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Chapter 30 - The End

Kurama and Kuronue sat with Shina and Yokuro in the garden of their apartment. Around them Hiro, Kuryn and the twins played.

Even though the threat was gone Yokuro couldn't help but worry about his parents taking the twins home alone. "Dad, are you sure we can't go with you? You and Mom might need help if there's a mess at home."

"I'm sure Kurama and I can handle whatever we find." After spending almost two years protecting each other Kuronue knew it would be hard for their son to let go.

Shina had been trying all morning to convince their parents not to go home. "Foxie-Mama, you and Daddy could leave the kits with us until you've checked things out. Maybe you should stay here with us a bit longer. What if there's still danger?"

Kurama smiled at his daughter, reaching out to caress her ear. He knew she just wanted them all to stay together, staying together had kept them alive. "We're going to miss you too Little Fox, but it's time for us to go home. Give us a week to settle back in, then bring our grandchildren for a visit. It's been a long time since we were all home together."

Kuronue tugged Kurama's sleeve. "It's time to go Sweetheart. Hiei wants to see Yukina and the girls before everyone leaves."

The demon family took a few minutes to say their goodbye's in private. Lots of hugs and kisses were exchanged before they gathered the children and all headed out to the main hall. There the rest of the family were saying their last goodbye's as each individual family prepared to leave.

Little by little they made their way around the room until they finally made their way to where Yusuke, Keiko, Yukina and Kuwabara waited. Yusuke slapped Kuronue on the back. "We were beginning to think you guys would never make it over here."

Kuronue gave a wicked grin. "You guys don't hold a candle to all the lovely ladies we've gotten to hug and kiss today. Speaking of which, Yukina, Keiko I haven't kissed either of you yet and Hiei's clambering to get out."

Yukina and Keiko both giggled as they were warmly drawn into his arms, their cheeks kissed. A moment later Kurama found them in his arms. A few more kisses and words were exchanged and both demons changed to their other forms.

Hiei had barely appeared when Yukina threw herself at him. The others quietly talked amongst themselves giving the Koorime twins a moment alone. "Brother, I'm going to miss this, all of us together. Isn't it wonderful? We finally got the family we never had growing up."

Hiei nodded at her shyly before pulling her into a brotherly hug. "Even if we're not together, we'll always be there for each other."

When they rejoined the others Yukina had an arm around Hiei and slipped the other around Kurama. The redhead smiled down at her before kissing her cheek.

Yusuke looked at his friends. "As fun as this has been, all of us together again, kicking demon ass, I sure hope we never have to do it again. Next time the party's at Hiei and Kurama's."

Everyone laughed. Kurama looked around the room at the children and grandchildren of the former Reiki Tente. "This family of ours is pretty impressive aren't they? They came together, followed orders, fought hard and survived."

Hiei reached around Yukina to rub his mate's arm. "With the four of us as teachers, how could they have been anything less than great?"

Kuwabara's eyes widened a moment at the unexpected complement from his long time rival. "Thanks Hiei."

"Hn." Was Hiei's only response.

Their family had grown beyond anyone's expectations. Kenji and Yuki had four children. In the first five years of their marriage they had three sons born with strength to rival their father and grandfather. Then a few years later a sweet little Koorime daughter for her grandma Keiko to spoil. Not only were Yusuke and Kuwabara the first Reiki Tente to have grandchildren but also had the first great-grandchildren.

Kuwabara and Yukina's younger daughters, Kina and Zima, waited much longer before finding mates. Ten years ago they had moved to the Ningenkai as the next caretaker's of Genki's temple. They helped facilitate the immigration of peaceful demons into the human world. Two years later they fell in love with two brothers that had passed through the temple looking for a new life in the Ningenkai. Knowing they would need healers in their latest battle, the four had returned to Makai to help the family but would soon be returning to the temple.

Together the Reiki Tente family had settled into a peaceful existence, but as this last threat had proven, they were still a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Slowly everyone began to leave. Kurama, knowing his overprotective mate would prefer his stronger Youko counterpart beside him once they left the protection of the fortress, said his last farewell's before changing back to Yoko.

Kyba and Yukiko walked between their parents as they left. Turning back they all waved one last time.

Yukiko was snuggled in Hiei's arms as Kurama attempted to settle Kyba down. Even after the long walk home and the quick cleanup they had done in the den once they got there, the little Youko still had the energy to jump on the bed. "Kiki can go to bed if she wants to, but why do I have to go to bed now? I'm not tired."

His Youko parent sighed for what felt like the fifth time since entering the room. Kurama knew his son was just excited about being home. "Kyba, you don't want Kiki to be lonely her first night home do you? Besides it's late, Daddy and I want to go to bed too and we can't go until you do."

Kyba started to open his mouth to argue again when he heard a low growl from Hiei. Eyes wide, he closed his mouth and made one last jump from the bed into Kurama's arms. With a big hug the Youko kit whispered in the older Youko's ear. "I guess that means Daddy wants his snuggle time alone with you."

Hiei hadn't heard what his son whispered to his mate but was amazed that the kit could make the centuries old Youko blush. Snuggle time is what the little demons had called it whenever they caught their parents making out.

Kurama shook his head, kissed Kyba and passed the kit to Hiei. Once Kyba was settled he took little Yukiko in his arms. "You look sleepy Kiki. Are you glad to be home little Angel?"

The silver head tucked into his neck nodded. "Um, hm. Uncle Yusuke's is nice but I like sleeping in my bed better."

Kyba and Yukiko looked at each other and nodded. As always, when they wanted something, they spoke as one, going back and forth in the same conversation. From the look in their eyes they wanted something now.

"Mama, Kyba and I have been talking…"

"…Kiki and I were thinking…"

"…Now that we're home, maybe…"

"…We could each have our own rooms?"

"…Kyba and I are old enough…"

"…Kiki wants this room for all her girly stuff…"

"…And Kyba wants the room upstairs where he can keep his weapons."

As always they finished together. "Pleeease!"

Surprised, Kurama looked at Hiei before addressing their kits. "If that's what you both want we'll get the upstairs bedroom ready tomorrow."

Both kits cheered. Yukiko fingered Kurama's silver hair. "Mama, could we go shopping for some new things for my room? I'd like a vanity, like yours, where I can keep my brushes, jewelry and perfumes and maybe a pretty blanket with flowers on it, some bright colored pillows and…"

As her family laughed Yukiko was reminded that being the only female in a den of males wasn't always easy. Hiei shook his head. "Where did we go wrong Foxie? Shina was a teenager before she figured out she was a female and learned about shopping." This only brought more laughter.

Kurama snuggled his daughter. "Kiki-Angel, when Shina and Kuryn come next week the four of us will go shopping and you can have anything you want to make this room all yours."

Her huge smile was followed by kisses and licks across his face. "Thank you Foxie-Mama."

Impatient to get to his Fox alone Hiei quickly put an end to any further conversation. "Alright you two, into bed and no more playing around. We have a lot to do tomorrow. We have to finish cleaning up before we can get Kyba's room ready."

A few kisses, hugs and I love you's later the kits were settled and Hiei led Kurama from the room.

The kits were asleep, Hiei and Kurama had slipped out for a quick bath and were now snuggled naked in bed. Even though it had been weeks since they had made love they weren't in any hurry.

The silver Youko rested against the pillows with Hiei cuddled in his arms. Rubbing his cheek in his mate's soft black hair, Kurama remained silent sensing that Hiei had something to say. "Kurama, what happens now?"

Holding the fire demon close Kurama ran a hand across the muscles on his lover's chest. "I'm not sure Koibito. We put our lives on hold for almost two years now. It might be hard to play with our kits, train and make love anytime we want."

"Hn, crazy Fox." Hiei decided it was time to start teasing his mate and began nibbling across the chest before him.

The Fox couldn't hold back a small moan of appreciation. "Hey, I… uh… thought you…um… wanted to talk Fire-Fly?"

Hiei's hand began a feather light caress along a slender hip working down along the inside of a well muscled thigh. He smirked and lightly bit the nipple in his mouth as Kurama spread his legs giving his mate a hint as to where he would like that hand to travel. When Kurama tried to arch further into his lover's caress Hiei smacked his hip. "When do I ever want to talk in bed? It's Kuro that likes to do that. Besides I'm in charge of snuggle time tonight Fox so lie back and enjoy."

Hiei smirked againwhen Kurama blushed. "So that's what our son said to you make you blush. He knew it was snuggle time didn't he?"

Kurama's eyes were closed and his head was thrown back enjoying the long overdue assault on his body. "The little demon's…ahh… too smart for his own… GOOD!"

Hiei finally wrapped his hand around his mate's arousal and Kurama nearly bucked Hiei off. "You like that Foxie? Or would you rather have something warmer than my hand around you?"

Kurama couldn't form a coherent thought just then. "Yeaaa!"

With a wicked laugh Hiei licked the cute navel before him. "Not good enough Sweetheart, I want to hear you beg."

Gulping air, Kurama gripped the sheets trying to ground himself. "Anari Hiei! Please! It's been so long, I need you!"

Settling between strong thighs Hiei smirked triumphantly. "Much better Foxie. Enjoy."

And enjoy Kurama did.

Two hours later the lover's lay breathless in each other's arms. Kurama raised himself up to look at his mate. "That was incredible Koibito. I know the answer to your question. I know what happens now."

Hiei looked into the eyes he had loved for so many years now. "So tell me, my beautiful Fox, what happens now?"

Kurama gave Hiei a passionate kiss before giving him with a brilliant smile. "We do just what my mother said…we live happily ever after."