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Several maids pranced around the festive laboratory, their arms intertwined. Though not really able to prance, a man in a white coat stumbled after them, occasionally managing a skip of his own. Several other scientists and guards sang a rambling and off-color shanty about the size of their departed lord's. . . lordhood. A pile of scrap and sparking electronics were all that remained of the hated Roteger guard bots.

"Hey," one of the drunken revelers said, "Waz thish button do?"

"Well Miss Possible, this is a pleasant surprise," Captain Murphy said as he ushered her into his office with a hearty handshake.

"Uh, no big," Kim said. What am I doing, she screamed at herself. What if he figures out I'm not really Kim, um, the Kim he thinks is. . . oh, the hell with it. She braced herself inwardly, and smiled as she shook.

"I never thought you'd be interested in working with us," he continued. "I mean, you're world famous. You must have every single branch of the military hounding after you."

And then some, she thought. "Well, I figured I had to give everybody a fair shake," she said, but quickly smiled as broad as she could when she notice his sudden hang dog expression, "But I decided that this would offer me the best opportunity to, uh, stay. . . close to home!"

"Well put, I suppose Mr. Stoppable wouldn't be able to tag along for the ride with many of your other offers," he replied, but coloring under Kim's glare he added, "Erm, that is to say, he wouldn't be able to join you in the field with the CIA, now would he?" He motioned towards the wall behind his sparse desk. Many pictures covered the wall; much to her amusement, many of them were newspaper clippings of the police arresting miscellaneous villains she'd captured. "We here at the Middleton police pride ourselves in being able to handle the out of the ordinary, even if we aren't necessarily johnny-on-the-spot. No matter how many tranquilizers or magnetic clamping bands it takes, we're always able to hold what ever you've brought home with you. It's those dopes upstate that always put Dr. Drakken or that Dementor fellow into some paper-walled jail."

He sighed. "Well, that's neither here nor there; let's take a little tour, shall we?"

Kim raised an eyebrow. Did she detect a note of annoyance at her bringing the likes of Shego or Duff Kiligan home to roost in his sleepy little town? Maybe. It wasn't her fault that people like that followed her around. Well, maybe she did cause enough problems for them that they felt they needed to come after her where she lived. Did that mean she was indirectly the cause of so many of Middleton's problems, or at least problematic citizens?

What was her other's role in all of this, and did she have the same doubts?

She shook her head. Pay attention, Possible.

"And here's where the finest members of the law enforcement community hang out when they aren't out on patrol. AHEM!" Captain Murphy gestured at two officers sitting in a break-room playing dominoes. They both jumped up and saluted Kim halfway before they noticed who she was. "Even when they're supposed to be."

"Morning boys," she said with a half salute of her own.

"Just waiting for a phone call from an undercover sir," the younger of the two said.

"Gotta new cadet for the police academy Captain?" the other said.

"Maybe. Well, I'll have the call transferred to you in your squad car," Murphy said. "In the meantime, I hear some high schoolers have been leaving beer bottles and crap up by the old quarry. I want you two to stake it out tonight; you'll get overtime of course. This way Miss Possible." He headed through to the opposite door with Kim in tow. She mouthed "Sorry!" at them as she waved goodbye sheepishly.

As they began to make their way through the rest of the police station, Captain Murphy sighed and slowed a bit. "Miss Possible," he began.

"Call me Kim," she said.

"Kim, I'll be honest. Those boys back there probably haven't seen much action outside of wrapping up some mutant alligators or carting off some super-weapon to the local army base." He rubbed his face. "Truth be told, I'm worried about the abilities of my officers. I need a SWAT team."

"In Middleton?" Kim said with an incredulous expression.

"We've seen that bad things can happen anywhere over the last few years Kimberly," he said with sober expression. "I don't want to have pictures of Middleton High on the front page of every paper in the country, ever."

Forcing a smile, he continued, "It's a precaution, but a sensible one. Look, I need somebody with experience."

"But I'm a senior in hi- er, freshman in college," Kim said shaking her head.

"I just need somebody with the go-to ability, not a commander. Obviously I'd never be able to get these guys to follow a teenage girl," then sheepishly added, "No offense."

"None taken," she said, "I'll have to think about it."

"Good enough, Miss Possible," he said, offering his hand.

Back in a small cabin with rough-hewn walls and bare boards for a floor, two figures stood at a table. In the dim glow of the one of their hands, one hunched over the table tinkering with a blinking cylinder.

"What are we going to do with it?" Shego asked. She'd never been up on the sciences, Drew sighed.

"We are going to right what was wrong, and make what should have happened, happen," he said. "I am going to build a time machine." Shego raised her eyebrows.

"So, we're going to go find out next week's lotto numbers?"

Drew was about to wipe his face and roll his eyes dramatically when he suddenly stopped. "Actually, I had been thinking about that," he said.

"Because it's obvious?" Shego said, with a characteristic roll of her eyes and a scowl which quickly prove to be in jest. "Of course, what was the other part of your plan?"

"Simplicity itself," he replied. "We merely go back in time and give our counterparts information which allows them to succeed where we failed."

"Well, I guess that'd work, but..." Shego started, but trailed off with a confused, and to Drew, adorable, expression on her face. "But what about- what are you staring at?"

"Er, nothing."

"Anyway, how will that help us? Didn't you once say that according to nano-physics or something you can't change our actual past?" She said.

"True, but after winning the lottery, who cares if our past stinks?" he said. "I just want a Lipsky to come out on top for once, especially me, even if it's not me."

"Um, yeah, uh, doc, that didn't make any sense," Shego said, scratching her head.

"What I mean Shego, is that even if I'm not on top in this time line, I want to make sure there's a time line where I win."

The wind had picked up in the forest. At first glance a monkey swung from tree to tree, a strange sight amongst the pines and other conifers of the region. However, were there anyone to see, one could see the human hands that grasped the branches with each leap. A shock of blond hair littered with dirt and grass flapped in the breeze, and eyes that saw forever gazed from beneath it. This was a man on a quest, this was a man in torment had there ever been one. With a misplaced hand, his fingernails clawed against the side of a massive pine, bark crumbling under his fingers as he crashed to the ground.

"DAMN IT!" he screamed. To hell with his pursuers, if there were any.

"Who are you?"

He whipped his head around. It was Her voice.

"YOU'RE DEAD!" he shouted, holding his head as he fell to his knees. He clenched his eyes shut against his memories.

"I know who you are," the voice said. "I'm a friend, OK? I won't hurt you." A gentle touch on his shaking shoulder, fingers softly grasping his hand and raising his chin up; breath on his cheek as She spoke. "You're. . . Ron, right? Your name is Ron?" He nodded.

"That was my name," he said.

"Cool, now I've got a twin," a male voice said.

He slowly opened his eyes. Green ones stared back at him with tenderness, red hair brushed back with a swift motion by a black-gloved hand. Lips, oh Kim. He didn't think, only reached forward grasping at her, hugging her tightly to him. Tears so long withheld broke forth with sobs. "Oh Kim," he cried, and kissed her as hard as he could, hugging her against him, drunk in the taste of her lips, the scent of her hair. Please don't let it be a dream, and if it is let me die before I wake.

"Whoa, hey, hands off pal!" Ron shouted, yanking the other boy away from his fiance's lips.

"So how'd you get the scar?" Ron asked.

"Fighting Monkey Fist," his counterpart said.

"That's harsh," Ron said. "Did he grab the Lotus Blade or something?"

"Or something."

Kim kept a little ways ahead of the two Rons, lost in thought. After picking Ron up off the ground, and calming the extra down by assuring him that she wasn't his Kim, and that it was perfectly natural for Ron to be a little defensive and would he put down that branch before she was forced to do something she might regret. "Sorry," he said. Once more, stories were swapped, and newcomers were introduced to the history of dimension in which they now all resided. This was some epic level weirdness, she thought as she shook her head. She took stock of the situation. OK, she thought, there were at least three dimensions exposed to her own. The one her alternate had come from, one the same had fought through, and now one where Ron was some kind of warlord.

That had thrown her for a loop. However, it did explain Ron's counterpart's violent tendencies. He made her far more nervous than her own twin had. His manner was guarded as if he was continually watching for weakness. A vicious streak that came from something that had happened to him. As far as she was concerned, it would be better if this trans-dimensional visitor stayed at the lab. Under heavy security.

The interview had gone. . . well. Kim walked down the street with a little spring in her step. Even as a lark, it had been nice to go outside without worrying about having to hide behind trees or duck through abandoned buildings. The air was crisp, the evening sky was clear, and a bright, blue shooting star had just appeared above her-


KA-THRUNCH! A cat came yowling out of an alley.

No, thought Kim. Please no, not him, anybody but-

"NOW WHERE THE BLOODY HELL AM I?" a petulant and whiny voiced cried.