Title: Tomorrow Never Comes
Author: Ariyana
Rating: 13+ Some Caution
Pairings: Kikyou/Inuyasha
Word Count: 334
Notes: This is for Reizero, her request was for Inuyasha/Kikyou pre-manga. I wasn't sure which river scene she meant so I took liberties.
Disclaimer: Inu-yasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and some other entities that are not me.

The times that they could spend together away from the watchful eyes of the villagers were moments they both learned to treasure. They knew that what they had couldn't last as long as she was protecting the jewel and he was half-demon.

Kikyou had pondered her predicament, she knew her duties were important but never had she felt such strong feelings for man. There had to be a way that she and Inuyasha could be together.

They sat quietly on the riverbank watching the horizon. The silence between them had always been calm and peaceful but today it felt strained. Inuyasha could tell that something was troubling Kikyou. The silence between was becoming deafening until Inuyasha decided to speak.

"Is something wrong?"

"No," she paused, hesitantly she continued. "Inuyasha, I think I know of a way for us to be together."

She had his full attention at point.

Quietly she sat in the boat; he had not given her an answer. "Perhaps, it is too much to ask him to give up his demon side?"

She knew she was capable of loving him whether he was demon or human but he was unwilling to have her be shunned. There was also her sister to think about, Kaede's well being was her responsibility.

He knew he had to give her an answer but he wasn't sure that it was the wisest choice. Being human meant he could be with her and they could have a family, but he didn't know how to protect as a human. It was not until they exited the boat and she stumbled into his arms that he knew she worth the chance.

He embraced her so tenderly; she couldn't help but melt into his arms. "Kikyou, I'll become human if it means I can be with you," he whispered. She merely nodded tightening her arms around him.

"Then I'll bring the jewel to you tomorrow." She promised softly, while they held on to each other for dear life.