A Soul Worn Thin

Being torn apart from the inside out

Damn emotions run wild.

But a look at your face,

the remembrance of your warm embrace

it keeps me alive

it serves as my base.

it hurts the most

the pain within

emotional stuggle

a soul worn thin.

the battle fought most,

the one inside

the one that is the hardest to hide.

a look in my eyes

a portal to my soul

my inner turmoil

revealed to you in whole.

I still remember

that night in December

you graced me with your face

it was enough

to keep me tough

but only for so long

soon that protective shield worn thin

once more revealing the soul within

it hurts to see what the dangers may be

an untreated heart is the worst ailment for me.

but when no one was there to offer a hand

there you were and i could again stand.

but when you're gone

its harder to be strong

masks only hide so much.

but when you're near

everyone else just disappears.

hood still in place,

but easier to keep a stony face.

it seems you don't love me

but know one thing,

you're my anchor

when the tide runs high.

my wings when i can no longer fly.

someone to be there

just for a smile.

you don't know you just put off another suicide.

all the times together you never knew

how special you were

you pulled me through.

and now my soul

worn through and through

its torn and broken, healed by not even you.

i'm falling, leaving

i can't last very long

you held me up more times than you know

but the time i had to hold myself

i broke down at memories

of you.

visions of you dying

and i was then crying

wishing to be by you.

the hour grows near

i'm a danger here.

the dagger drawn,

the soul wishing for an end.

spirit broken, heart beating fast

i should have known you couldn't last...