Blue Shifted

Sweeping alarms echoed across the grounds as a small figure tore through the bushes and shrubs covering the estate. Red hair flapping in the breeze, the intruder's lithe body danced between the trees; dodging trunks and swinging down the gentle slope from branch to branch. Leaves floated in her wake, drifted for a moment, and then were blown crossways as the rotor wash from an unmanned helicopter swept them aside.

"Shit," she muttered as she crashed through a bush and suddenly found herself careening down a washout full of huge boulders. Desperation, greed, and she'd been setup to boot. Not a good night, she thought as she felt her ankle snap on the last rock. The hillside flung her off, her body slamming against the ground in a heap. With a sharp breath and muffled scream, she pulled herself upright. Her leg screamed at her, pain jutting into her torso and making her entire body tingle. As she stood and wobbled back and forth, she pulled a hastily wrapped bundle from her pack.

Unwrapping it, she snapped open a circular aperture. Slightly taller than herself and trapezoidal, it sparked a few times, and then suddenly glowed a solid steady blue as a flat, dull glow filled the opening. She glanced back one last time then lurched through.

Meanwhile, in a lab filled with dust and acrid smoke, a blue-faced man gloated over two scared lab technicians. "With all due respect gentlemen," Dr. Drakken crowed, "It almost seems like you want me to have the Pan-Dimensional-Vortex-Inducer!" He smiled while tossing it up and down.

Shego yanked it from his hand. "You are NOT doing that again," she said with a scowl.

"Last time was an accident," he muttered then turned back to the scientists cowering beside a bulky machine connected to an empty doorway. "And what is that?" he asked with a cocked eyebrow, a touch of interest in his voice.

"Drakken, this is so not the time," Shego said rolling her eyes. "They hit the alarm, so the feds are probably a minute or two out. We need to move."

Without warning, blue arcs of energy sprung from the gaping doorway, dancing all over the lab. A moment later a blue glow filled the flimsy frame. "That's our cue Dr. D! Let's haul balls," Shego shouted.

She ran for the door, pulling a flabbergasted Dr. Drakken behind her. As Shego leapt through the hole in the ceiling she'd created, unbeknownst to her or Drakken a familiar looking slender body fell through the portal and collapsed on the floor.

"Goodness," the scientist said gently touching the fallen woman. "Kim Possible… is that you?"

Beep, beep, bee-boop.

"Ugh, Wade, not now," Kim said yawning and rolling over in her sleeping bag. "We're already on a mission as it is."

"Yeah, but watching over a migrating wolf pack isn't exactly difficult. I can do it on remote," Wade replied. "Besides, considering the thermal scans I've been seeing you and Ron aren't exactly giving it your full attention." Kim blushed as she glanced down at Ron's arm around her bare midsection.

"Well, we haven't been able to go on a date in like a month, so can you blame us?" Kim said with a sheepish grin.

"Hey, it's none of my business," Wade said. "OK, here's the sitch since you haven't asked. There's been a break in at the PDVI lab…again."

"They have the absolute worst security in the world," Kim said rolling her eyes.

"Tell me about it," Ron muttered.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't want to wake you up baby," Kim said.

"Well, sounds like we need to go anyhow, right?" he said giving Kim a peck on the cheek. "Nothing can stop a Stoppable right?"

"Or a future Stoppable," Kim said returning his kiss. "Glad you figured out a new catch phrase for me." She smiled and kissed him again. He grinned and stroked her face.

"Hey, come on guys, we've got a mission," Wade pleaded. "Not now, and not with the kimmunicator on and transmitting. Again. Besides, there's also some massive weirdness that the science team wants you personally to take a look at."

Kim rolled hers eyes and exhaled in frustration, then yanked her nearby clothes into the sleeping bag. Stiff breezes buffeted the sides of the tent, and Kim shivered in the night air even under her freshly donned coat as she exited. Ron followed her and breathed deeply, inhaling the fresh early evening mountain air. He sighed. A wolf's howl that would have sent shivers through his spine a year ago simply reaffirmed his existence now; a primal urge traipsed up his back and he howled in return. Kim rolled her eyes. He winked at her.

"I don't think that's quite up to lupine standards," she said with a lopsided grin.

"The pack calls," he said roguishly.

"Awhooo!" Rufus whistled from his pocket.

"Hurry up with the tent 'Wolfman' Stoppable," she said, taking his hand and headed down the short path to the tiny helicopter that waited for them. It had been an engagement gift to the both of them from Global Justice, and had greatly simplified Kim's ride situation, at least after Kim had gotten certified to fly it.

Yet another thing that made her think that not setting a date for the wedding was holding them back. She hadn't been kidding about a month without any real private time with Ron, and to be honest she'd taken the wolf watch as a kind of vacation. It wasn't a worry for Ron; he'd waited for her to come around for fifteen years, so time wasn't much of an issue for him. However, for Kim it was a different story. Not just placating relatives, but a genuine desire to tie the knot. She was nineteen, and though that was still young she took risks that made her think about the future and take her relationships more seriously than, say, Bonnie the class mattress. She grinned at the jab in her thoughts.

"Got it Kim," Ron said as he hefted the tent on his shoulders. She smiled and gave him a thumbs up as she went through the preflight checklist. He hopped aboard, and with a whir of rotor blades, Team Possible-soon-to-be-Stoppable took flight.

Taking a break on Red Blossoms. That's going to be the main story, so don't expect more than a few chapters of this fluff. However, it won't be updated nearly as often (I'm shooting for 10,000+ words per chapter on RB, so figure once a month), and I do like fluff…