Aches and Pains

Authors Notes: Just a quick lil plot weasel that was running around in my head after 'Conspiracy Theory'. :P Hope you enjoy! Off topic, but there's an ad right now on for Gibbs College Livingston. That amuses me...thought you would all like to know. :P

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Kate winced slightly as she sat down at her table. She had hit the ground harder than she thought when Gibbs tackled her, and ended up with various bruises along her torso. She was just about to pull up her shirt and inspect the damage when she heard a knock on the door.

A devilish grin slowly made its way across her face as she went to answer the door. She knew that he was on the other side; he always came around about this time. And from the smell on the other side of the door, she was guessing that he had brought dinner.

"Hi Jethro." She murmured, opening up the door to her boss/lover. Gibbs smiled as he walked across the threshold, and she shut the door behind him. He turned around, pizza still in one hand, and lightly kissed her. "Mmm, hello to you to." She murmured after they broke off.

"I brought us dinner." He said, smoothly setting the pizza down on her table.

Kate smiled and sauntered up to him. "I noticed." She said flirtatiously. She lightly kissed his lips and playfully pulled back when he tried to deepen the kiss. She sat down at the table with another wince that she tried to cover.

But she must have forgotten that Gibbs was the man that shared her company, as he noticed right away that something was wrong. "What was that Kate?" He asked, concerned as he sat down across from her.

"It's nothing. I just hit the ground a little harder than I thought today, and I've got a few bruises." She said nonchalantly, happily taking a bite of her pizza. Gibbs just smiled and took a slice of his own.

"Well maybe after dinner Dr. Gibbs can take a look at it."

Kate raised her eyebrow, amused, and took another bite of her pizza. "You wanna play doctor with me Jethro?" He just smirked over at her.

"Maybe after dinner Katie." They spent the rest of the meal making small talk, carefully avoiding the subject of work. When they were alone like this, they weren't Agent Todd and Agent Gibbs, they were just Katie and Jethro.

Gibbs sat down on the couch and waited for Kate to come into the room. She grinned as she carefully sat down next to him, and snuggled into his embrace. "So let me see these bruises." Gibbs said quietly. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and then slid out from beside her, and kneeled beside the couch as she lay down.

She looked over at him as he gently rolled her shirt up to reveal several small purple splotches on her abdomen. He looked up at her and smiled softly. "They hurt?"

She shrugged as best she could, "No not really. Not unless you know…I move." They both smiled. "Maybe Dr. Gibbs could kiss them and make them all better." She said, smirking. He looked up at her curiously, wondering if she knew. "Abs told me all about your new cure for aches and pains." She said, grinning. The Goth lab tech was the only person, aside from Ducky that knew about their relationship, and she and Kate talked about just about everything.

He bent down slightly and pressed his lips against the bruised skin. Kate smiled at the feel of his warm lips up against her, and sighed happily. "Better?" Gibbs asked, mock-serious.

Kate lifted her head up and smiled at Gibbs. "A little, but I have a lot more bruises than that." She said, trying to suppress her giggles. He shook his head and smirked, and lowered his lips to her skin once more, kissing another one of her bruises.

When he was done feathering her skin with kisses, he pulled her shirt back down, and slowly got up. He groaned slightly at the protest his knees gave out. "I'm getting too old for this Katie."

She just grinned and sat up, careful not to move too fast. "You're only as old as the woman that you're with, so you're really only about 32 Jethro." She said, smiling. He laughed, and gathered her into his embrace.

"Feel better Katie?" He murmured into her hair, dropping a kiss into the chestnut colored locks.

"Much." She said, smiling. He drew her close for a kiss, and she sighed and relaxed against him. She had a new way to get rid of all her aches and pains, but she wouldn't be telling all her girlfriends about this one.

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