outskirts of the city. The electricity bill always sky rocketed but they could always afford it with their "jobs." Walking to the other end of the kitchen, she turned down the hall and stopped in front of a closet. Pushing aside all the coats and jackets hanging neatly in their place she skimmed the wall until she found a crack in the wall. Sliding two fingers along the length of the crack she activated the touch sensitive alarm.

After checking Starfire's retina, fingerprint, and voice password the system confirmed her identity and turned off all weapons ready to fire at her. The floor beneath Starfire gave way in access and she let herself fall, coming out the other end of the passage with a muffled thump as she hit the floor mat in a graceful crouch. Star grinned. The security system had been installed by she herself and she was nearly 100 percent confident that no one would be able to find it. Hell, there were days when she, master of any security code, couldn't find it.

Looking around her, she saw two girls. One was dressed in tight black jeans and a dark tank top, the ebony utility belt hanging comfortably around her middle. Violet hair was cut to shoulder length and a single ruby shard shone in the middle of her forehead. She was currently shooting at moving targets, small bulls eyes painted on specific points. Judging from the way they up by the ceiling and their familiar semi-circular route, Star would guess that Raven was practicing shooting at security cameras.

Raven was holding a silenced magnum, rapidly shooting off rounds until the clip was done, ejecting the empty clip and reloading before the former had hit the ground. She didn't even blink. It had taken years for her to get her aim that good and she would sooner be dragged into the pits of hell and locked in a cell for eternity with her evil demon father before she gave up her aiming skills… well maybe not but something pretty damn close to that. When all the targets had been shot down Raven was quick to put the gun into its place at her belt before summoning her telekinetic powers to fire at the now larger moving targets. These ones were more varying in size, the smallest being that of a toddler human child. The more superior ones had guns that would fire if you hesitated long enough and getting too close would activate the hand-to-hand combat mode. There were occasional smaller targets that held a slingshot or a bat that an opponent would have to knock away.

It all sounded dangerous but Raven was usually able to have them all trapped and captive in fewer than 5 minutes. If she did hesitate long enough (which she hadn't in a long time) and the target dummies fired, it would only be paint. Sure, it would sting like hell but it wouldn't kill you.

The other girl had her pink hair done in its usual unique style, (Starfire and Raven often wondered how she slept with it like that) the shiny black collar she wore around her neck gleamed under the florescent lights. Her top was black and purple, cut to resemble something a sorceress like her would prefer to wear, but she, like Starfire, also wore jeans.

Jinx was sitting on top of the large pine table, puzzling over a map of jump city in an attempt to decide an appropriate setting for their next heist. Idly she thought back to all those action movies she would watch with her brothers in the orphanage. She could never understand why the places the bad guys stole from had to have lots of money/gold/riches and why, when they finally got around to carrying through the evil plot and stealing the money/gold/riches they had to take so much. The more you take, the harder it is to get away with it all. Especially since more money/gold/riches more weight. Well… best not to dwell on it. The bad guys could steal their way, (which usually lead to them getting caught and/or killed by the protagonist) and she and her friends could steal theirs.

"A morning of goodness to you both, friend Raven and friend Jinx!" Starfire greeted. Raven nodded to acknowledge her presence, not looking up from her target practice.

"Morning Star," Jinx paused in her searching and eyed Starfire carefully. "Hey Starfire, think you could help a fellow robber and fly this over to the dart board? I'm having some difficulty deciding where to strike next."

"Ok," Starfire nodded floating over to Jinx and taking the map. Pinning it down to the dart board she let Jinx know that it was ready before quickly moving. Jinx wrapped the think, dark-colored material around her head, being careful to cover her eyes. Both Jinx and Starfire had excellent aim, not as well as Raven's, but still excellent. When they couldn't decide where to strike next they used random methods like the dart board for help. Spinning, Jinx cleared her mind until all she knew was the approximate position of Starfire- and the knowledge that the dart board was to Star's left.

Tossing the dart with practiced ease Jinx lifted the blindfold and watched as the little thing collided into the paper, effectively marking their next target or, in special cases, the targets area. Prancing over to look at it her face split into a grin.

"Well girls, as cliché as it is, it looks like our next target is none other than the Jump City bank."


The boys sat down comfortably at their favorite booth as the waitress brought them their usual breakfast- a heaping pile of pancakes, fluffy and light, with butter and a generous dousing of syrup, and, of course, coffee. Ah coffee. The kind savior who protects those in danger of being tempted by the mistress called Slumber. Robin seriously considered writing an ode about it.

"Stayed up late working on that trio in black?" Cyborg asked when Robin yawned for the third time in 10 minutes. (That's the down side about coffee. It takes a bit of time before the caffeine kicks in.) The "Trio in black" was a code name for the three thieves that were the best when it came down to stealing in this city. When they walked into a bank the cameras were taken out by perfectly aimed shots. Security men at the scene were locked into the room they were in or pushed into one and locked without even managing a glimpse of the person. (They were still convincing a few of them that no, their posts are not indeed haunted and yes, somebody alive pushed and locked them into the room they were found in.) Security codes and alarms were hacked into and deactivated before Robin could even utter "Robin."

The gang was good, he'd give them that. In fact, when it came down to stealing they were the best of the best. But that's the thing, when it came down to catching criminals, so were they.

"You know dude," Beastboy stated, not quite fully awake, "yawning is an attribute for some medical diseases or is a side-effect of some anti-depressants." Cyborg and Robin stared at him. Realizing he was being stared at he raised an eyebrow towards them. "What? I learned it on House."

"…Yeah. It also could just mean he's tired or stressed or something, what with the whole staying up late into the night to gather non-existent evidence on our latest case."

"I was just saying," Beastboy said with a shrug. Robin decided now was probably a good time to interrupt the impeding argument. (After all it wouldn't do to get kicked out of the diner that sold the best pancakes in the city, seeing as he liked breakfast and the kitchen in the penthouse never seemed to live longer than half a day.)

"It just bugs me that three people could get in and out so quickly and efficiently without a single witness or even a clue! There's never a strand of hair, or a foot print, not even a single finger print! Hell, I'd be happy to get an eyelash at this point, but there's nothing. N-O-T-H," he was interrupted by Cyborg in the middle of the word.

"We can spell 'nothing' Robin," He informed the man dryly.

"Yeah, well it just bugs me. People can't just vanish after pulling heists like these. It's like they had superpowers or something."

"Just chill dude! I mean we ARE the best criminal catchers in this city. We've caught every madman to enter this place with the ability to use the ability to pull off a crime. These guys are no different," Beastboy encouraged. He gulped down the rest of his soy-butter covered pancake as soon as he finished.

"BB's right Rob. You can't be brain dead to earn our titles," Cyborg agreed before glancing at Beastboy. "Of course Beastboy here is an exception…"

"Yeah, dude… wait, what? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" Beastboy shouted at a snickering Cyborg.

"It's just that, what if our robbers DID have super powers? What if they could fly or had telekinetic powers or had magic? What if they were like you guys?" Robin wondered. The trio sat thoughtfully for a second before looking at each other.

"NAH!" they exclaimed in unison.

"Please, you're making it sound like we're being out bested by something out of a fairy tale. Next thing, you'll be saying that our thieves are GIRLS! Can you imagine? Us being outsmarted by GIRL CRIMINALS? I would probably die laughing," Beastboy chuckled.

The other two boys joined in laughing hardily at the thought of having any girl- nonetheless three girl criminals- that hadn't fallen head over heels in love with any of them. It was too bad that they hadn't turned around to see the three girls walk in, especially since one was a red head who was floating slightly off the ground while another with violet hair was trying to keep her friend from floating too high with the use of her familiar black energy and the third with the unusual pink hair was muttering things under her breath which coincidentally was always followed by an explosion of a nearby cause everyone's attention elsewhere.


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