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Chapter 1

By: CrimsonAnjel

The fire in my heart is out and I am just a walking wonder. It is blatant to me, as the blurry scene surrounding me, that I am where I most dread to be. I am facing things I shouldn't see, but its not as if I can't become this way, so my body makes the decision for me and I am rolled head first into this emotion.

Saving me from this world of undefined materials is like moving a stoic mountain with a small twig as one's tool… So I walk on in fear, pursuing something more definable that may be just around the corner; something more concrete and standing.

The earthly colors swishing around in jagged shapes past my frozen face give only slight flashes of the reality I'm used to; I can only continue to walk on, standing on this ground below me, standing my ground even as shaky as I am inside—or is it outside?

Cold sweat makes rows of beads upon my hot/cold flushed skin, adulating my senses and dulling them just the same. I feel a steady pace at my feet as the colors are becoming more blunt and realistic, giving me a reason to press on so that I might reach my reality in the nick of time. And it brings no comfort to see these colors forming into shapes of what may be in front of me… I dread the road ahead as I feel something almost watching me with a calculating, sadistic stare as I run and run with lungs dry and screaming. Something is there indeed, urging me on with shell-shaped promises only to eventually reveal the broken truth… I am lost.

The uneven ground of dirt below begins to recede at a fast pace, enshrouding the sky around me with those colors ever so vibrantly and then creeping away into a more level, smooth gray floor, taking along with it the colors I had begun to trust as the only thing stable in this world. Why is it all becoming gray! It all feels so chillingly wrong to me! I can plainly here the dull thump of the metal flooring below me signaling my every desperate step; but what is my destination? Where am I headed? ...The squared walls of pulsating gray, and looming shapeless forms box me in, the ceiling only gets smaller and smaller the further I go. It seems to me as if there is only exit possible; one insurmountable pin-hole at the end of this wretched roadway instead of the quintessential tunnel I had been hoping for.

I can't understand what I am supposed to do, so I scream and holler at the top of my lungs like a madman with hope as my underlying reasoning, only to hear nothing escape out of my parched throat except labored gasps and shrill sounding cries. I felt the pulsing of the hallway spread into me like a living parasite—god my muscles ache! My head feels like it is going to burst!

I can't take this death-defying game anymore! I have no strategy! I have no way out! I don't understand why I'm here! There is no reason for me to be running with such vigor and fear--I have nothing to hide from, no mistakes to repent for! Get me the fuck out of here! I KNOW I DON'T DESERVE THIS!

And then darkness… All the colors and grays disappear and fizzle out and I am left alone with nothing below me to hold me to my place and nothing around me to give any reference of where I stand. And this feels so good to me. It feels so perfect when I'm away from the mayhem.

I can feel a warm breeze beginning to encase me soothingly, even in the blackness and absence of tangible things to accredit it to, I am level. I can feel so smoothly a shift move me ever so slowly, like a gear changing in a car or a color shifting spectrums. And without any grand crescendo--there is white, a blast of it in fact that knocks me backwards with its colossal strength and size, feeling as a super-nova going through me and cleaning out every shred or pipe or shaft within me that has a doubt or is painted black. It is almost like I'm being cleansed in a shower as if I'm getting good and ready for the arrival of something important… Something new…

Something you.




The small frame of a blonde boy awoke with a shivering flash. The dark room around him suited his lonely mood as he took survey of his surroundings with shaky eyes. The white sheets were wrapped around his frame so tightly that the once flowing circulation in his legs became painfully cut off.

The boy's skin paled even more as he looked down upon his body and noticed all the sweat lining in beads, damping the tightly drawn sheets. An involuntary cold shiver ran down his back like a million spiders as he slowly unfolded himself from the intruding covers. And even after many moments of looking around in a post-dream daze, the boy could not shake the terror he felt within about not knowing for the time whether he was alive or dead.

One thing was for sure, and it enveloped his shivering form in a split second of realization----he had been dreaming again.

But there was no time to comprehend or think about the situation at hand as the boy saw another form above him shift slowly in his direction. He knew that this wasn't the best place or time to be having another one of his dream fits; but he couldn't help it. It pained him to have to show this weakness, especially in the presence of his best friend. But some things just couldn't be helped, so with a sigh, the boy nodded at his friend who now lay propped on one arm in a daze, half-awake state.

"Hey Yama, are you ok? You look like total shit…"

Yamato kept his hand over his face as he took in ragged breaths, still managing to look on at his friend as if everything was fine. It did sooth him slightly to hear his best friend, Tai, use the pet name only he could use. His full name was Yamato, but everyone but his parents called him Matt.

"Yeah Tai, I'm cool... Just a horrible dream I guess." The shadow of Tai, even darker than Matt because of his skin tone, sat up in bed gingerly and stretched in an irritated motion as anyone would when they are woken from rest unexpectedly.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you are... You know, ever since you went off the medication these nightmares of yours have been happening more and more often, Yama… But since I'm up already, and feeling great I'll go get you some aspirin." Tai yawned openly as if to add emphasis to the fact that he was cranky and creaked out of bed like a zombie towards the bathroom across the hall. Matt was glad he already had his hand in place over his face when Tai arose because even in the dim light of the room he could make out the only piece of clothing his friend wore to bed clinging suggestively to his perfect ass as if it were made to fit his curve. It didn't help that Tai walked automatically with a sexy swagger that further drew in the blonde's hungry eyes.

Matt hating thinking these thoughts and cursed himself for even going in that direction; but when hormones got involved, his mind literally had a mind of its own. It wasn't anything he was worried about and every day he shrugged it off as simple teenage hormones driving him to stare in wonder at the boy who was close enough to him to be his brother.

Shrugging, Matt lay himself back down against the hardwood floor. He never minded sleeping on the hard surface and was now even more grateful for its presence as he curled up into a ball and attempted futilely to uncover the receding dream that had woken him up in such a disoriented state. His frozen mind barely had a minute to wander aimlessly before the half-asleep brunette padded back into the room with a tall glass of water and a few white pills in his hand.

"Here, drink this water and swallow these." The blonde frowned at his friend as if he was telling the weatherman the forecast.

"Really? I thought I drink the pills and swallow the water?" Tai rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. I'm sure it was just some boogey-man thing that disturbed you, don't sweat it—at least, not any more than you already have. Man, those sheets are soaking! Here use these." Tai walked over to the foot of his bed and ripped out his own sheets and replaced them for the sweaty ones. Matt would've protested the kind act, but as soon as the sheets fell on his shoulders he could smell the spicy scent of Tai lingering on them like a euphoric cinnamon that had a scent of its own that was so—Tai.

"But dude, try toning down the screaming and rolling around next time. That was what woke me up, and mom is right below us. Maybe I should buy you a seatbelt?" Tai grinned at his clever remark. Matt wasn't impressed. And he underline that fact he made his usual "tch" sound and reassumed his usual persona as he take the pills and water from the grinning fool in front of him.

"Go back to sleep grandpa, I'm fine. And by the way, we have to save up our energy remember? The competition is tomorrow, and you are our best skater." Tai shrugged and sat—rather bounced onto his bed above and got settled once more.

"Whatever… I get like, 5—maybe 6 hours of sleep on any given night? Come on, you know that. I'll be just fine tomorrow to carry your sorry asses to victory!" Matt had to laugh at that ridiculous crap. Those types of comments were what reminded him of Tai so much. The boy never ceased to amaze him with his elated ego at any hour of the day.

"Don't push the compliment, Superman. As recall, I'm the one who lands the 540's consistently, not you----champ." Tai snorted and puffed out his proverbial chest.

"HA! Betcha can't grind the street course rail like I can---50-50 all the way down the rail, baby! And who was it that ollied down an eight-set at last years competition? Please, tell me, I'd like to know—really!" Tai proceeded to raise his hand in mock triumph—like an idiot.

"Yeah, yeah, shut up and go back to bed you egomaniacal freak. I for one need my beauty sleep to perform."

"Minus the beauty part of course."

"I am definitely hotter than you, asshole!"

"Pretty boy!"





That was the end of that. Matt winced at the last insult and rolled over in a huff… They always had silly insult battles; and it still irked Matt just the same every time Tai used the word 'fag' or 'gay' to be synonymous with 'stupid'. After that number he shut up and closed his wary eyes in wait for some more much needed sleep.



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