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For those of you who want to read this without reading the others, here's a brief overview. Kurama is both Yoko and Shuuichi and can change aspects at will. Hiei is the reincarnation of Kuronue and can change aspects just like Kurama. Shina is their adopted Youko daughter they found as an infant. Yokuro is Kuronue's Chimira grandson who they found and adopted at age 15. Shina and Yokuro fell in love and are mated. The humans of the Reiki Tente family, Shuuichi, Kuwabara and Keiko have all been given demon life spans like their spouses. All of them now live in Maiki with their children and grandchildren accept Koenma and Boton who still live in Reiki.

This story takes place about 35 years after 'Demon Family' which is almost 80 years after the series.

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/Current aspect speaking to dormant aspect./
/Dormant aspect speaking to current aspect./

A Gift of Love

Hiei sat in a tree watching the activity below him in the clearing of his and Kurama's home compound. It was hard to believe that two hundred fifty years ago Kurama and Kuronue were the only members of what was now a huge family. He smirked as he watched Yusuke and Kuwabara play with some of their younger grandchildren.

/Come on Hiei, let's go play with the kids too. It'll make the time pass more quickly while we wait. The distraction will keep us from worrying too./ Kuronue's voice in his head was as familiar to Hiei as his own thoughts.

/Hn, stupid bat, why would I want to play with those two idiots and who said I was worried? Just look down there, as you can see we've done thisbefore and there was never a reason to worry./

Hiei could hear Kuronue chuckling in his head. /Did you forget who you're talking to Hiei. You may not want to play with those overgrown idiots down there but I know how much you love to play with the kids when no one's looking. And you're right we have waited like this many times before but never for one of ours and this is both of ours so don't tell me you're not worried./ Hiei didn't answer, he didn't want to admit the Chimira was right.

Just then he saw their beautiful silver Youko exit their old den. Kurama looked up to the trees for his mate and called. "Hiei-Koi, they want you."

Hiei flitted to Kurama's side before anyone even noticed. As the family rushed to the den, Kurama held up a hand. "They asked for Hiei and Kuro only. Everyone will have to wait."

Only Kurama noticed the concern in Hiei's eyes as he was led into the den. He stopped just inside and pulled Hiei into his arms. "Don't worry Sweetheart, everything's fine. Now let's go, our children are waiting."