Title: What am I Wearing?
Author: Ariyana
Rating: 13+ Some Caution
Pairings: Akito/Shigure, Akito/Kureno
Word Count: 246
Notes: This is for SleepDebtFairy, her request was for Shigure to get Akito into something girly. This is POST chapter 97 of the Fruits Basket Manga. Therefore Akito is a girl. DEAL!
Disclaimer: Fruits Basket belongs to Natsuki Takaya and some other entities that are not me.

Akito stood before the mirror the anger rising within as she glared at what she was dressed in. She was dressed to look like some idiot schoolgirl.

"It suits you, Akito."

Akito turned to see Shigure leering at her with his smug smile. The thought that she should wipe that grin off his face crossed her mind. "How dare you insult me like that!"

"Oh come on, Akito you look cute." Shigure said just before he dodged a vase aimed at his head. "Besides Ayame worked hard on making that outfit perfect for you."

"Shut up! I don't give a damn how hard he worked!" she shouted in disgust, turning back toward the mirror. "I won't go around looking like some dimwitted schoolgirl!"

"I really do wish I had a camera with me."

Suddenly Akito awoke, her brow lightly covered in sweat.

"Akito? What's wrong?" Kureno asked sleepily.

"It's nothing Kureno. Go back to sleep!" Akito snapped, turning on her side away from Kureno.

Softly he sighed and wrapped his arms around Akito letting his chin slightly rest on her shoulder. "Are you sure?" he asked concerned.

"Just go back to sleep." Akito replied less snappishly allowing the young man to snuggle against her. Kureno lightly kissed her cheek as he returned to sleep.

Akito made a mental note before she nodded off that she would never let Shigure and Ayame have anything to do with her wardrobe. That dream was far too vivid for her taste.