SCAM: Earth 2, Pairing: Alonzo/Julia Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: PG. Set: Any time.

Breathing to Fill the Space Between
by ALC Punk!

He's not supposed to dream. He learned that years ago too long a time spent in cold sleep, and he only misses dreaming sometimes. For Alonzo Solace, not dreaming really isn't a problem. There is quiet in his mind at night, it gives him time to focus on other things.

Things like her.

For instance, he knows when she's having a good dream. Her body shifts closer, her breathing deepens. Sometimes, if it's a really good dream, she'll wake up and wrap her arms around him.

Which generally leads to other things.

It's when she has nightmares that he's glad he can't dream. When her face twists and her body moves, and she whimpers softly.

There is something frightening in the thought that demons drive Julia Heller.

Not that he isn't frightened when he feels driven by his own demons. But his are the Terrians, and they're not inherently evil. They're just different. Uly Adair understands them possibly more than Alonzo does, but Uly is young, he adapts quickly. While Alonzo knows himself to be ancient. He wonders, sometimes, how many generations separate himself and the child.

His has always been a transient existence. He wanted to be a pilot almost from the moment he understood you could fly in that vastness of space. Something about the security of the space stations had pushed him to be free.

And now he has her.

Alonzo likes to wake her with a kiss, sometimes he thinks it harkens back to his mother waking him in a similar fashion. Generally, though, it changes and becomes something more. Something he never wants to associate with his mother.

Back at the beginning, when this was only fun, when he flirted shamelessly just to make her smile, to erase the lines gathering around her eyes -- he wondered if it would be different.

It's changing constantly. There are days when she is so closed away from him, hanging herself in her head because she let herself be manipulated. And days when its his turn to be introspective, to resent to his core what the Terrians demand of him.

They don't talk about the future, about when they will finally reach New Pacifica. She's planning to stay, G-889 absorbing her with its biological mysteries. While him? He's still a pilot, he still yearns for the stars, to be free. He'll be on the first cargo ship out that'll take him, back in cold sleep. She'll stay and grow old and grey. Maybe he'll date her great great-niece one day.

But sometimes, when he's walking the plains of this new world feeling the breeze across his skin and the sun on his face, he thinks this might almost be enough.

And sometimes, he thinks she is, too.