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Remembering That Day

I remember it as if it happened yesterday. It was a warm yet rainy day, and the clouds hung low in a sort of depression. A depression that I felt immensely. I had just broken up with my secret lover of four years. I had caught him with someone else, not that it really mattered I had a suspicion for a while, but never wanted to admit it to myself.

Anyway, I headed over to the ramen cart, when I go there I saw Iruka-Sensei and Naruto-kun. Iruka was leaving but it seemed as if Naruto had just gotten there, for he had just started on his first bowl. I sat down a few stool away from him, and ordered some ramen. I'm not really one to eat the stuff, but at least its food.

"Hey Sasuke!" I heard come from Naruto... I just looked at him acknowledging his presence. But something caught my eye; I wasn't sure of what it was at that moment. It may have been the way his golden blond hair fell over his soft lightly tanned skin. Or the way his sky blue eyes pierced through my mind. I felt a soft smile form upon my lips.

"Hey, Naruto..." I heard myself say.. I didn't even know I was saying it.. For I was lost within my own mind... Was I attracted to Naruto, so suddenly? And why? Maybe it was his sheer innocence, and the way he could be so stupid yet, adorable all at once.

A moment later I snapped back into my sense and found my self looking at a confused Naruto. He looked stunned about the fact that I said Hi back to him, and didn't insult him, nor even seem rude. I turned and looked at the bowl of ramen that was just placed before me; I nodded to the cook and began to eat, while my mind wandered a bit. If I were to be attracted to Naruto, how would I be so sure, and what if he isn't attracted to me, or even swings that way. There was only one way to find out.

"Naruto..." I said in my usual expressionless stoic way as I looked over at him...

"Can I talk to you in private?" I asked him, not hesitating, for I longed to find out if what I felt was true or not.

"Uh..Sure..." he replied sounding confused in his normal adorable way. I thought back for a moment and found myself adoring him, as for it was cute when he was confused. I shook my head trying to clear my mind and stood up, leaving a half full bowl of ramen. I was suddenly not very hungry.

"Follow me..." I said and then began leading him to a more secluded place. I glanced back every so often to be sure he was following, and then smiled to myself when he was.

"What do you need to talk to me about, Sasuke..." he asks me curiously…

Without another thought, I forced myself upon him, my lips pressed against his as I pinned him to a tree. I felt a warm sensation flow through me as I realized my feelings for him were true...

As our lips parted I looked into his sky blue eyes. "S-sasuke-kun..." he says softly, sounding a little stunned, "I...didn-"

I cut him off as I pressed my lips upon his once more, and I felt him kiss back with a passion that was hidden deep inside him.

Ever since that day, three months ago, we have been happy and hiding our love from the rest of the world.

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